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Question: Q: My iphone 5 wont turn on after battery replacement So i ordered a battery on amazon and to replace my old one since it ran out of juice. The replacement was a success Press and hold down the side button until the screen is completely black. Once the screen is black, simultaneously press both the side and volume down buttons for five seconds. Let go of the side button while still holding onto the volume down button until iTunes or Finder detects your iPhone. Follow the on-screen prompts to restore your iPhone Hey guys, I replaced my iphone 5 s battery a week ago, and had no issues. However, yesterday the entire touchscreen stopped working. The display is okay, I can turn it on and see everything, the only thing not working is the touchscreen Hold down the side button on the right side of the device until the screen goes black. As soon as the screen goes black, press and hold the volume down button while continuing to press down on the side button See how you can fix the black screen won't turn on for iPhone 6S after battery replacement.So you have decided to replace the battery yourself because of tha..

I had this problem too after an iPhone 6S Plus screen replacement. I always test before I finish assembly and the digitizer was not working. I was holding the screen and the case so they weren't touching. It turns out that the screen shield needs to be in contact with the case for it to work Find the app on your iPhone's Home screen. The Home screen is what you see below in the screenshot below. Press and hold on the app icon until a menu appears. Tap Remove App. Tap Delete App. Tap Delete. If your iPhone touch screen is not working after you've reinstalled the app, send a message to the app developer

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The one fix (without buying a new iPhone) has been to replace the battery with a new one, which can be done by Apple for $30, but it's also not terribly difficult to do it yourself. However, if you're having issues after having replaced the battery on your iPhone, there are a few things you can do to fix it, including performing a hard. my iPhone 5 screen broke them replaced by cell phone repair guy.. later I found out it wasn't gorilla glass like they said and returned screen.. I just now got back from another repair shop and phone won't work...he said there's no power..-front camera and proximity sensor are brand new-battery is brand new..-charge port is brand ne The fix solution is that you restart your iPhone again and the touch ID function can back to work. 2. Touch ID can't be recognized and back function failed. Also some people would encounter this situation, after replacing the screen replacement, not only the touch ID failed but also you can't go back to your menu by pressing the home button. http://www.thecomputerroomnottingham.co.uk - 0115 972 1120 Serving Nottingham Derby and Leicester with computer service for pc and mac.This is showing an iPh.. Reason: T he first thing you should do is check the connection between the flex cables and the logic board. If the connectors are obstructed by dust or debris, try to clear them away with a brush and rubbing alcohol. If the connectors are damaged or the flex ribbon is bent over 90°, well, a replacement is needed

Many replacement screens have a defective home button interconnect cable. When the home button works with the original screen but not the replacement screen, it is a bad screen and you need to.. I show how to fix Touch ID not working errors on an iPhone after you replace the screen. You need to salvage the old home button and install it into the new. See how you can fix the black screen after an LCD replacement on the iPhone. The screen may just stay black or the phone does not turn on at all

Part 5: Restore to fix iPhone touch screen not working issue. This is an alternative means of achieving the same result as the previous solution. By Restoring your iPhone you might fix iPhone touch screen not working issue. However, you would also suffer from data loss as the device would return to its original manufacturer settings Having only a screen to interact with your iPhone, it could be quite frustrating if the iPhone touch screen not working or not responding. When this happens, most users rush to the nearest Apple Store only to find that the problem was not as frightening as it looked like If your ear piece assembly is broken and you need to order a new one, order one via amazon:iPhone 6 Ear Piece: http://amzn.to/2ididMZiPhone 6 Plus Ear Piece:..

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Hi all my phone is i phone 7 , my phone is 1 year and 4 months old so my battery discharge faster, so I order the battery in online and use YouTube to replace by myself. as of my knowledge, I never touch the home button area . but still when I test with new battery, I have the same issue (Unable to active touch ID) With the 6s, however, I always disconnect the battery before disconnecting anything else, and connect it at the very end after everything else is connected. One time the Touch ID failed after a screen replacement, but it worked again when the sensor was connected back to the old broken screen. However, it didn't work even when connected to. After a few minutes, you should see the charging screen. If you don't see the charging screen within an hour, or you see the connect to power screen, check the jack, USB cable, and power adapter. Make sure that everything is plugged in firmly, free of debris, and not damaged How to update your iPhone to iOS 11.3.1. Those whose iPhone has stopped working should reach out to the third-party repair shop (or, if you DIYed your repair, your parts supplier); any reputable shop should provide you a replacement repair or part free of charge to update your iPhone to a compatible display

iPhone 6 camera stopped working after battery replacement. So, I was having issues with my battery. My battery randomly shut off at 75% multiple times per day. I finally took it to a repair store to have the battery replaced. Before the battery was replaced everything worked perfectly outside of the battery But instead of casting off the phone and getting buyer's remorse, I decided to buy a replacement battery and tools from iFixit to have a go at replacing the battery myself. After an hour of work. 5. Fix iPhone Battery Percentage Jumping - Replace Battery. If your iPhone battery is going to die or the battery hardware is damaged, the above soft settings will not work to fix the issue that percentage jumps or drops. The only solution to fix it is to replace the battery Screen and battery replacements are two of the most common smartphone repairs and Apple is targeting both. Thus far, the company has only announced this 'feature' for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11. Update: There are new replacement home buttons available for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus that restore home button functionality to these devices.They work by converting the current non-mechanical home button into a mechanical, clickable button. While they will restore the home button functionality, they will not restore Touch ID

