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When baby is grunting in sleep, it may think that they're getting poor sleep quality. It's hard to comprehend with an adult schedule of six to eight hours each night how a baby can sleep the day away. The fact is that a baby needs almost two times the amount of sleep that their parents do A newborn can take 30 to 40 breaths per minute while asleep, whereas most adults breathe 12 to 20 times per minute while resting. Don't be too concerned if you hear several fast breaths and then a rest period for a few seconds before they start to breathe again; this is usually normal and most babies will grow out of it by about six months

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Your newborn baby may be having bowel movements during sleep. The noise and grunting could be due to that; hence, you should check their diaper. Newborns grunt while passing stools as the muscles of their tummy are not developed fully so they require more effort in pushing the stool out Grunting baby syndrome is not a formal medical condition but it is commonly used to describe infants that have problems with their bowel movements - not noisy sleep habits like you might expect! Many new parents mistakenly associate the name with grunting while sleeping if they have not experienced baby poo problem Firstly, newborn babies breathe through their noses, and their tiny air passages means there isn't a lot of room for the sound to come out. So, every noise a bub makes is amplified. The second thing to understand is that babies don't go into full REM (deep) sleep until they are six months old

Most likely, your baby is restless at night because he has baby heartburn—that's what reflux feels like. Reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux or GER, is the backwash of milk and irritating stomach acids against the sensitive lining of the esophagus A baby spends about 50% of their time asleep in a REM state. This usually occurs between 11pm and 5am, this is why many parents are up during these hours at night. If you try to quiten your child while she is in an REM sleep you may end up wakening her up, which will then lead to her being confused and often needing help to get back to sleep

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 70 percent of babies sleep through the night when they are nine months old. While babies wake up for a nighttime feeding, there are times when they give a different signal without any need for you to pick them up. Newborns make grunting sounds and whimpering, which is called sleeping noises Newborn (3 weeks old) grunts gurgles while sleeping SleepyMomDad 01/02/14 Our NB is 3 weeks old (our second child). When we first put him down to sleep he always grunts and sometimes makes a gurgling sound (no spitting up that we can see) Newborns tend to have an irregular breathing pattern that alternates between fast and slow, with occasional pauses. If your baby makes noises when breathing, take note of what they sound like, or.. A., that grunting is totally normal. i was worried at first with my baby but my doctor said that it was okay. now this is the only way that she will comfort herself. it's kind of cute now. oh, i would say, take him off of the meds. as for the sleeping... try one of thos bears with the swishing noises... try some colic stuff. grip water might help. dont worry you will get through this. good luck.

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  1. m. mamabird23. Nov 14, 2014 at 7:14 PM. I am having a very difficult time at night with my new little boy (1 month old). Whenever I put him down to sleep, he makes these grunting/snorting noises. It keeps him awake and it keeps my husband and myself awake. I've had the doctor look at his nose to see if he is stuffed up, but that isn't it
  2. The sleeping position of the baby: Tilt the baby's cot so that it is at a 40° angle and adjust the mattress such that the baby's head is at a slightly elevated position. The baby might take some time to get used to this sleeping position, but it will help to prevent grunting during sleep
  3. jayloz. Apr 25, 2017 at 4:17 AM. Following. My son is 4wks tomorrow and we have the same issue with him grunting and moving constantly in the Halo bassinet. He'll sleep for an hour or two at a time but then it's back to grunting and looking uncomfortable. During the day he naps in the pack n play napper, a rock n play and the mamaroo (all with.
  4. al muscles are weak, and they must bear down with their diaphragm against their closed voice box (glottis). This leads to a grunting noise. They will grunt until they can figure it..

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  1. g while Sleeping Whoever came up with the phrase 'sleep like a baby' clearly never had a baby. . .or heard one sleeping for that matter. Many parents can attest to the fact that baby sleep can be noisy, restless, and quite the opposite of peaceful. While older children can sleep peacefully for hours, young babies squirm around and actually wake up. . . a lot.
  2. Newborn Grunting While Sleeping at Night . Helen Stevens Parent Infant Consultants . NBB Question from Aimee: I have a 5 week old boy who is bignearly 6 kgs! He is formula fed now as we had issues with breast feeding, He feeds at 2am and more often than not will grunt and squirm very loudly and will not resettle. I struggle to get wind from.
  3. Newborns often suffer from constipation. When that is the case, grunting noises by the newborn are pretty common. Some doctors and medical professionals call it grunting baby syndrome. Since newborns sleep a lot, it seems like the baby's grunting during sleep. However, the cause of it is constipation
  4. As babies develop more ways to express themselves, crying while asleep may be a sign that they are having a nightmare or night terror. Toddlers and older babies who cry while asleep, especially..
  5. ute. However, during sleep time, the breathing pattern can slow to 20 breaths per
  6. g. Newborns tend to grunt as they get used to having bowel movements. Doctors sometimes..

