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Types of Cranes Railroad Crane A railroad crane has flanged wheels for use on railroads. The simplest form is a crane mounted on a railroad car. More capable devices are purpose-built. Different types of crane are used for maintenance work, recovery operations and freight loading in goods yards Types of Cranes. Mobile. Hydraulic. Overhead. Gantry. Tower. PPT-112-01. COMMONLY USED CRANES - primary examples used in this presentation. Hydraulic rough terrain crane . Crawler lattice boom friction crane . Several significant differences between these cranes, primarily in boom hoist and load line controls As a result there are different types of cranes available for different purposes and weights. Mobile Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Tower Cranes, Truck Cranes, Hydraulic Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Overhead Cranes, and Jib Cranes are most common types of crane. http://www.tradeford.com/photos/different-types-of-cranes_p21.htm Crane operators cannot expect to be totally knowledgeable and proficient in the operation of the many diverse types of cranes available today. They cannot be expected to move from one type of crane to another without adequate education and training on specifics of each piece of equipment. Cranes ppt 1. OSHA Office of Training & Education1.

Types of cranes Even though cranes are used for moving, lifting or holding objects in place, they differ in several properties. A few types of cranes are: • Tower cranes, • Mobile cranes, • Telescopic cranes, • Rough terrain cranes, and • Overhead cranes The purpose of this class is to provide you with an overall foundation of knowledge pertaining to Cranes and Crane Safety.Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify types of cranes and their basic components, recognize hazards associated with cranes and understand safe operating practices based on guidelines established by OSHA

Gantry crane and overhead crane both types of crane are used to straddle the workload. Gantry cranes are mainly used for marine application such as imposing, multi-story structures prominent at most container terminals, used to load intermodal containers on and off container ships. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to vie Types of Cranes Generally Found in the Workplace Author: U.S. EPA/SHEMD/MML Subject: OSHA 600 Course Created Date: 6/12/1998 1:00:32 PM. As of today, there are several types of floating cranes as well, such as the sheerleg and semi-submersible. Nevertheless, the only difference floating cranes have from the other common types is that they're used at sea. 4 Process cranes - A process crane is built for a specific need and these types of cranes are heavy-duty (mainly Class D & E cranes) and in constant, or near-constant, operation. They're typically a top-running, double girder design and have a lot of engineering built-in to perform high capacity lifts, or to perform a very specific task over.

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  1. Gantry cranes design and types 1. 1 Gantry cranes are basically used to lift heavy objects in various industries. They are built atop a gantry, which is a work space where you can straddle an object. Gantry cranes are known as portal cranes; referring portal to the empty space straddled by the gantry
  2. The different types of tower cranes are hammerhead cranes, a-frame tower cranes, flat top tower cranes, self-erecting tower cranes, portal tower cranes and the luffing jib tower crane. A Hammerhead crane as the name suggests, resembles a hammerhead with a long horizontal jib over the worksite
  3. Cranes for all ship types and every cargo handling duty. The crane housings are totally enclosed providing protection from the weather, corrosion and damage. Modular designs enable us to provide the shortest possible lead times as well as top-of-the-line quality
  4. Common types such as a bridge or gantry crane allow three PPT Presentation Summary : Common types such as a bridge or gantry crane allow three axes of hook motion. A jib crane can operate with 360⁰ rotation

Crane is a powerful and heavy machine which is used for lifting, lowering of heavy objects, machinery etc with the help of cables and pulleys. They are mostly used in heavy constructions and manufacturing of heavy equipment industries. There are several types of cranes used in constructions depending on the type of work Types of Cranes Sidelift Crane A side lifter crane is a road-going truck or semi-trailer, able to hoist and transport ISO standard containers. Container lift is done with parallel crane-like hoists, which can lift a container from the ground or from a railway vehicle. All Terrain Crane A mobile crane with the necessary equipment to travel a

These types of cranes are single engine meaning that the same engine is used to power the undercarriage and the crane. Rough Terrain Crane Example: 1 Rough Terrain Crane: Example 2. 6. Overhead Crane. These types of cranes are also known as suspended cranes. They are generally used in a factory and some are able to lift very heavy loads When working near equipment, such as cranes, use a barricade to identify the unsafe area. PPT-126-01. When working near equipment, such as cranes, use the following to identify the unsafe areanear the equipment: Caution or danger tape. Physical barricades covering the crane's swing radius. Flagging personne Reading time: 1 minuteThere are different types of cranes used in construction projects. Crane is a machine capable of lifting, lowering and moving of heavy materials with the use of pulleys and cables. Cranes are valuable assets for the construction industry because they made things easy for any type of construction. These are helpful [

