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pelican-bootstrap3. This is a Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican. It's fully responsive. Bootstrap 3 has seen an official, final release now, so I don't expect any breaking changes anymore. I will try to keep it up-to-date. CONTRIBUTING. If you want to adjust this theme to your own liking, I encourage you to fork it Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican. Contribute to DandyDev/pelican-bootstrap3 development by creating an account on GitHub Pelican theme bootstrap GitHub - goerz/pelican-bootstrap3: Bootstrap 3 theme for . pelican-bootstrap3. This is a Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican. It's fully responsive. Pelican-bootstrap3 is compatible with Pelican 3.3.0 and higher. I will try to regularly update this theme with new features and newer versions of Bootstrap & Bootswatch. CONTRIBUTING pelican-bootstrap3. This is a Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican, originally developed by DandyDev. It's fully responsive and contains sub-themes from the Bootswatch project. Pelican-bootstrap3 is compatible with Pelican 3.3.0 and higher. CONTRIBUTING. If you want to adjust this theme to your own liking, we encourage you to fork it pelican-bootstrap-figures 1.0.1 pip install pelican-bootstrap-figures Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Released: Feb 19, 2020 Bootstrap figures for Pelican. Navigation. Project description Release history Download files Project links. Homepage Statistics. GitHub statistics: Stars: Forks: Open issues/PRs:.

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  1. If that is indeed the case, it makes no sense to use pelican-bootstrap3, because as the name implies, it is based on Bootstrap 3, which looks different than Bootstrap 2. Moreover, in order for the CUSTOM_CSS variable to work at all in the theme, you must also tell Pelican where to copy the css file, like so: EXTRA_PATH_METADATA = { 'extra.
  2. There are a lot of nice resources built for Bootstrap. For a full list, visit the Big Badass List of Twitter Boostrap Resources. I started out with Daan Debie's Bootstrap 3 for Pelican. He's done a great job of setting Bootstrap for Pelican and including Bootswatch themes, built by Thomas Park. He's also added some nice plugins and layout settings
  3. Pelican Themes (now including submodules!) Pelican Themes. Listing 127 themes, 99 with images
  4. Hurricane Sally in Baldwin County, Alabama. Hurricane Sally made landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama on September 16, 2020 as a category 2 storm with 105 mile per hour winds. As the storm moved inland, it passed over our travel trailer on its trek northeast. We went to my in-laws to have a more secure location to
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It's late night at the end of a nice Christmas day and I've just finished giving my Pelican Bootstrap 3 theme a nice update! In the past month the theme has been getting quite some attention, going by the number of stars (30) and forks (16) on GitHub. I realize that these are numbers the average open source project laugh at, but for me it's my most popular contribution to the world so far I design experiments and software to study the ways in which humans and algorithms interact in digital spaces, especially as they pertain to information seeking. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Network Science at Northeastern University, and am lucky to be advised by Christo Wilson, a computer scientist, and Pelican-bootstrap3 brings the Bootstrap3 theme framework to Pelican. Bootstrap is the framework these days, and powers a lot of the web as we know it. Seriously, just ctrl-f the source of your favorite sites for bootstrap.css and you'll see what I mean A few of the changes in Pelican 3.3 might mean making some changes to your site in order to upgrade. Here's how I upgraded my site from Pelican 3.2 to 3.3. How I built this website, using Pelican: Part 1 - Setup I take you from zero to a complete, fully functional website, built the way a professional web developer would do it, using Pelican A simple theme for blog, powered by Bootstrap and Pelican. Simplify Article by vuquangtrong, post on Oct 08, 2019. Show how an article is rendered by Markdown. Read in 6 mins. tutorial pelican markdown. Simplify Theme by vuquangtrong, post on Oct 02, 2019