Not all baby grunting is caused by Grunting Baby Syndrome. Grunting can be a symptom of several different conditions. If your baby's grunting episodes are not followed quickly by a bowel movement, or when the baby is grunting with every breath, then GBS is likely not the cause. One of the following conditions might be the reason. 1. Constipatio Newborns sleep for most of the day. A newborn baby doesn't have much of a pattern to his sleep schedule. Baby will be sleeping anywhere from 14 to 17 out of every 24 hours, give or take. Your little one will probably only be awake for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, and will nap anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours at a stretch Usually, newborns grunt grunt when they have issues related to respiration. Sometimes, a baby may make strange noise if he has digestion problems, but that noise should not be confused with grunting. Grunting is related to respiratory issues, and if your baby grunts, you must take your baby to the doctor at the earliest

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  1. Sometimes, however, your baby may seem to cry, grunt or scream her sleep — without actually waking up — leaving you to wonder what could be happening in the crib. Fortunately, sudden nighttime crying while asleep tends to be short-lived and isn't usually cause for alarm
  2. Grunting and moaning are very common indicators of a baby developing teeth, and you should consider that. If you have identified that teething is, in fact, the issue, but the moans have not ceased, there are several strategies to make teething more bearable for you and your baby
  3. The sounds a baby makes while sleeping can vary widely, Hollier says, adding that normal sounds can include gurgling, whistling, grunting or a soft snore. Some babies are very quiet and still during sleep, while others may be noisy and more active
  4. Read all 67 questions with answers, advice and tips about newborn grunting while sleeping from moms' communities. Some of the advice from Moms is: My 5 Month Old Is Coughing and Grunting with No Other Signs of Sickness., Multiple Monitors?, Why Does My 6Wk Old Choke So Bad While Feeding? She Looks like She's Drowning
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  6. al pressure to move stool and gas through their system. Why is my baby so noisy when sleeping? Newborns Have Lots of Sleep Transition
  7. my baby girl is 2 weeks old. she makes grunting and whining noises and her throat sounds like she has phlegm while awake and sleeping. she sometimes spits up through the mouth and nose. she eats (f & bm) and pees & poops. how can i help her

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Q: My baby makes noises while he sleeps. A: Babies are notoriously noisy sleepers. They will grunt, moan, groan, and even wiggle in their sleep. We actually categorize sleep in babies as active. My baby is 2 weeks old and for the past week has been really unsettled when we put him down at night. He falls asleep after a feed so we put him in his crib and he screws his face up, almost like he is straining, makes lots of grunting/straining noises, pulls his arms and legs up, squirms, arches his back and head back, he does little cries and sometimes they turn into a full blown cry and we. mnkemp87 member. August 2015. in Preemies. My baby was born 6 weeks early. She was only in hospital for a week. She has reflux and takes medicine for it but lately (a couple of weeks now) she grunts and strains so hard while she's eating. It's very hard to get through a feeding sometimes. She's 9 weeks today and drinks about 4 oz every bottle Even if your baby appears to be asleep, she may not have reached REM sleep. Rapid eye movement (REM) is stages of sleep that gradually get longer as the night progresses, and are characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes. If you touch your baby while in light sleep, you may notice that she kicks her legs or waves her arms. What the. When a baby begins crying in their sleep, caregivers may worry that something is wrong. However, in most cases, for babies, crying while asleep is a phase rather than a sign of a serious problem