Tower cranes are mostly used cranes in the world. It is the form of a balance crane that is fixed to the ground and also attached to the sides of structures. When it comes to the construction of tall buildings, they are by far, the most used type of crane. The largest cranes in the world are Tower Cranes A crane vessel, crane ship or floating crane is a ship with a crane specialized in lifting heavy loads. The largest crane vessels are used for offshore construction. Conventional monohulls are used, but the largest crane vessels are often catamaran or semi-submersible types as they have increased stability Different kinds of cranes including Overhead, Gantry Crane and portable crane - The overhead crane comes in several designs with one of the major options including the gantry crane. This presentation will give details on the various functions of the gantry hoist, gantry cranes, and gantry crane plans to minimize accidents These types of cranes are used to increase safety and efficiency within a warehouse or facility and have varying load limits ranging anywhere from .25 to 400 tons. The basic way to identify an overhead crane is that it's exactly what it sounds like, overhead—the beam moves horizontally up and down a runway above a facility or construction. From the OSHA Office of Training and Education, this presentation covers the rules and safety precautions when using cranes. Provides an indepth look at 29 CFR and discusses precautions that all employers must take to insure safety. An examination of 29 CFR 1910.179 regarding the safe use of cranes and slings

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In general there are two types of cranes used for removal of a tower crane: Mobile Crane; Derrick cranes; Mobile Crane Tower Crane Removal. If your site allows a mobile crane can be utilized to remove a tower crane from your site. In this situation a mobile crane is brought in and set up close to the base of the crane. The mobile crane takes. Types of cranes. Cranes are of many types. Some of them are given below. Overhead cranes - An overhead crane is also known as a bridge crane. It is a type of crane where the hook and the line mechanism runs along a horizontal beam that itself runs along two widely separated rails usually in a long factory building and runs along rails along. Crane and Heavy Equipments - Cranes Cranes have a number of purposes that include lifting, lowering or moving heavy objects, equipment, and machines, or even to temporarily hold structures in place. Types of cranes Even though cranes are used for moving, lifting or holding objects in place, they differ in several properties Types of Cranes - A Thomas Buying Guide. Examples of tower cranes. Used to lift, lower, and move heavy materials, a crane is a type of machine that has a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves. Cranes are used for the loading and unloading of freight, for the movement of materials, and the assembling of heavy equipment

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Mobile Cranes Mobile cranes are all cranes that are able to move around a job site and from one site to another using their own power and wheels. There are many types of mobile cranes: all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, side-lift cranes, pick & carry cranes and crawler cranes. Mobile cranes feature a telescopic boom. Das komplette Paket: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint. Jetzt 30 Tage kostenlos! PowerPoint als Download bei QualityHosting bestellen und direkt anwenden PPT 10-hr. Construction - Materials Handling v.05.18.15. For example, in construction, the following operations may exist: hoisting tons of steel with a crane, driving a truck loaded with concrete blocks, manually carrying bags and material, and stacking drums, barrels, kegs, lumber, or loose bricks. Cranes. Major types of crane. Crawler cranes. Floating cranes. Cranes on barges. Locomotive cranes. Mobile cranes (such as wheel-mounted, rough-terrain, all-terrain, commercial truck-mounted, and boom truck cranes) Multi-purpose machines. when configured to hoist and lower (by means of a winch or hook) and horizontally move a suspended load. Industrial cranes (such as carry.

