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Spielzeug: Riesige Auswahl - Schnelle Lieferung List of All Synchro Monsters | Duel Links. Duel Links Walkthrough Team. Last updated on: 04/22/2021 10:10 PM. This page contains a list of all Synchro Monsters in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to learn about all the Synchro Monsters and their different types! Share 1 OCG/TCG Synchro Monsters. 2 Anime Synchro Monsters. 3 Manga Synchro Monsters. 4 All Synchro Monsters. This is a list of Synchro Monsters . For a list of support cards, see List of Synchro Monster support cards. For a list of anti-support cards, see List of Synchro Monster anti-support cards Since then, I started playing Duel Links in February of 2018 and have been a constant supporter of synchro decks in every format. Recently coming off of a Top 8 placement with the deck in MW69 and Top 4 in MW73, I'm excited to help bring forth a guide for my favorite deck in Yu-Gi-Oh

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20. Lightning Warrior: The newest addition to the Synchro line up, this guy has an interesting effect, but generic 7 star synchros are still a bit awkward to go into, and 2400 attack is a bit low. People don't tend to keep many cards in their hand in DL, making his effect less relevant Synchro Summoning is the act of Special Summoning a Synchro Monster from the Extra Deck by sending to the Graveyard a Tuner and one or more non-Tuner Monster(s); the monsters used as Synchro Materials must all be face-up on the field, their combined Levels has to match the Level of the Synchro Monster and, unless a card states otherwise, they can even Tokens and/or Trap Monsters When this monster is Synchro Summoned, its ATK increases by the total ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters you control. If you Synchro Summon it when you have many Level 2 monsters on the field, or chain Graceful Revival to its effect, you'll be able to increase its ATK! Junk Anchor can be used in place of Synchron Tuner monsters such as. Lv 6: White Aura Dolphin, Archfiend's Call, HTS Psyhemuth, Brionac. Lv 7: Black Rose Dragon, Samurai Destroyer. Lv 8: Stardust Dragon, Scrap Dragon. Lv 9: Vermillion Dragon Mech, Mist Wurm. Lv 10-12: Not many options. Feel free to add more Synchro staples to this list because I'm sure that I forgot some..

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The Limited classification is very different in the faster style. The post Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Forbidden and Limited card list (May 2021) appeared first on Dot Esports To unlock the sixth Extra Deck slot in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, players will need to perform 100 lifetime Synchro monster summons. Duelists can perform these in either offline matches, or in PvP.

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  1. A Synchro Summon is the act of Summoning a Synchro Monster from the Extra Deck using a Tuner monster with additional non-Tuner monsters. During the Main Phase 1 or 2, the turn player can Synchro Summon a Synchro Monster from the Extra Deck by sending monsters they control to the Graveyard (at least 1 Tuner and 1 or more non-Tuner monsters), provided the total Level of those monsters matches.
  2. g an Ur from an Ld is more unreasonable. I've never had a desire to use Ojamas
  3. A Synchro monster used by Jack in the anime that requires 2 Tuners and Red Dragon Archfiend! The ATK of this monster increase the number of Tuners in your Graveyard x500 and it cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects! You can banish this monster when an opponent's monster declares an attack to negate it
  4. Probably the most annoying card on this list, Tempest Magician got banned because it's effect allowed for first turn kills with no chance to do anything. Tempest Magician upon synchro summon gains a spell counter. Once per turn, the player can discard cards to place spell counters on monsters on their field up to however many they discarded
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Last week, Duel World (5D's) and the new Synchro Summoning mechanic were introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. With those additions, we also got a first set of Synchro Monsters for Duelists to use. These Synchro Monsters can all be Summoned from the Extra Deck by sending the appropriate Synchro Materials from the field to the Graveyard. Each Synchro Monster uses at least 1 Tuner and 1 or more. 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters. Once per turn: You can send 1 Synchron monster from your Deck to the GY, then activate 1 of these effects; Increase this card's Level by the Level of the sent monster. Reduce this card's Level by the Level of the sent monster. During your opponent's Main Phase, you can (Quick Effect): Immediately after this. Duel Links method of obtaining Synchro Gift, rarity, basic information of cards. Please refer to the evaluation of Synchro Gift. (1 Synchro Monster and 1 non-Synchro monster). Until the End Phase of this turn, reduce the ATK of the Synchro Monster to 0, and the other monster gains ATK equal to the Synchro Monster's original ATK. Card's.