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Baby learns the control movement of the bowel and finds out how to relax the pelvic floor. Baby's muscles and stomach are not strong enough to control this so they use diaphragm muscles to move their bowel. So, because of the pressure of this diaphragm, the grunting voice came. Some other reasons: Sleeping: While sleeping, the grunting voice. What is GBS (Grunting Baby Syndrome)? GBS is a term used to describe the developmentally appropriate grunting behavior most newborns display in their first few months. Normal grunting behavior lasts for about five to ten minutes prior to a bowel movement but can also occur during sleep periods Baby grunting and straining may be a sign of grunting baby syndrome that is usually normal, and some other sounds your newborns make can also be okay. For instance: Crying: It is obvious to feel concerned when your baby starts crying. You don't always need to worry though because crying is the only way your baby knows to communicate with you Hi Girls Today finally the midwife came up with a reason as to why she thinks Archie is having trouble feeding and makes constant noises while sleeping. At night especially he makes loud constant noises with his throat [ a bit like when we are trying to clear our throat of

Grunting during sleep can indicate dreaming or a bowel movement. Gastroesophageal reflux (GER). Also known as acid reflux, this occurs when stomach contents rise into the food pipe. It can cause discomfort, and the baby may grunt. Why does my baby squirm and grunt while sleeping Why does my baby squirm and grunt while sleeping? While older children (and new parents) can snooze peacefully for hours, young babies squirm around and actually wake up a lot. That's because around half of their sleep time is spent in REM (rapid eye movement) mode — that light, active sleep during which babies move, dream and maybe wake. It's so hard to sleep while they sleep when they sound like a sleeping rhino! 1. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 1d. Ask your pediatrician about probiotics. My baby is 10 weeks and the grunting is finally getting better. We started Biogaia probiotics a week ago and noticed a big difference. It could just be a coincidence and now he. A newborn can take 30 to 40 breaths per minute while asleep, whereas most adults breathe 12 to 20 times per minute while resting. Finn, started grunting in his sleep. She'd helped out with. While this solution will certainly provide immediate relief, it might have a negative long-term side effect. The only true cure for grunting baby syndrome is for your baby to learn how to relax his anus while pushing with his abdomen. Stimulation only delays that realization, and for a while, your baby will require stimulation every time

Grunting baby syndrome is an informal term that's used to describe a condition that some newborns display when they have difficulty with bowel movements. Not to be confused with constipation, a baby with GBS will pass soft stools. A baby with GBS may grunt, strain, cry or even turn purple while passing stools. Newborns have a lot to learn. Why does my baby squirm and grunt while sleeping? Most of the time, your newborn's gurgling noises and squirms seem so sweet and helpless. But when they grunt, you may begin to worry that they're in pain or need help. Newborn grunting is usually related to digestion. Your baby is simply getting used to mother's milk or formula

Oftentimes, a baby suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux (GER) will tend to grunt excessively. This is a condition where milk and stomach acid go back to your baby's throat and cause discomfort. Symptoms of GER include colic, excessive crying, vomiting and grunting Yes, that occurrence is very normal. Even you can be surprised that your baby continues its deep sleep through the night in spite of a lot of noises it makes while sleeping. In particular, a little bit jerking movements attached to these noises are also very common. It is called as startle reflex or Moro reflex which just lasts about 2-3 months

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Noisy sleeping is normal. So in case you were wondering, not many newborn babies sleep soundly. Grunts and groans are completely normal and you might be surprised at just how loudly they occur too. Then you get the jerky reflex movements too, and it seems as though your baby is never going to be able to sleep through it all, let alone you Rarely, grunting can be a sign of something serious. Babies may grunt when they have a high fever or struggling to breathe. If that's the case, the grunting will persist beyond a few minutes, and your baby will appear very uncomfortable or overly sleepy. Grunting at the end of every breath is a sign of respiratory distress

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alliet916 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:38:34. I'm a first time mommy of a beautiful 3 week old little girl. Since she's been a week old she seems to do this intense grunting noise like she's straining to have a BM and she arches her back while grunting. She tends to do this while she's eating (I'm exclusively BFing, no formula at all), as well as when she. Visit our website to learn more about using Nucleus content for patient engagement and content marketing: http://www.nucleushealth.com/#InfantDistress #Grunt..