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Announcement: NarraScope is skipping a year for 2021. We hope to see you in 2022! NarraScope 2020 Celebrating Narrative Games May 28 - June 4 — online Keynote speaker: Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Hypnospace Outlaw, SkateBIRD) NarraScope 2020 was a free, online-only event. All the talks are now online; see our schedule page Pelican is an incredibly well-built Python tool for creating static sites.. Full Stack Python is generated with Pelican, Jinja2 templates and Markdown.This site is deployed to Amazon S3 and currently handles over one hundred thousand readers per month. There are never scaling concerns because a static site is pre-generated before deployment and a web server simply responds with existing files. Pelican allows you to create a static blog. Most blog sites on the web are dynamic in the sense that the content of the site live in a database. In order to view a post on a blog, the server has to query the database, get the right content and then convert it into presentable HTML. However, in a static site, every page is pre-rendered by the static blog generator 2 min. read Date Tue 04 November 2014 Tags publishing / github pages / pelican / bootstrap I moved from Google sites to Github pages for my blog and am using pelican for it more. COVID-19 and Seasonal Flu Response. In response to coronavirus and seasonal flu issues: We recognize this is a serious situation, but do not want to panic either. Many large events have now been postponed to reduce public gatherings - that's the right response! However, pain issues and being too sedentary can actually increase your odds of.

Migrating my blog to use Bootstrap 4. In the previous article, I mentioned the blog was migrated to Pelican. After that I customized it and add some new features. I found Bootstrap 3 was released for a few years and there would be no update. I tried to update the theme to Bootstrap 4.5. Let's talk about what is the lesson learned This infographic(ish) graphic shows the Rhode Island General Assembly's total number of session days each year and the total number of floor votes broken down by chamber. Senate data prior to 2016 is blank due to them not having any floor votes listed on the website jml. Software engineer in London who has a blog, software portfolio, and a collection of writings The MIT Transportation Club—or T-Club—aims to bring together the transportation community for education, networking, and research collaboration. Founded in the spring of 2010, the organization has grown rapidly to include over 300 members from across all Schools of the Institute. Membership in the MIT Transportation Club is open 0:00 / 1:43. Live. •. A battery or external powered LCD 1602 game console with built in Space Invaders and Space Impact games. Recently I did a project called Tiny Space Impact Game. After finishing it, I realized that the console itself was very generic and could be used for other LCD 1602 style games

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  1. imum viable product (MVP), or rough draft of a data science project. It is implemented as a cookiecutter template that generates a directory tree containing subdirectories that hold data, notebooks, reports, source code, etc., with code stubs that present a logical
  2. FzRemote for bluetooth IR blaster. Download from App Store. app detailed information. quick start guide. privacy policy. EzRemote for headphone jack IR blaster. Download from App Store. app detailed information. quick start guide. privacy policy
  3. CS 4730 - Computer Game Design Fall 2017. Our course is an introductory course in video game design and production. We will focus on both the design and technical aspects of creating a game, from concept inception and prototyping through coding and playtesting

BioCAT is seeking a Ph.D. level scientist to lead the solution small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) user program. This beamline scientist will have primary responsibility for supporting SAXS users at the beamline, and maintaining the state-of-the-art sample preparation and sample delivery and characterization equipment. They will also collaborate scientifically with users and other beamline staff Consulting firm with profound experience in Embedded Linux, U-Boot, C programming, Python, Yocto/OpenEmbedded, and open-source technologies. Geanix offers a range of services within both embedded development and system services supporting this. Linux BSP Development Geanix is experienced in Linux BSP development from a long range of projects targeting industrial About me. I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Purdue University . My research interests are in data mining and machine learning on relational data, including information, communication, and social networks. I work with Prof. Jennifer Neville in the Network Learning & Discovery Lab . Research projects I have worked on include