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Mobile Cranes Mobile cranes are all cranes that are able to move around a job site and from one site to another using their own power and wheels. There are many types of mobile cranes: all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, side-lift cranes, pick & carry cranes and crawler cranes. Mobile cranes feature a telescopic boom. Overhead Crane Safety. PPT-080-01. 29 CFR 1910.179. Bureau of Workers' Comp . PA Training for Health & Safety (PATHS) Overhead cranes are used in many industries to move heavy and oversized objects that other material handling methods cannot. These cranes have a railed support structure, also known as a bridge, and a wheeled trolley that. Gives a laundry list of crane types. Not necessary to study each type. 13 • Articulating cranes (knuckle‐boom) • Crawler cranes • Floating cranes • Cranes on barges • Locomotive cranes • Mobile cranes - Wheel‐mounted - Rough‐terrain - All‐terrain. Cranes and Heavy Equipment Caught-in hazards are often created when working around heavy equipment. The cranes and heavy equipment that have a rotating superstructure are especially hazardous. Cranes and Heavy Equipment Workers must always be aware of their surroundings when working on a construction site near heavy equipment RIGGING fundamentals. Presented By: HENNEPIN TECHNICAL College . in partnership with Federal OSHA . Susan Harwood Grant . This material was produced under Grant # SH-19496-09-60-F-27 from the OSHA, U.S. Dept of Labor

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  1. Types of Cranes Jib Cranes A type of crane where a horizontal beam extends out to lift and move a load along the beam. Overhead Crane Safety and Prevention Crane Operators Hoist Operator The employee that uses the hoist to lift, lower, and move a load by means of an overhead crane
  2. • ASME B30.11 Safety Standard for Monorails and Underhung Cranes • ASME B30.17 Safety Standard for Overhead and Gantry Cranes, Top Running Bridge, Single Girder, Underhung Hoist Overhead hoists are often referred to by the basic type of construction of the hoist. Various types of overhead hoists are covered in the HOIST TYPES section of.
  3. Many types of cranes, hoists, and rigging devices are used at (INSERT COMPANY NAME) for lifting and moving materials. (COMPANY)'s policy is to maintain a safe workplace for its employees; therefore, it cannot be overemphasized that only qualified and licensed individuals shall operate these devices. The safety rules and guidance in this chapter.
  4. Types of Cranes/Hoists/Rigging Cranes and Components Type of crane which lifts objects by a hoist that is fitted in a trolley and can move horizontally on overhead rails riding on top of support beams located well above a floor and a permanent part of a building's structure
  5. . Ground Loading (crane w/o load and balaced) Typical Ground Loading w. Load 600t 2400t 210m 1,3m 26m 15,4t/m2 30>100 t/m 660tons 440tons 32ft 4.3ft 275sq.ft

of the three types. The core provides 7-1/2% strength of the wire rope. This is the core used in the wire rope slings provided on site. The WIRE is the basic unit of the wire rope. The wires form the strand. Most wire is high carbon steel, but other material types are available . The STRAND is made up of a specifi Page 5 of 24 New Haven, Connecticut Crane: A machine for lifting and lowering a load and moving it horizontally, with the hoisting mechanism an integral part of the machine. Cranes can be driven manually or by power. Department/School: Unit designated for providing necessary funding to meet the requirements of this program to include inspections and repairs There are also gantry and semi-gantry cranes. Gantry cranes have two supporting structures on either side that fix them to the ground while semi-gantry cranes only have one such structure. This type of material handling equipment is commonly used in shipping yards and manufacturing plants. 2) Flame Proof Cranes: Cranes specially built for fire. crane but does not send any employees to the work-site where the crane is used is not subject to the standard. However, as noted in Answer 2, the lessee is responsible for the condition of the crane and OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 1 0. may ask you to produce written records of pas

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the different types of cranes. n Explain considerations for crane use, and demonstrate basic crane signals for rescue operations ENABLING OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of module the student should be able to: • Understand the basic physics as they relate to mass, gravity, and center of gravity. • Understand moment of force considerations a There are various types of electric overhead travel cranes, industrial cranes & EOT Crane pdf with many being highly specialised, but the great majority of installations into one of three categories. The Electric Overhead cranes are the most frequently used cranes in the construction places and in industries A crane is a tower or derrick that is equipped with cables and pulleys that are used to lift and lower material. They are commonly used in the construction industry and in the manufacturing of heavy equipment. The top 7 types of construction cranes are normally temporary structures, either fixed to the ground or mounted on a custom built vehicle.. describe an articulating crane's components and func-tions. These terms often differ greatly from other types of cranes, so specific knowledge of these terms is invaluable when discussing various parts of the crane with manufac-turers' parts and service personnel. See also OSHA 1926.1401—Terminology and OSHA Smal extensive use of various types of mechanized cargo-hand1ing equipment. General cargo is handled by cranes on the quay, floating cranes or by the ship's own cargo gear (deck cranes, derricks, etc.). Attached to such lifting gear is a shackle which links the crane or derrick with the form of cargo-handling equipment being used