REM is a light, active sleep during which babies move, dream, and make noise. Those dream phases might produce grunting while sleeping, along with fleeting cries, laughs, and other sleep-talking sounds. Babies also wake briefly at the end of each REM cycle and may make a bit of noise before settling back to sleep The grunting while sleeping is about to drive me batty! She is sooo noisy and uncomfortable sounding that I find it hard to get any sleep! She is swaddled while sleeping and during the grunting I can see her struggling against the swaddle Infant Grunting in Sleep. If your baby has a respiratory infection, her health care provider will likely administer antiviral drugs, antibiotics or bronchiodilators. Non-infectious episodes of rapid breathing may be treated using other options. According to the NIH, physicians treat brief episodes of apnea by simply monitoring the baby and. Snorts and grunts happen because babies breathe through their noses. This allows them to feed at the same time as breathing. As your baby can't blow her own nose, mucus stays there and produces a whistle, sniffle or a snort as air passes through. If mucus goes down the back of your baby's throat it may cause her to gurgle Is it normal for a newborn to wheeze while sleeping? About wheezing. Some are quite common, while others are cause for concern.Normal breathing sounds for an infant can vary.When your baby is sleeping, they may take slower, deeper breaths than when they are awake and alert.Wheezing is not the same as heavy breathing.. When do newborns stop grunting in sleep?.

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  1. 4. Newborns are noisy, active sleepers. Newborns are not quiet, still sleepers. They grunt, groan, coo, moan, twitch, and shift during sleep. Some newborns even cry or nurse while they are sound asleep! These noises and motions don't always signal awakening, and they don't always require any action on your part
  2. Babies with sleep apnea can sometimes arch their backs while sleeping . This position helps to open up their airways and makes breathing easier while they sleep. 2. Autism Spectrum Disorders. Children with autism have issues relating to others and developing social bonds, even to the people closest to them
  3. ute while newborns sleep. In periodic breathing, a newborn's breathing may stop for 5 to 10 seconds and then begin again more rapidly — around 50 to 60 breaths per

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  1. TrippleBerryFairy Mon 05-Oct-09 13:30:56. M78, my DS (now 8weeks) was same in the beginning, making grunting and pushing noises, especially in the night. What I did: I stopped drinking milk as read somewhere that it might upset baby's stomach. In the beginning I was drinking loads of it thinking it was a good thing
  2. g. Some babies tend to grunt while drea
  3. al muscles, they apply downward pressure using their diaphragm, which pushes against the baby's closed glottis (voice box) and results in a grunting noise
  4. Your baby needs lots of sleep. The average newborn sleeps between 16 hours and 18 hours in a 24 hour period, although it may not feel like this much to you and your partner. ! At first your baby will need to wake up often for feeds, probably every two hours to three hours during the day and at night

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• Nasal flaring - When nostrils spread open while your child breathes, they may be having to work harder to breathe. • Wheezing - A whistling or musical sound of air trying to squeeze through a narrowed air tube. Usually heard when breathing out. • Grunting - Grunting sound when breathing out. Th The baby moves quite a bit, may grunt and open eyes briefly, but may go back into light sleep several times before really waking up. A full term baby spends about 15-20 minutes at a time in deep sleep and 65-70 minutes in light sleep 1. Understand newborn sleep cycles. Newborn sleep alternates between active and quiet sleep (akin to REM and non-REM sleep in adults). During the first few months of life, infants usually begin each sleep period in active sleep. Then, after about 25 minutes, they'll transition to a cycle of quiet sleep, also about 25 minutes long

Super Angebote für Baby Newborn hier im Preisvergleich. Baby Newborn zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen Monitor your newborn while sleeping. If you sleep in a different room, put a baby monitor in your baby's room so that you can monitor their grunting and distressing movements at night. Maintain a journal. Your baby may not make grunting noises on the very first day. You should write all your observations in a journal starting from the first day My newborn (4 weeks) makes really loud grunting noises and writhes around WHILE he's sleeping. He doesn't cry much, but this is almost as disruptive. Is this normal? I don't think he's in pain, right? And any advice to get him to stop - or do we just wait for him to grow out of it? We are already swaddling him with a miracle blanket Grunting while sleeping??: Does anyone else's bub do this? She sleeps reasonably peacefully during the day but grunts a lot at night. She's still sleeping though & doesn't seem to be uncomfortable, she burps, poops & farts like a trooper, eats well etc. bassinet is raised, she's upright after a feed etc... It makes for a very interrupted night for me n hubby..