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  1. I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication at Stanford University. I am also a member of the Political Communication Laboratory. In my research, I use a broad array of quantitative methods, mostly survey experiments as well as computational approaches towards text analysis. I am also a.
  2. About me. Currently, I am a PostDoc at the Institute of Production and Logistics Management at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Previously, I worked as a PostDoc at the Department for Statistics and Operations Research, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics at the University of Vienna . There, I was part of the project Network.
  3. Publication. 1. Preventing Use-After-Free Attacks with Fast Forward Allocation (to appear) Brian Wickman, Hong Hu, Insu Yun, Daehee Jang, JungWon Lim, Sanidhya Kashyap, and Taesoo Kim Proceedings of the 30th USENIX Security Symposium (Security) August 2021 2. BaseSpec: Comparative Analysis of Baseband Software and Cellular Specifications for L3.
  4. Yi Yao Research Scientist at Duke University & Visiting Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill Computational Physical Chemistry, Computational Materials Science Email: yaoyi92 AT gmail DOT com My CV pdf I have my research posted in this website. Also, some computational tutorials and scripts are posted. I wrote them mainly to avoid rewriting
  5. How to use a Docker container running Pelican to build a blog website hosted on Github Pages. more Starting a blog? Consider Pelican, Docker, and Github Pages. Date Mon 04 November 2019 Tags Pelican / Python / Docker / Github-Pages. , Pelican, Bootstrap
  6. Now that Bootstrap 3 final has been released, I've updated the Pelican theme I built for this site accordingly.The theme was already on GitHub, but now that things have stabilized, I'm officially releasing version 1.0 of pelican-bootstrap3!Luckily for me, Bootswatch also updated their Bootstrap 3 compatible themes to the newest Bootstrap release. . Thomas Park graciously allowed me to include.

bd808.com FOSS in, FOSS out: software, process and operations As a Software Architect/Developer I want to share my accumulated experience So that I can repay the FOSS community that made my career possible. My professional career and the Internet in general are possible because of free and open-source Data Visualization sketches for early SARS-COV2 tracking. Let me share some visualization sketches from early March 2020, that I used to communicate around me about the upcoming pandemic. This first one depicted the individual cases detected in Japan and the known links between them. It shows that early on, systematic contact tracing could not. Advanced Lane Finding on the Road. Advanced version (different lighting conditions, curves, shadows) of identification and marking the lane lines on the road on a video clip form Front mounted car camera using Computer Vision. more.

Qin Fengling is an Open Source Software Engineer working on embedded hardware systems and the Blockchain. I love FOSS and I am the software firmware architect for Canaan Creative Avalon Bitcoin Miner for the Avalon 3, 4, 6, and 7 series computers. I am a contributor to OpenWRT, CGMiner, and Foreman and PowerDNS. For those who don't know, Foreman can manage your DNS records. Built in there is support for Bind using nsupdate, Microsoft Active Directory using some Windows commands and libvirt using virsh. Previously I had written a smart-proxy compatible API for our DNS solution, but now smart-proxy provides a solution to

About Miroslav Gasparek I like to think about how mathematics, computing, and engineering principles can be applied to biological systems to solve the major global healthcare, economi I am an economist at the JPMorgan Chase Institute on the consumer research team. Previously, I was a research fellow at Resources for the Future, where my research focused on air pollution Hydrogeology is the study of water in geologic materials. Hydrogeologists evaluate the flow of water through geologic materials and the chemistry of water found in the subsurface. Groundwater cannot usually be observed and wells are used to collect water samples and measure the hydraulic head (a measure of energy) in geologic materials

IPython (Jupyter) widgets: An image convolution demo. Convolution is one of the fundamental concepts of image processing (and more generally, signal processing). For the scikit-image tutorial at Scipy 2014 , I created an IPython widget to help visualize convolution. This post explains that widget in more detail Switch to O̶c̶t̶o̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶ Pelican Date Mon 30 June 2014 By joe Category misc Comments 0 (Update 2014-11-03) I liked the Octopress concept a lot but since it used ruby so much it was hard for me to customize or deal with any issues that turned up (I don't know ruby) Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II Instructor: Amir Sani (reachme@amirsani.com) LIKE our Facebook page. Course Details This is an applied course in Machine Learning intended for students of Economics and Finance. Course contents will be posted before each class. Programming Language: The official language of this course is Python 3. Getting started. First, make sure you have an account with Amazon Web Services.Then download and install pywren via PIP as outlined in the getting started materials Then enjoy running your code on thousands of cores simultaneously! Technology. Key technologies leveraged include

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Our team recently created an art, physics, and computer science educational kit. Learn more about it at spinwearables.com. Engineering Day was started at Yale and is run by volunteers among Engineering and Science graduate students under the patronage of Yale's Society of Women Engineers and Yale's Pathways to Science program Chenhao Tan's Homepage - Home. I am an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. I am also affiliated with the Harris School of Public Policy . I direct the Chicago Human+AI lab (CHAI) ( ). You can learn more about my life trajectory here Chenhao Tan's Homepage - Courses. Human-Centered Machine Learning (Spring 2021) at the University of Chicago. Natural Language Processing (Winter 2021) at the University of Chicago. Undergraduate machine learning (Fall 2020) at the University of Colorado Boulder