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  1. These types of industrial cranes also offer great coverage in smaller designated work areas. With many different styles to choose from, the easy rotation of the bridge beam allows workers to position load safely and easily. Typical Capacities up to 5 tons
  2. Overhead Crane. There are four basic types of overhead crane design which are: the top running crane , under running crane , single girder bridge crane, and the double girder bridge crane. Although they vary in design, they still do the same function, which is to move heavy loads of materials overhead. With a varied design look, the top running.
  3. e your needs. Where do you want the operator? Do you need speed of luffing and swinging or do you need accuracy of holding a load steady for a long time. The hydraulic ram boom Types A & B are fast but have problems holding the boom in one position for a long time.

An article from the Crane Safety Supply web site. Discusses different types of cranes along with key areas that should be included with any good crane safety plan. 867 Kb: New Crane and Derrick Standard Summary Provides information contained in Subpart CC: New Crane and Derrick Standard. 2.0 Mb: Cranes and Derricks in Construction; Final Rul PPT 10-hr. Construction - Materials Handling v.05.18.15 2 Created by OTIEC Outreach Resources Workgroup Materials Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal • Lesson Overview - Types of material handling equipment. - Hazards associated with material handling activities - Prevention of hazards associated with material handling equipment - Employer requirements to protect workers from. Cranes are some of the most important equipment in the construction industry. Modern construction machines include fixed tower cranes, huge shipyard gantry cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and more. The different types of cranes work in very different ways, so each construction crane adapts perfectly to the job for which it is designed. Tower Cranes

In these types of cranes, the engine is normally mounted in the undercarriage rather than in the upper portion. Loader Crane A loader crane is a hydraulically powered articulated arm fitted to a trailer, used to load equipment onto a trailer. The numerous sections can be folded into a small space when the crane isn't in use crane, loader crane are some of the commonly used cranes. A crane hook is a device used for grabbing and lifting up the loads by means of a crane. It is basically a hoisting fixture designed to engage a ring or link of a lifting chain or the pin of a shackle or cable socket. Crane hooks with trapezoidal, circular Cranes are designed for both general use and for specific purposes. Similar to the vast automobile industry, crane manufacturers produce similar models or types of cranes for the same purpose, often with different sizes of the same model of crane. Each type, model, or size of crane Describe the three primary types of fire service rope. List the two types of life safety rope. Describe the characteristics of a. Cranes, And Rigging. PPT. Presentation Summary : Understand the basic terminology and safety associated Hoists, cranes, and rigging. Enabling Objectives. Identify a number of DO's and DONT's aroun

Cranes and Allied Appliances Sectional Committee had been approved by the Structural and Metals Division Council. 0.2 This standard covers mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic portions related to design, manufacture, erection and testing of mobile cranes. Structural design of all types of cranes and hoists is covered in IS : 807-1976* • Inexperienced crane operators learn the fundamentals of high-performance goods han - dling with harbour cranes. • Crane operators with previous experience expand their knowledge to enhance their handling performance. • Crane operators with experience of operating other crane types are introduced to th Mobile Crane Technology 3 Table of Contents Page Efficient Chassis and Drive Technology 4/5 Variable Steering Concept 6/7 Single-Engine Concept for Large Mobile Cranes 8/9 Economic Crane Operation 10/11 Responsibility for Safety 12/13 VarioBase® 14/15 Comfortable Workplace: Driver's Cab 16/17 Comfortable Workplace: Crane Cab 18/19 LICCON Intelligent Crane Control 20/2 For a free quote or more information on different types of overhead cranes; give us a call today at 1-800-699-9405 or complete the above form. Munck Cranes USA Inc Types of Hoisting Equipment in Construction Tower crane. These are the crane of swing job type and are mounted on high steel towers. The height of the tower maybe 25 to 30 m and these cranes are found to be suitable in the construction of tall buildings in congested areas. The ground area required for such cranes is very small