Newborn grunting and groaning all night long. 2 weeks old. Exclusively breastfed. Sleeps great all day (no real EASY yet) and early part of the night but from 11pm on is unsettled, grunting groaning writhing crying out. She doesnt need help all the time (but often does) and will sometimes self settle but way too noisy to sleep through even with. My so-called grunting, gassy baby. Posted in Sleeping (and not sleeping), The good, the bad and the ugly of parenting by Sarah V. A couple days ago, I thought I had discovered what was ailing Nico. She was grunting, you see. And arching her back. And kicking out her legs with pained vigor. And then grunting again. This didn't happen all the time It's can be caused by bronchiolitis or asthma, and makes a whistling sound when baby breathes in and out. • Persistent grunting. When you hear a little grunting noise at the end of each breath, that's baby struggling to open up blocked airways. That could be caused by something like pneumonia, bronchiolitis or asthma Baby thrashing in sleep may scare you. but it also maybe because they are getting too much sleep and not enough awake time. Try spending more time keeping your little one awake during the day, seeing if that makes any sort of change in their movements during the night. It might help to entertain them and make sure they are good and ready for.

Symptoms. Sleep myoclonus is a condition in which there is a sudden jerking or twitching movement that affects a muscle and occurs during sleep. It is involuntary, meaning that it is not under conscious control and not done on purpose. It may affect smaller muscles or even cause movements of the arms or legs Sometimes known as nocturnal groaning, catathrenia is a sleep disorder which falls under the category of sleep-related breathing disorders. People who have catathrenia will typically breathe in deeply while sleeping. They then hold their breath for a short while. When they breathe out if may sound like a long groaning, moaning or shrieking noise

More specifically, weird things that babies do while sleeping perplex us grown ups. Often, new parents are completely freaked out by some of their baby's behavior. Odd little things like sleeping with his or her eyes open and making funny noises can scare a new parent into calling grandma or mom for some reassuring guidance My 8wk old grunts and strains from 2am till 5am when we give in and get up and as he's awake the grunting ends! He's asleep while he's doing this and settles down for a moment if I give him the dummy or bicycle his legs/massage his tummy to help him trump, but I just make it back to bed before he's off again Your growing baby needs plenty of sleep; an 8- to 12-month old needs an average of 13 to 14 hours per day 2. Younger infants require even more sleeping hours. This means that your baby will need to nap at least twice during the day. Some babies may nap for only 20 minutes at a time, while others will nap for an hour or more

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Grunting baby syndrome is the name for this condition. It is not a formal diagnosis or a medical disorder, however. Symptoms of Grunting Baby Syndrome. Babies that have grunting baby syndrome have normal bowel movements that are soft, but will grunt, cry, or strain as if they are constipated While newborns rely on those tiny nasal air passages for their breathing, and the snorting, grunting noises they make when there is some blockage may sound terrible, what is most important is how your baby is doing overall. If your baby is making these noises, but is sleeping comfortably, and is eating and gaining weight, any nasal stuffiness. They can be incredibly noisy sleepers. If you hear your baby squeal, squeak, grunt or groan while sleeping, it is completely normal. As your baby moves through their sleep cycles, there will be episodes of peaceful, sound sleep in tandem with their noisy, 'squealy, groany' sleep. This is all considered normal sleep behavior

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bragabit. My 12 month old baby has been having some very strange breathing while sleeping. When he is first asleep he starts holding his breath (about 6 seconds) and then when he exhales he bears down sometimes even grunting. He does this for almost an hour after he first falls asleep. It seems like he labors very hard to breath during this time The problem is, he spends the last hour and a half or so rooting around and grunting in his sleep, and I'm not sleeping when he does. I keep getting up to turn the sound machine back on, see if he wants his binky, check to see if his swaddle blanket has come up over his face, or if he's really awake this time When your baby has his first check at between six weeks and eight weeks, your GP will check his heart and chest sounds. If you are still concerned about your baby's breathing, this is a good time to mention it. But you should call the doctor if your baby has: More than 60 breaths a minute. Persistent grunting at the end of each breath

