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Many B-17s had the interior areas done with Chromate Green while others were done in dark drab green, some with natural metal bomb bays and even one with an all black interior decorated with messages from the construction crew in white chalk There was a great article in FSM back in October 1997 about aircraft interior colors during WWII by Dana Bell. According to the article, bronze green was specified for prewar bombers, including all B-17Es. The article mentions Humbrol No. 9 as a close approximation

Hi guys, what would the interior colour be aft of the radio room to the tail on a F model B-17. I have painted my one green from the nose to the radio room and was wondering if the centre and tail sections are aluminium or green my 17 will be 229472 from the 99th BG if that helps. Thanks. Graham. The interior of the B-17 has been the subject of. Below are two very detailed color photos of Lt. Bob Welty inside a B-17 taken by his father while Bob was in Pittsburgh after the war. The photos are unusual as they are in color and thus represent a better feel for the various colors of the uniforms and the interior colors of the B-17 during the period 1944-45 Koster B-17C/D conversion Kit#4 = only indicates that the inside of the crew door should be yellow zinc-chromate. The Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide Vol.1 1908-1941 [Pg.48] = Floors and sides to the tops o Mostly, it's a collection of photos --both black and white and color-- of various types of military aircraft under construction in factories around the country. Lots of fuselage interior shots of B-17s. These photos seem to add to the weight of evidence that interiors were natural aluminum throughout Dec 14, 2012 #6. 2012-12-14T15:08. The unpainted aft sections (recognizable by the blue-stamped aluminum grade markings) can be seen on B-17Es. Boeing had the same waiver as NAA (see the Mustang post below). Douglas- and Vega-built fortresses appear to have been primed in the aft sections

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  1. Manuals B-17 B-29 Pilot`s Notes << 5 6 7 >> Interior of the Airplane. PILOT`S COMPARTMENT. Between the nose section and the bomb bay is the flight deck, or pilot's compartment. This elevated enclosure contains the pilot's and copilot's stations with all the essential flight controls, instruments, etc., (See pp. 34-39.
  2. B-17 Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats Resin2Detail. B-17F/G Engines Eduard. B-17G Bombardier Section True Details. B-17G Cockpit Set True Details. B-17G Waist Gunner Section True Details. Detail Set Reviews - 1/72. B-17 Machine Gun Barrel Set Resin2Detail. B-17F Transparencies Pavla. Reference Reviews
  3. The Worldu Best Photos of b17 and interior - Flickr Hive Mind source. b17 interior photos - WWII Modeller source. Goleta Air and Space Museum: Collings Foundation Bombers at... source. B-17 Interior source. Lt. Bob Welty inside B-17 - 1945 source
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  5. Dec 2, 2019 - Explore Manie Cruz's board B-17 Interior on Pinterest. See more ideas about wwii aircraft, wwii bomber, ww2 aircraft
  6. The interior of a B-24 was treated differently than that of the B-17. Northrop, ignoring all specs, didn't prime the P-61 because it was in financial trouble. B-25s built at one facility were primed, and at another not primed because of absence of sufficient paint facility

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  1. Well, I will be shouted down for this but existing photographs of B-17G's in the various manuals, books, and websites show the interior of most aircraft to be unpainted. There were SOME that were painted but to date I have only found two photos, one of the radio room and one of the waist that show paint, most likely Dull Dark Green
  2. Good WW2 video of B-17 Flying Fortress crew and interior. From an old Air Force documentary about Operation Titanic
  3. The B-17 Flying Fortress shaped the air war over Western Europe like no other World War II aircraft.From the outset of fighting, it provided a strategic bombing capability that the Axis could never match. Its heavy payload, defensive armament, and rugged construction allowed the Army Air Forces to bomb heavily defended targets in Western Europe, unescorted, in daylight
  4. Evening all! I've got a Revell B-17F Memphis Belle to build. I'm a bit worried after having read some negative views on the model. So i'll have some hard work ahead of me. Anyway, i was wondering if someone could tell me what the interior colour of the B-17 was. Thanks in advance. Paul..
  5. Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Interior Colors July 21, 2020 July 21, 2020 Pierre Lagacé Since I am not building anything during the summer months, I am revisiting Jeff's older post
  6. Hence, from my research, I found that the interior colours of the period B-17 were: Dull Dark Green (Model Master Euro 1 Dark Green FS34092 is a good match) in the cockpit, nose compartment, and radio room Bare metal in the waist area, and Bombay may be either bare metal finish or possibly neutral gre
  7. Nov 18, 2019 - I am an inspirational novelist with three-book series, Promise For Tomorrow, featuring B-17 navigators and the 381st Bomb Group. See more ideas about warbirds, fortress, wwii aircraft
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What are the colors used for WWII Army Air Force Aircraft during World War II? In all, during World War II the U.S. Aircorps and the U.S. Army Air Force incorporated a variety of over 65 individual colors, serving as different exterior and interior finishes, camouflage designs, markings, and individual aircraft identification This is the third and last part in the reference series about interior finishes of US-produced aircraft of the World War II era. Please refer to part one for general information on the development and the variety of finishes used. Part two covered interiour finishes of the US Army Air Corps / Air Force aircraft. This part three is devoted to Navy aircraft types