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pelican-jupyter: Pelican plugin for Jupyter Notebooks. Installation pip install pelican-jupyter Pelican and Jupyter versions. The main focus is to run with the latest versions of the packages but there is a good chance the plugin will work correctly with older versions of Pelican and Jupyter/ Characteristics of cloud computing & what is cloud computing exactly? Learn basics of cloud computing, how is it different from traditional computing & why it is the future. We also discuss 5 characteristics that are necessary for enabling cloud computing January 08, 2017 pelican - website - upgrade - maintenance For some reason I decided to upgrade my Pelican setup from version 3.6.3 to 3.7.0 this morning. Because of the changes introduced, this wasn't as smooth as expected and I needed to make some changes to my theme and configuration files manually With a focus on providing a mobile first experience, the site has been given a much needed total site redesign. We re-tooled using the Bootstrap framework, powered by Pelican and Python. Please excuse the dust. Old content has been temporarily removed while newer, mobile friendly alternatives are being generated I'm a founding member of the North American effort to directly detect nanoHertz gravitational waves using millisecond pulsars called NANOGrav, and my research is focused on finding new pulsars and using them to do basic physics, in general. NRAO. 520 Edgemont Rd. Charlottesville, VA USA 22903. Phone: 434-296-0320. Email: sransom at nrao dot edu

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As an engineer, I consider myself an expert in Matlab and Python, being able to work with Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Keras/Tensorflow, Pytorch and more. I am familiar with Bash, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C/C++, MongoDB and SQL. I have experience with Django, Pelican web frameworks. I like building stuff with Arduino, and Raspberry Pi; I've made a self. Current Documentation. This page contains links to general SCons documentation, and to documentation (man page and User's Guide) for the current stable release of SCons: 4.1.0. Man pages and User's Guides for other releases of SCons are available at the Version Specific SCons Documentation page How to make an extremely simple but visually effective VU meter at 0.9 inches OLED displays SSD 1306. This time I will show you how to make analog-style stereo VU meters on small 0.96 inch OLED displays. Some time ago I received small yellow OLED displays that are ideal for this purpose.. The device is made according to the instructions of stevenart in the arduino.cc forum where you. About Dan Humphreys Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and budding data scientist based in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. Currently open to work enquiries and contactable via email or through one of the social media outlets below.. As of August 2020 I am also now a certified entry level Python programmer

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Here is a scenario: - You live in an apartment and you have a small balcony, or you live in a house with no garden. - You want to grow a lot of strawberries (or other veggies) on a very small place Balance. Huntington Physical Therapy is a multi-faceted facility offering expertise in treatment for disfunctions ranging from orthopedic/post-surgical/sports, to treatment for the geriatric population and the pediatric. We have experience in helping those with neurologic disorders including, radiculopathies, neuropathies, stroke, fibromyalgia. Tutorials. Writing Code in Economics. Using Git. Crash Course for Python for Data Analysis. Stata-to-Python Equivalents. The (Very) Basics of Vim It's been over 2 years since my reddit Distance to Nearest Dunkin' post and i've been looking for a geo related Python project. So I decided to revisit and update it to address some of the issues with my first map that people pointed out. Mainly, I tackled the as the crow flies issue by using isolines that show drive-time and adhere to the roadway limitations Process reference genome. BWA requires building an index for your reference genome to allow it to more efficiently search the genome during sequence alignment: You should have several new files in the 00_genome directory that all start with 'Falb', since this is the value we gave after the -p flag. Lets use BWA to align our reads to the.