Always call if your baby is wheezing, making a grunting sound with each breath, or if you notice the skin pulling between or under the ribs or over the breastbone. When in doubt, a quick call to. Some common baby sounds you might hear include: Hiccups (babies are prone to hiccups, which often begin while they are still in the womb) 2 . Snorts (especially when your newborn is in deep sleep) Whistling (a newborn's nasal passage is narrow, so you'll often hear whistling as they draw in a breath If newborns can't sustain a stable level, they might need oxygen support. Oxygen Saturation levels fluctuate especially during sleeping. Other times, when the baby oxygen levels drop when sleeping, it could only be the pulse oximeter being detached and lost contact with your baby's skin while moving or rolling over. And when this happens. Grunts & Fights Swaddle...hard to get to sleep. Alex is 3 weeks old, has been swaddled since day one and has been on a 3 hr EASY since day one. All is going good except that he just fights and grunts against his swaddle that he's not easy at all to get back to sleep. Also, he just grunts & fights agains the swaddle in his sleep If you newborn has grunting baby syndrome they may experience the following:Grunting, crying or straining while trying to do a pooTheir face may go red or even purpleThey may seem uncomfortable for a few minutes before having bowel movementThese symptoms can last for five to 10 minutes before your little one finally feels comfortable again

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The Biology of Newborn Sleep . During the early months of your baby's life, he sleeps when he is tired, it's that simple. It is natural for a newborn to fall asleep while sucking at the breast, a bottle, or a pacifier. Babies make many sleeping sounds, from grunts to whimpers to outright cries, and these noises don't always signal. Why does your baby gasp for air while sleeping or awake? To start off, you need to identify why your baby is gasping for air while sleeping. It could be for a number of different reasons, such as: 1. A noticeable difficulty breathing If they have trouble breathing: They may begin to grunt. Their nostrils may flare (Similarly, juvenile birds learn songs during REM sleep.) While all that grunt work is going on, they lack the head space and the ability to imagine themselves as the heroes of baby adventures, or.

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WARNING - it is not safe to LEAVE a pillow wedged up next to baby while sleeping. Move the pillow away after several minutes once you know baby is asleep. Lie down to nurse. You can also lie down with baby in a bed to breast (or bottle) feed baby to sleep. Follow the above procedures as you detach yourself from baby once she is truly asleep A: Sounds like your newborn is sleeping like a baby. Parents are often surprised at just how much noise a tiny baby can make, even while sleeping. Of course, you want to check with baby's doctor.

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With my first baby, I was probably in the normal range for checking on my baby while sleeping, but when my postpartum depression and anxiety hit with my second, things got a bit out of control My daughter Marceline fights and struggles and she pushes the poopy demon filth from her body. Watch as me and Haley aid and cheer her as she battles to vict.. My daughter is16 days old and when shes sleeping, she makes the weirdest noises! It sounds like shes grunting, along with like her throat is clogged up or something... and then shes always making a noise like shes humming to the movement of her swing while sleeping This is a great time to start instituting a bit more of a sleep routine, particularly following age-appropriate wake times.I also really like Eat, Play, Sleep to start establishing a more predictable pattern for the day.. Many babies 4 months+ do best when they go to bed between 6:00-7:30.If your little still takes a third nap during the day, bedtime might be a little later than this

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If your baby occasionally snores or makes snorting sounds while he's sleeping, it's probably nothing to worry about. Many babies snore when they have a stuffy nose, and stuffy noses are common during the first few weeks of life. If your baby has a cold, try a vaporizer or humidifier to make breathing more comfortable Remember our goals from class: To calm a fussy baby. Read sleepy cues. Lay a strong foundation for sleep. LOVE the newborn stage. Those four goals are the criteria to determine success. It's not about nap length or sticking to a certain schedule. Instead, it's about just laying that healthy foundation while soaking up the newborn stage too If baby is fussy right when your milk is letting down (or immediately after), there's a good chance that the fussy nursing is related to a fast let-down. If baby is fussy before let-down, or a few minutes into nursing (and a while after let-down), then baby may be impatient for the fast flow of milk that comes with let-down A lot of sounds your dog may make is harmless, but if you hear him grunting or groaning as he lies down then that could get you worried whether your dog might in pain. Your Dog is Expressing Comfort. There's a good likelihood that your dog is simply expressing comfort when he makes a grunt sound while lying down 10 Common Questions on Baby Sleep [list type=numlist] I can't tell if my baby is asleep! I've developed a highly effective technique to deduce if babies are sleeping. I look at them and I use this specialized method of determination. Eyes open = asleep. Eyes closed = asleep. Is the swing going to mess up my baby's back or head