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B-17 of 303rd Bomb Group Over England . 452nd Bomb Group B-17 Bombers Heading To Swinemunde 1945 . Boeing B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress 42-31367 Chow Hound code LG-R of 91st Bomb Group 322nd Bomb Squadron over Berlin on March 8, 1944 . B-17E 41-9141 and 41-9131 . Rear Aerial View of Trio of B-17 Bombers Heading To Targe There were no standardized requirements for painting exposed interior spaces but typical USN practice was for most carrier-based aircraft to have their landing gear spaces and components (wheel wells, covers, landing gear, and wheel hubs) painted in the same color as the lower fuselage, with the only notable exception being the S2BC Helldiver which painted them in GZC / IG Color. B-25 interior photos. Search photo: You are interested in: B-25 interior photos. (Here are selected photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed.) B-17 interior photos (B-17 interior photos). D-70 interior photography (D-70 interior photography) The following is an extensive catalogue of the variants and specific unique elements of each variant and/or design stage of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber. For a broader article on the history of the B-17, see B-17 Flying Fortress

Revell/Monogram 1/48 B-17G. November 12, 2019. in Aviation. 1/48 B-17 Fortress Monogram Revell. 44 Comments. Let me prelude this by saying this is an older build- from 2005, in fact. It's spent the last 14 years in a box under the stairs, but this weekend I dug it out and decided to shoot some new photos of it Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Interior Colors Part II. Jeff Groves Reference September 18, 2019. June 30, 2020. During the war B-17 Flying Fortresses were produced at three locations. The Boeing plant at Seattle, Washington was assigned production code BO; Douglas at Long Beach, California was DL; and Lockheed Vega at Burbank, California was VE 4. Interior surfaces of engine cowlings shall not be painted. 5. Bomb rack parts shall not be painted. Exterior metal surfaces of the airplane shall be finished with one coat of camouflage paint with color combinations in accordance with AAF Specification No. 24114. No primer coat shall be required The interior takes up most of the build time, with loads of detail in every compartment. These were followed by patchy applications of lightened versions of both colors on the entire airframe, along with faded olive drab on the fabric-covered ailerons, elevators, and rudder. HK's B-17 is a huge canvas for creative weathering and.

Take a walk through a restored B-17. This page is a picture walk-around and a walk-through a B-17. The plane is a restored B-17G owned by the Confederate Air Force. The first few pictures are of the exterior and focus on the more prominent features of this bomber. The interior photos begin at the front compartment of the plane and work back to. Color photos and actual B-17's I've seen have this bronze green as the interior color. I love the idea of a 1/32nd scale B-17, but doubt I'll ever own one. I'll probably not have room after I finish with my Trumpeter Warthog, and Dauntless, Academy F16C, and various Fokker triplanes

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Here is our World War II photo gallery of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Home What's New Features & Reviews Model Kit Top Gun Subject & Color Refs Search About Us. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: NOTICE: The appearance of U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Defense, or NASA imagery or art does not. Dana Bell - World War II US Aircraft Interior Colors, Fine Scale Modeler October 1997; Dana Bell - Air Force Colors, vol. 1-3; Robert D. Archer - The Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide; John M. Elliot - The Official Monogram US Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guid B-17 Flying Fortress Interior Colors Part II. Loading... 3 bloggers like this Top turret B-17 Summary Drawing shows a gunner, from behind, standing in the turret of an airplane bomber during World War II. He is visible from the shoulders down and nude from the waist up. Howard Brodie was the staff artist for Yank magazine during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942 and 1943. Contributor Name b-17 flying fortress bomber - b 17 flying fortress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Bombers make their way to England to aid the British in World War II in April 1942. In this handout image provided by the U.S. Air Force, the Sally B B-17 Flying Fortress performs fly-bys during the Memorial Day ceremony held at..