Bulldozer Types, Parts and Their Uses. Bulldozers are strong machines that mainly assist with pushing, digging, excavating, and leveling materials like soil and debris at a work site. They come with large, heavy blades in the front that push material. Some come with other modifications like rippers in the rear to help break down tough ground Cranes Hoists Direct offers many different products, brands, capacities, spans and options for freestanding jib cranes, wall mounted jib cranes, davit cranes, pneumatic cranes, portable cranes, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, truck mounted cranes, and tripod cranes.We also have the ability to custom engineer single girder overhead cranes and double girder overhead cranes, including top running. Types of Ports. Considering a variety of factors such as location, depth, purpose, and ship sizes, ports are classified into various types. Some of the main types are as follows: Inland Ports. Inland ports are ports built on comparatively smaller water bodies such as rivers or lakes. They can either be for cargo purpose or for passengers or for.

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The four most common types of air compressors you will see are: Rotary Screw Compressor. Reciprocating Air Compressor. Axial Compressor. Centrifugal Compressor. We'll cover what each is best used for below, so you can make an informed decision for your project What are the different types of forklifts? If you need to move heavy loads in a warehouse, on a construction site or in a storage facility, a forklift truck is likely to be the most useful piece of equipment you can invest in!. But with a wide selection of styles and types to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is best for your environment

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Identify types of material handling equipment. the following operations may exist: hoisting materials with a crane, driving a truck loaded with products that may be hazardous due to physical or chemical characteristics, manually carrying bags or other types of containers filled with materials, and stacking drums, barrels, kegs, boxes, or. 2 Ship Cranes Liebherr looks back on a long tradition of ship cranes. The family business has been supplying the shipping industry with a broad variety of crane types since 1958. The philosophy has remained unchanged since then - mastering key technologies and keeping core competencies in-house. Liebherr Ship Cranes Competenc hammerhead cranes, locomotive cranes, derricks, YD floating cranes*, tower cranes, container cranes, mobile cranes, aircraft crash cranes, mobile boat hoists including self-propelled and towed types, and rubber-tired gantry cranes. They are considered category 1 cranes regardless of capacity. All category 1 cranes require a license to operate A crane is an item of plant intended for raising or lowering a load and moving it horizontally including the supporting structure of the crane and its foundations. There are a range of 'fixed' (tower, bridge, gantry, portal boom, vessel-mounted) and 'mobile

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6 Electrical Drives for Crane Application Nebojsa Mitrovic 1, Milutin Petronijevic 1, Vojkan Kostic 1 and Borislav Jeftenic 2 1University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, 2University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Serbia 1. Introduction A crane is the type of machine mainly used for handling heavy loads in different industr two types of rope are not widely used in the military; however, cotton is used in some cases for very small lines. Jute Jute is the glossy fiber of either of two East Indian plants of the linden family used chiefly for sacking, burlap, and cheaper vari-eties of twine and rope. SYNTHETIC FIBERS The principal synthetic fiber used for rope is nylon 14-Oct-03: Types of Cranes . OSHA Office of Training & Education . Dynamic pumps are classified into different types but some of them are discussed below like Centrifugal, Vertical centrifugal, Horizontal centrifugal, Submersible, and Fire hydrant systems. 1). Centrifugal Pumps. These types of pumps are most commonly used worldwide. The working is very simple, described well and carefully tested Cranes on Site A8 MOBILE CRANES ON SITE.pptx A9 AUSTRALIAN CRANE COLLAPSE.pptx. Scaffolding A10 SCAFFOLDING SLIDES.ppt. Thank You Any Questions ? Charles Hutchison Consulting www.chcni.com. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - IOSH Presentation Draft 4.pptx Author: scunn Created Date

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These crane safety training PowerPoints will teach employees how to safely operate and overhead cranes in order to protect themselves from lurking hazards. DISCLAIMER: All free PowerPoints provided on this website have been created by third parties. The copyright owners of these powerpoint presentations have no affiliation with Atlantic Training Crane Power Line Safety • Step 1-Job Assessment -Always know the voltage of the line. • Get the voltage from the power company. Use the tag number on the telephone pole or an address. • Determine if the crane boom or load can get within 20 feet of an energized power line. Note: Even if the employer has no intention o Prefabricated Slab To Beam Connection; The prefab components and prefab structures eliminate space and time over conventional constructions. Although prefabrication is employed to a large extent in a wide variety of countries, in India, construction industry, in spite of its expansion continues to adopt same conventional methods