Basic Unix Workshop. This tutorial is intended for people completely new to unix and command line driven analysis. It introduces how to navigate the unix filesystem, make and delete files and directories and be able to list the contents of files and directories Connect ESP-01S (ESP8266) to Raspberry Pi Pico/MicroPython, using AT Command. Date 2021-02-25 Category Project Tags ESP8266 / Raspberry PI Pico. Just first connect ESP-01S to Raspberry Pi Pico/MicroPython UART, send AT-Command, set in Station Mode, connect to AP.. Link to article

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About Me. I am a graduate student in computer science at Princeton University. My advisor is Arvind Narayanan. My research focuses on privacy. I have spent two of my summers as a software engineering intern at Mozilla working on WebRTC. My first summer I worked with IETF committee members to standardize PERC Conversence is reimagining the conversations of tomorrow. We want to reinvent the practice of group conversations, to replace shallow reactions and community polarization with convergence: a deeper mutual understanding of issues, enabling community-scale collaboration with the aim of achieving deliberative democracy. We were among the leading designers of the innovative When I started using Pelican for this blog, despite my limited design skills, I managed to hack together a custom theme that made use of Bootstrap 2 and Font Awesome 3. When I decided the time had come to upgrade the theme for Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4, I took a step back first to evaluate how I wanted to proceed

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.navbar-brand img { display: none; } iTEM logo International Transport Energy Modeling, or iTEM, is an open group of people and organizations interested in the role of energy in the world's transport system. Our shared goal is to better understand the methods and data that are employed to study this system—especially Breaking up with Blue Apron. I've read Natalie Newell's conversation with Blue Apron very carefully, and I've decided that the lack of moral courage that was displayed by Blue Apron is a deal breaker for me. So, as Natalie did, I wrote them a breakup letter. After a little reworking, I decided to share it here Welcome to MIT Curling! COVID-19 Impact on Curling 2020-21 Hello prospective curlers! Please see our COVID-19 information in the FAQ. MIT Curling Wins Bronze at USA College Curling Nationals 2019 MIT concluded the 2018/19 Curling season by taking home the bronze medal at the 2019 USCA College Curling Nationals This page contains links to general SCons documentation, and to documentation (man page and User's Guide) for the current stable release of SCons: 4.1.0.post1. Man pages and User's Guides for other releases of SCons are available at the Version Specific SCons Documentation page. SCons 4.1.0

About Michael Droettboom I'm a computer scientist and software engineer, specializing in imaging and data: sheet music, scientific visualization, astromony, biomedical data and software telemetry. Open source software and open science advocate Minecraft Server Plugins in Python Code new Minecraft ideas using a web browser, easily setup a server with plugins shared by others, join a vibrant community of others like you. Fun, easy, powerful, social, open. Learn more Python in Minecraft Python is the #1 teaching language, with a huge, mature. CS 4720 - Mobile Application Development Fall 2018. Welcome! Our course focuses on Android and iOS mobile app creation. We'll cover everything from Java and Swift in Android and iOS to what makes mobile app development different to simple web service development User documentation Quick Start User guide Method guide Technical documentation Technical guide Administrator guide Common issues Security considerations Satellite.

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The MIT Transportation Club is proud to host the 9th annual MIT Transportation Showcase. Save the Date Wednesday, February 20, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm at the MIT Museum! Schedule: 6pm to 7pm — Keynote Speech by Andrew Kuziemko, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at New York City Transit 7pm Description. Parallel Programming: Concepts and Practice provides an upper level introduction to parallel programming. In addition to covering general parallelism concepts, this text teaches practical programming skills for both shared memory and distributed memory architectures. The authors' open-source system for automated code evaluation. Chenhao Tan's Homepage - Misc. I attended CAOSS (Computational and Online Social Science) 2012 in NYC. I wrote a brief summary containing the works covered in the workshop. [ PDF] I lived in Telluride House for four years. It has been quite an enriching experience to live with people from various backgrounds. My hometown is Jingdezhen hillmaker hillmaker is a Python package that computes time of day and day of week specific occupancy statistics from transaction data containing arrival and departure timestamps. Typical use is for capacity planning problems in places like hospital emergency departments, surgical recovery rooms or any system in which entities arrive, occupy Facility. Huntington Physical Therapy, PC is a 3,600 square foot facility that includes a comfortable waiting room, seven private treatment rooms, a spacious exercise room, a whirlpool area, a dedicated Vestibular Rehabilitation examination room and one for its related exercises. All treatment rooms provide for the comfort and privacy that is.