WWII in color: Rare photos from 1942 show Flying Fortress bombers and their heroic crews in The Mighty 8th Command . By Snejana Farberov. Published: 01:40 EDT, 16 March 2013 | Updated: 11:11 EDT. As I built this model I found many useful links to reference material on the B-17 and I include the best ones here: 360° Photos of the B-17 Crew Positions; Interior Colours of US Aircraft, 1941-45; Accessories used in this build: Eduard - Paint Mask for B-17G (EDJX155 Bomb Bay. While the B-17 was occasionally used for VIP transport and reconnaissance, it was designed first and foremost as a bomber. In other words, every design decision was made to maximize how.

Dig around in earlier postings here for the address for IPMSstockholm.org who've done a whole lengthly article on interior paint and colors. B-17 cockpits were sort of a darkish metalic green and most B-17 aft fuselages away from the flight deck, were bare metal because it provided better free lighting in areas where your attention better be on. Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress flew in every combat zone during World War II, but its most significant service was over Europe. Along with the B-24 Liberator, the B-17 formed the backbone of the USAAF strategic bombing force,

Revell/Monogram 1/48 B-17G. November 12, 2019. in Aviation. 1/48 B-17 Fortress Monogram Revell. 44 Comments. Let me prelude this by saying this is an older build- from 2005, in fact. It's spent the last 14 years in a box under the stairs, but this weekend I dug it out and decided to shoot some new photos of it Historic color footage of the Memphis Belle B-17 bomber with her famous flight crew and other B-17s during WWII. Memphis Belle is the nickname of the Boeing. 15 Things You Never Knew About The B-17 Flying Fortress. It was strong, reliable, and feared by its enemies. This is the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. 1) In 1940, one B-17 bomber cost a little over $200,000 to produce. That's over $3 million in today's currency Perhaps the most famous member of the B-17 family was the B-17F nicknamed Memphis Belle, which has completed 25 combat missions and was later used in a war bonds campaign in the US. Enough of history, for now, let's have a look at the best plastic model kits of the B-17 which are available on the market

A B-17 bomber on a runway. B-17 Bomber engine. A B-17 Flying Fortress motor, a Wright R-1820-97, resting in front of a log house. Car Park in a Underground Parking Lot,Parking lot number B 17 sign. Car Park in Underground Parking Lot,Parking lot number B 17 sign. B-17 flying fortress on fire The B-17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle was the most famous bomber, because she was the first heavy bomber in Hitler's European war theater to complete 25 combat missions and keep her entire crew alive. The Memphis Belle was named for pilot Capt. Robert K. Morgan's wartime sweetheart, Ms. Margaret Polk B-17, also called Flying Fortress, U.S. heavy bomber used during World War II.The B-17 was designed by the Boeing Aircraft Company in response to a 1934 Army Air Corps specification that called for a four-engined bomber at a time when two engines were the norm.. The bomber was intended from the outset to attack strategic targets by precision daylight bombing, penetrating deep into enemy. After the interior was done, I painted most of the visible surfaces silver to simulate a natural metal interior - which most B-17s had at that date - then did the same in the main wheel wells. After gluing the fuselage and wing halves together, I sanded all the seams B-17G cockpit interior 1/48. 24,95 US$. IN STOCK > 10 pcs. Can be found in Galleries Specification Accessories Customer who bought this product also bought: Write Product Review. This product can be found in. B-17G 1/48 Cat.No.: BIG4873 IN STOCK 5-10 pcs. Advantageous set of photo-etched and mask sets. For kit