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9. Cranes on a monorail 5. Locomotive cranes 6. Mobile cranes (such as wheel-mounted, rough-10. Tower cranes (such as fixed jib, hammerhead boom, luffing boom and ,g self erecting) terrain, all-terrain, commercial truck-mounted, and boom truck cranes) 7 Multi purpose machines-11. Pedestal cranes 12. Portal cranes. -purpose machine Material handling equipment (MHE) is mechanical equipment used for the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. The different types of handling equipment can be classified into four major categories: transport equipment, positioning equipment, unit load formation equipment, and. Crane Operator Responsibilities: Operating the crane under supervision. Inspecting the crane to ensure its safety. Performing routine maintenance. Carrying tools for running repairs. Understanding and executing the job billing process. Driving the crane to a worksite. Wearing PPT safety equipment Crane Safety: Rigging Fundamentals: Hennepin Technical College: 2009: SH-19496-09: English: Cranes: Build a Better Safety Program - Cranes, Excavation, and Struck-by/Caught Between: Workers Defense Project: 2015: SH-27641-SH5: English Spanis

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In this article, we will discuss the different types of heavy equipment used in construction work. 1. Tractor 2. Bulldozer 3. Grader 4. Scraper 5. Dragline 6. Clam Shell 7. Backhoe 8. Dumper Trucks 9. Road Roller 10. Sheep Foot Roller 11. Electric Overhead Crane 12. Whirler Crane 13. Single Cable Rope Way 14. Belt Conveyor 15. Concrete Mixture. Selection of A Material Handling Overhead Crane. Selecting the right material handling overhead crane is of great significance for improving work efficiency and safety, giving full play to the effective functions of cranes, reducing the cost of use, improving economic benefits and ensuring safe operation Types of Lockout Devices •Locks •Blocks •Chains •Multilock hasps •Wheel valve covers •Ball valve covers •Gladhand locks. Overhead Crane Controls/Plugs. Breakers. Wall Switches. Options for mobile equipment. Requirements for LOTO Devices Microsoft PowerPoint - ISRI Lockout Tagou

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Crane is tested to 1.5 times safe working load (SWL), by using a dynamo-meter. One end of the dynamo-meter is connected to the crane hook while other end is connected to a strong point in ship structure. The load can be read from readings shown. Separate test certificate is required for wire slings that are used along with crane A mobile crane is capable of travelling over a supporting surface without the need for fixed runways and relying only on gravity for stability. There are three general types of mobile cranes operating in Australia: hydraulic boom cranes; lattice boom cranes including crawler cranes; non-slewing (pick-up-and-carry) cranes The Cal Crane Safety Basics for Construction training from ClickSafety is an intermediate-level course covering many safety principles surrounding tower and mobile cranes. The course includes crane requirements, as well as specific requirements for rough terrain, truck mounted crawler, and tower cranes in California (a) Definitions applicable to this section. (1) A crawler crane consists of a rotating superstructure with power plant, operating machinery, and boom, mounted on a base, equipped with crawler treads for travel. Its function is to hoist and swing loads at various radii. (2) A locomotive crane consists of a rotating superstructure with power-plant, operating machinery and boom, mounted on a base.

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We provide basic lifting and rigging training to any class size or jobsite! If you require a specific lifting or rigging training course for OSHA compliance for slings, hoists and/or rigging hardware, Mazzella can assist you in creating a safe and reliable workplace. All Mazzella trainers have been accredited by our company through training by. Comprehend Overhead Crane & Rigging Fundamentals and Regulations. Understand Safe Operating Procedures to Eliminate Potential Hazards. Identify Crane and Rigging Components and their Functions. Understand Equipment Specifications, Limitations, Inspection and Care. Understand Methods for Proper Planning of a Lift TYPES OF OVERHEAD CRANESTYPES OF OVERHEAD CRANES Floor Mounted Jib Bridge Crane Monorail Crane Wall Mounted Jib Here is an assortment of overhead cranes. Take pictures of the different types you may have at your facility and put them on this page. You may also replace other pictures and drawings in this presentation. To do so: 1