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Juriscraper is a scraper library started several years ago that gathers judicial opinions, PACER content, and oral arguments in the American court system. It is currently able to scrape: Opinions from all major appellate Federal courts Opinions from all state courts of last resort (typically their Supreme Court) Oral arguments from all appellate federal courts that offer them A variety. Publications. Description. Date. Retour d'expérience MONARC par l' IGSS. September 2019 -. Retour d'expérience MONARC par l' ANSSI. May 2019 -. Retour d'expérience MONARC par l'Agence eSanté. April 2019 -

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About. I started this blog after teaching a course on Engineering Programming at Portland Community College (ENGR114). In the course, we used MATLAB. But MATLAB cost students $49 for a student version. As we strive to move towards open education resources, I wanted to reduce the cost for students to take the course. This led me to Python Introduction to PyMC3. PyMC3 is a python package for Bayesian statistical modeling and probabilistic machine learning. In this session, we will go over the background of Bayesian statistics and introduction into using the PyMC3 package for such scenarios

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I am a lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton and a member of the Research Group on Computational Linguistics (RGCL), affiliated to the Research Institute of Information and Language Processing (RIILP).. Before becoming an academic, I was a research associate in Machine Translation in Prof. Lucia Specia's group at the University of Sheffield.I worked on discriminative training algorithms. Introduction. Cobol is a structural language with many years of maturity. It was built for business use, and it is used as that for a few decades now Register for MuscleX 2: Muscle diffraction and scattering. BioCAT is offering its second MuscleX workshop. The Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT) is funded by National Institutes of Health ( NIH) with its mission to operate state-of-the-art x-ray facilities for the study of the structure and dynamics of biological systems under non. I am a cryptographer, programmer, and ivory-tower escapee. I currently live in the Hartford, CT area. I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any social media site other than LinkedIn. If you need to reach me, please email me. I used to blog, but do so no longer. The. Openings available for multiple Ph.D. students, visiting students, and a postdoc. Dr. Kangjie Lu, an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department of the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities, is hiring multiple Ph.D. students, visiting students, and a postdoc, who have strong interests and solid backgrounds in computer security, systems, software engineering, compilers.

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Step 2. Download application from Github. Follow instructions to get and install a Google Maps API key. Follow instructions to launch application locally Users BioCAT Sector Orientation General User Program Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF) APS User Information Argonne Guest House Staff Wiki Useful Links on the Wiki BioCAT github Page Storage Ring Status APS Stockroom Catalog Fiber/Muscle Diffraction MuscleX FIT2D CCP13 software for small angle scattering Q Calculator Solution SAXS BioXTAS RAW ATSAS CCP-SAS SAXS on IDPs ScÅtter.

If you have questions regarding our facility that are not adequately answered on this website, please feel free to contact us. Main Phone Numbers Office: 630-252-0549 Experiment Floor: 630-252-1818 Mailing Address BioCAT, Argonne National Laboratory APS/ Sector 18/ 435B 9700 South Cass Ave. Argonne, IL 60439-4860 Scientific Contacts Fiber and Muscle Diffraction: Weikang Ma SAXS: Srinivas. CS 4730 - Computer Game Desig

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Software at FAS Informatics. Formal(ish) software development is represented in FAS Informatics by Software Operations, a group of software developers that work closely with Informatics scientific staff and FAS Research Computing to enable scientists and core staff to take advantage of the massive Cannon research computing infrastructure Kelvin Luu (class of 2015, Cornell), now a PhD student at the University of Washington. Cora Schneck (class of 2018, University of Colorado Boulder). Xiaochuang Han (class of 2019, Georgia Tech). David Atkinson (class of 2019, University of Colorado Boulder). Yangqiaoyu Zhou (class of 2020, Carleton College Demo Day 1 * - Android Teams + iOS TBD. Final Project Due. 50. 12/7. F. 41. Demo Day 2 * - Remaining iOS Teams A tool to easily check the weight and balance of your Piper Cherokee 140. more.

BioCAT is an NIH-supported Biotechnology Research Resource. Anyone can use the facility for free by putting in an application through the APS GUP program. These applications are reviewed on the basis of feasibility and scientific merit. As an experimenter at BioCAT, please read about the research techniques BioCAT supports to ensure that our capabilities are well matched to your requirements

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