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Bf109E interior color (s) by Amos Terrel » Thu, 02 Jan 2003 13:15:20. Hi all; I need the relevant RLM # for the dorrect interior colors for the. Bf109E-3 and Bf109E-4 variants. I am planning on doing two of these. beasts - one on Battle Of Britain scheme and one in North Africa, JG26 Includes guides for recreating uniforms of various aliens. 1 Krenim Uniforms 1.1 Enlisted and Junior Officers 1.2 Officer 1.3 Senior Officer 1.4 Command 1.5 Noye's Variant 2 Xindi Uniforms 2.1 Xindi-Reptilian Soldier 2.2 Xindi-Reptilian Officer 2.3 Xindi-Primate These are recreations of the uniforms worn by Krenim NPCs. Utilizing this guide requires the player to own the Krenim uniform from. BS 2660 is an old colour standard for building and decorating, now largely superseded by BS 4800 (below this site). The colours depicted on the chart are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend on your monitor and browser. Pearl, metallic and finished colours cannot be shown adequately. Paris / Vir. Green The best reference source for a more in depth study on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft markings and color schemes is Mr. John M. Elliott's set of four volumes on the subject. It is the most authorative and in-depth study on the subject. The four books are: The Official Monogram U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide, Volume 1, 1911-1939 B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B at Duxford, England in 1998. This aircraft doubled as the Memphis Belle when making the World War II movie Memphis Belle in 1991. A trick of movie makers is to paint one side of the aircraft with one set of markings, and paint the other side completely different

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  1. B-17G rear interior 1/48 Cat.No.: 49362. Color photo-etched accessories. For kit: MONOGRAM, REVELL. IN STOCK 5-10 pcs. 24,95 US$. Regular retail price. For 15% discount and many other advantages become a BFC member. If you're already a BFC member, please sign in to see your prices
  2. B-17G Nose Interior Color Detail Set. Other products to consider: (13) B-17F/G Engines Brassin Eduard $74.95 $54.79. B-17g Flying Fortress Cockpit Interior Eduard $24.95 $18.29. Browning M2 .50cal Waist Mounted Aires $22.99 $16.59. Applicable Products: B-17G Flying Fortress Revell Monogra
  3. Epiglass 22 B 17 Greyfriars precisely matched in house paint, spray paint, brush in cap bottles, paint pens, and other sizes for painting applications. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $199 *Excludes spray paint. Paint Colors and Brands Paint Colors and Brands

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  1. Some people have criticized the Revell Fs for their smooth interior but early B-17 F's had insulation in the nose compartment at least so this is actually fairly accurate. The kit features plenty of raised panel lines that have come under fire from model purists in the past however the real airplane was rife with overlapping panels and raised.
  2. B-17G Rear Interior Color Detail Set Photo-etch detailing set . Other products to consider: (15) B-17F Bomb Bay Details Eduard $34.95 $25.19. B-17g Bomb Bay Eduard $34.95 $25.19. B-17G Front Interior Color Self Adhesive Detail Set Eduard $29.95 $21.59. Don't forget building supplies! Paints
  3. In this post, I'll list the best B-17 model kits, categorized by brand. While I personally think that Revell offers the highest quality B-17 models, it's a matter of personal preference, and you should go with the brand/kit that makes sense for YOU
  4. The RGB values for Kilz B17 Peanut Brittle are 228, 176, 107 and the HEX code is #E4B06B. The LRV for Kilz B17 Peanut Brittle is 48.57. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint
  5. Browse 477 b 24 liberator stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Consolidated B-24J Librator named 'Golden Girl - Schlitz' banking. The The B-17 Flying Fortress Nine O Nine, on display as plane enthusiast flock to Centennial Airport to get a view of some rare airplanes July 12,..
  6. Note: The B-17G Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby has been moved to the museum's restoration area where it will be placed in storage until it is transferred to the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum. The Flying Fortress is one of the most famous airplanes ever built. The B-17 prototype first flew on July 28, 1935. Although few B-17s were in service on Dec. 7, 1941, production quickly accelerated.

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Much of the interior of the Memphis Belle was left bare metal when it left the Boeing plant - and throughout the time it was in combat. Some interior components are a darker green referred to as Boeing green. For many years after the war the aircraft was painted with a mid-green interior for preservation protection purposes I have a (fairly simple) VSTO Excel project that is just about complete. It imports 2 tab-delimited text files into 2 worksheets and creates a few formulas in other cells. The last tasks I need to perform are conditional formatting and turning on filtering. I have done these tasks with macros · I'm using excel.Extentions here to get the range. and. Florida Memory is funded under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Florida's LSTA program is administered by the Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services.. For FY2020-21, the percentage of total costs for the Florida Memory program financed with federal money is 66%; the federal dollar amount to.