This list will tell you 5 of the best boxes to dig into, as well as 5 boxes you absolutely want to avoid. Updated September 20th, 2020 by Morgan Austin: Recently, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links has announced that a new world will be coming to the game in late September. With this information revealed, players may want to look into updating their decks. Duel Links method of obtaining De-Synchro, rarity, basic information of cards. Please refer to the evaluation of De-Synchro. return that target to the Extra Deck, then, if all of the monsters that were used for the Synchro Summon of that monster are in your GY, you can Special Summon all of them. Card's Article List Card Type. Monster: Spell YU-GI-OH: Blue-Eyes Deck Duel Link Meta. Ultimate Dragons, which we have listed as one of the better overall skills in the game, can add some pretty powerful Fusion monsters to the Extra Deck and add a Polymerization to hand if the turn player has at least two Blue-Eyes White Dragons to hand. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon and its accompanying. Jan 01, 2020 Yugioh Duel Links - Duel Quiz Level 3: Future Horizon 2 - Duration: 1:53. Veiz 3,890 views. News Main Box: Future Horizon. But you have a skill that makes the deck artificially really good. Duel Links is a game It's a good time to duel! A slew of new boxes and events has transformed the Duel Links meta in recent months. A variety of decks, both old and new, are now viable and can take you far

Here's the list of all the new Duel Links skills coming to the game: YU-GI-OH! 5D'S SKILLS. Level Copy. Reveal one monster in your hand, then target one face-up monster on your side of the field; that target's level becomes equal to the Level of the revealed monster. This skill can be used once per Duel. Level Promotio This Deck consists of Xyz Monsters, Synchro Monsters and Fusion Monsters, which can be used during the game if you meet certain requirements. The rules for Extra Decks are: lYou can have up to 15 cards in the Extra Deck. lThe Extra Deck can contain Xyz Monsters, Synchro Monsters and Fusion Monsters, in any combination

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  2. Synchro summoning has become an excellent addition to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links since Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's was added to the game. One of the best synchro summoning decks to build is Dragunity. These cards can equip the Level 3 or lower tuner monsters and special summon them to synchro summon powerful monsters
  3. Genex ( Jenekusu) is an archetype of mostly Machine monsters with various Attributes (primarily DARK) that exist in the TCG/OCG.Most of their effects involves adding monsters from the Deck to the hand and Special Summon them, as well as using Genex Controller with low-Level monsters of the four basic Attributes for Synchro Summon.The name of Genex Synchro Monsters takes after sources of.
  4. Much like the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has a Forbidden/Limited list in place. The Duel Links Forbidden/Limited list has changed drastically since the game launched in 2017.
  5. Duel links, the duel starts long before you meet your opponent and making the right choices before the match is even more important than playing well during it. 5d's, this deck clearly teaches the unique mechanics of synchro summoning; Seto kaiba (dsod) how to obtain : 5 best boxes to buy (& 5 to avoid) many decks have had their time in the.
  6. Today we're showing off a Battlewasp synchro deck I made for an Offscreen tournament held on my discord. This deck is still kinda of meme level, but we manage to do pretty well against.
  7. Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Leaked Aromage Synchro Genesis You can pay 1000 lp; add 1 aroma monster from your deck to your hand. if your lp is lower than your opponent's: you can gain 500 lp. you can only use each effect of humid winds once per turn. by paying 1000 life points, humid winds allows you to add 1 aroma monster from your deck to.

YuGiOh Cards Guide features Yu-Gi-Oh card photos, lists and spoiler Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (遊戯王 デュエルリンクス) is a free-to-play, digital collectible card game developed by Konami for the iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows platforms, based on Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.After an initial beta period, the game was first released in Japan on November 17, 2016, and then released to the rest of the world on January 11, 2017 With Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, engage in heated Duels anytime and anywhere against players around the world! Climb through the rankings and claim the title of King of Games! -Decks. Build your very own Deck with cards you collect in-game and take on opponents! Stay tuned for future card additions Breakdown. Each Duel Devastator box contains: 56 Ultra Rare cards. 5 variant artwork versions of the Yo-kai Girl cards and 1 new 6th monster with a similar style. 20 Extra Deck monsters. 30 cards for the Side Deck. 4 of 12 Field Center Cards Current TCG Banlist - July 1, 2021. Almost all tournaments follows the Advanced format, which has many forbidden and limited cards. Forbidden cards are not allowed anywhere near your deck. Limited cards are those that you can only have one of in your deck and Semi-Limited are those that you can only have two of in your deck, instead of the.

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The best decks in YuGiOh duel links can be tough to create and you may have to farm some legendary duelist to collect the some of the best cards needed. However, once you've completed your deck list below you may also need to understand how to play your deck to it's advantages The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is a Japanese collectible card game developed and published by Konami.It is based on the fictional game of Duel Monsters created by manga artist Kazuki Takahashi, which appears in portions of the manga franchise Yu-Gi-Oh! (under the name of Magic and Wizards), and is the central plot device throughout its various anime adaptations and spinoff series

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Full Guide Archive: check here for a more complete list of guides. Make a post and submit it to the mods to have it featured. Play Online. Remote Duel Introduction. Project Ignis: EDOPro. Dueling Book. Yu-Gi-Oh! Rule six samurai deck 2021 duel links f2p F2P SIX SAMURAI - Updated with XYZ monsters [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links] [F2P] FREE TO PLAY Six Samurai Ryise To KOG Revamped! New Player KOG!! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links] FREE TO PLAY XYZ SIX SAMURAI! THE BEST F2P XYZ DECK! ONLY 1X COWBOY STRUCTURE (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links) F2P Six Samurai Deck feat. Dark Cavalry Jul. 2021 - [Yu-Gi-Oh

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