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Detailed specs and features for the Used 2015 Nissan Sentra including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more Color. B-24 interior photos. Search photo: You are interested in: B-24 interior photos. (Here are selected photos on this topic, but full relevance is not guaranteed.) B-17 interior photos (B-17 interior photos). D-70 interior photography (D-70 interior photography) See the used 2019 Lexus ES 350 priced at $34,789. The ES 350 with a VIN of 58ABZ1B17KU014729 is located in Grand Prairie, TX, has 29,388 miles, is Atomic Silver with a 3.5L V6 24V PDI DOHC engine and Automatic transmission

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  1. Interior Wood Finish. Yes. Standard Package. Ironwood Interior Decor. Canadian Standards. White / Gray Exterior Color. LT Deluxe Package. Spare Tire and Carrier. 2021 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern LT Brochure
  2. Introduction. This is a 1/72 scale Boeing B-17G from Academy. The subject I chose was a plane that served in Luftwaffe's secret unit, KG200. Among ordinary German aircraft, this unit operated many different type of captured allied planes such as P-51 Mustangs, P-38 Lightnings, P-47 T-Bolts, etc. and some B-17s as well
  3. I spent a couple of weeks looking at what interior greens were available and decided to just bite the bullet and dive right in with the colors I had on hand. If I spent so much time worrying about getting it 100% perfect it would never get finished. HK Models 1/32 B-17 Build
  4. IPMS Color Cross-Reference Guide by David H. Klaus Meteor Productions Inc., 1992 Oberflächenschutzverfahren und Anstrichstoffe der deutschen Luftfahrtindustrie und Luftwaffe 1935 - 1945 by Michael Ullmann Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 2000, ISBN 3-7637-6201-9 Federal Standard 595b Colors Fan Deck (July 1994), 7690-01-162-221
  5. Here, the interior of the Sentimental Journey. Aviation geeks, others love to fly aboard a B-17 B-17, P-51, and B-24 planes regularly fly to airports around the country for air shows, tours or.
  6. Our RLM colors for the Luftwaffe, for example, were matched from the color chips provided in the Monogram Publication The Official Monogram Painting Guide to German Aircraft 1935-1945, while our USA camouflage colors were match from an official set of metal plates, circa 1943 as well as documented Federal Standard colors
World War Two Bomber Aircraft Interior EditorialB17 Bomber Interior And Cockpit - YouTubeLancaster bomber interior 2010 photosInterior of B-17 Ball Turret | The ball turret hangs belowAir-and-SpaceInterior Colours of US Aircraft, 1941-45, Part II – IPMS

The B-17 Flyting Fortress - 381st Bomb Group, Ridgewell England Station 167. The B-17 Flying Fortress was designed, developed, and built by the Boeing Aircraft Corporation of Seattle, Washington in the late 1930s and early 1940s for the U.S. Army to be used in strategic heavy bombardment combat missions against enemy military targets during WWII American women working in the interior of the tail section of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant, Long Beach, California, United States, Oct 1942: Female employee of Douglas Aircraft Company working on the nose of a B-17F bomber, Long Beach, California, United States, Oct 194 Repair with confidence: Dupli-Color is the only brand with colors tested and approved by vehicle manufacturers for a perfect match to your original factory finish. learn more Keep late-model, domestic and import cars, trucks, vans and SUV's looking new longer with Dupli-Color® Scratch Fix 2in1™ Premium Touch-Up Paint Interior set for ACA Nationality: USA Producer: CMK Out of stock. 29.80 EU Today: B-17 E/F Flying Fortress Build Guide Pt VI - Those Brassin Engines & Props Before I express my feeling about the final choice of either kit or resin replacement engines that I ended up using on this kit let me quickly show you how I painted the most important parts attached to them - the propellers The HKM B-17 has this excellent feature that the wings and horizontal stabilator, can be removed, a must for me! Additionally, I made the props, tail cone, nose glass, gun barrels, antennas and gun turrets also removable for transport. It takes few hours to re-assemble the scene. Once all elements are in place, the last bit to be added is the B-17