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  1. Question: Q: Iphone won't work after battery replacement. I recently had to replace my battery on my iPhone 6. Now, it's like, the phone will boot up with the Apple logo on the screen, then it blacks out for a few seconds, then eventually shuts down totally. I tried charging it all day to see if it was a dead battery, but that didn't work.
  2. I go back to the kiosk in the mall that replaced my battery. They tell me they don't warranty their work past five days, and they could replace the battery again for $40, if I want. Great. Now I've broken even, but at least I have that great Red Lobster dinner memory! A few weeks later, the screen flashes red, and the iPhone locks up
  3. How to fix it iPhone battery draining so fast after upgrade iPhone to iOS 13/14? Read this post and find all the answers. 7 Easy Solutions to Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working. When your iPhone Home button is not working or responding, you should seize the 7 solutions here to fix it and get rid of the unresponsive Home button on iPhone, etc
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Two weeks ago, I went to an Apple Store and had a new battery put in my iPhone 6S. The very next day, I realized how unusable my old battery had been making my phone Here's the Real Reason Apple Doesn't Want You to Replace the Battery in Your iPhone on Your Own Apple is warning customers not to use unauthorized battery-replacement services, and some right to. iPhone 6 camera stopped working after battery replacement. So, I was having issues with my battery. My battery randomly shut off at 75% multiple times per day. I finally took it to a repair store to have the battery replaced. Before the battery was replaced everything worked perfectly outside of the battery

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But the battery on your iPhone or iPad uses lithium-ion, and calibrating it is not a good idea. When we talk about calibrating a battery, we mean charging it all the way to 100% then draining it down to zero. The idea is that doing this teaches your iPhone, iPad, or iPod how much power the battery can hold, allowing your device to make the most. 1.1 Power off the phone and tear down the original display screen. 1.2 Replace the face ID module from the original display to the new iPhone display. 1.3 Place the new iPhone display on the table, with the touch module on the upside. 1.4 Use the special machine to grind the module and clear the module after it is completed In a new support page, the tech giant said iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users will see an Important Display Message if they replace their screens with an aftermarket component.The message will say Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display. However, the company has only announced this 'feature' for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max If the iPhone 5 has any damage, such as a cracked screen, that impairs the replacement of the battery, that issue needs to be resolved prior to the battery replacement

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  1. Battery replacement. If your battery has an issue that's covered by the Apple Limited Warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law, we'll service your iPhone at no additional cost. Our warranty doesn't cover batteries that wear down from normal use. If your battery wears down, we offer out-of-warranty battery service for a fee
  2. Reconnect the battery connector by carefully lining it up and pressing firmly with your finger. Reposition the battery shield and use your #000 screwdriver to replace the two screws. Step 8: Reconnect the display assembly. Re-attach the three cables for the display back to the board of your iPhone 5
  3. ed to be failing (it will hold a charge for about 3 hours), and the very small crack in the corner of the screen was not acceptable either. Check this outI was told that if I decided to save money and fix the 2 issues myself, that it would still not be excepted
  4. Apple's 'Service' battery message in the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max Battery Health bar following a battery replacement outside of Apple's authorized repair network is doing its job.

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  1. Step 1. Tear down the iPhone X > replace the sensor cable and ear speaker with an aftermarket part > install the screen > boot up and test the Face ID. The test result is that the Face ID can't read. We also tested the ear speaker, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor function. Our test result is that the ambient light sensor not works.
  2. Step 4: iTunes will then download the software and repair your dead iPhone. Tip 5: If All Failed, Check Hardware Problem. The last tip is all about checking away from the hardware problem. There would be somehow battery or other software damage; we would recommend readers to straightaway check and replace hardware as soon as possible. Conclusio
  3. Screen repair. You can get your cracked iPhone screen replaced at an Apple Store or one of our Apple Authorized Service Providers. All of these locations use genuine Apple parts and precision equipment to ensure that your screen works like new after it's repaired. Some locations offer same-day service. Make an appointment or request service

Force Restart iPhone 7/7 Plus. Step 1: Find the Power button on the right side of your iPhone, press and hold it. Step 2: At the same time, press and keep holding the Volume Down switch until the Apple logo appears on the screen Relevant component here refers to a fingerprint sensor, or Home Button. The previous instance of dropping or exposure to liquid could be the most possible way to damage the fingerprint sensor. iPhone fingerprint not working after replacing screen or battery is another common reason why your fingerprints failed to activate If after cleaning your iPhone and resetting all settings you find that your iPhone's microphone still isn't working, it's time to bring your iPhone in for repair. Be sure to check out my article on the best places to get your iPhone repaired for inspiration

My iPhone 6s has suddenly got streaky ghost lines down the screen, it looks like they come from the clock and battery indicators at the top but as I scroll the screen, the ghosting gets worse until I can hardly see anything. I have not dropped, abused or got my phone wet in any way. It has just suddenly started doing this. It has never done it. Fixing your own iPhone isn't impossible and in most cases, can save you quite a bit of money. Whether you've busted your screen or have something stuck in a dock connector or headphone jack, we can help you fix it. Most of us have either had a hardware problem with our own iPhone or have known someone who has. While taking your iPhone to the Apple Store for a repair or replacement is.. 4. Click Restore iPhone to download firmware on the device. Let the process finish on its own. Using iTunes to restore your iPhone from DFU mode is usually the last way you can try yourself to exit the iPhone Apple logo loop. If that doesn't work for you, it's time to check hardware issues. Option 5: Replace the Battery or USB Cabl Solution 8. Apps in your face. It does vary a little if you are using an older version of iOS, but a double click on the 'Home' button, will allow you to swipe up and close any apps which might be running and causing the iPhone to overheat. The processor (CPU) of your computer (iPhone) is being asked to work hard Screen repair. You can get your cracked iPhone screen replaced at an Apple Store or one of our Apple Authorised Service Providers. All of these locations use genuine Apple parts and precision equipment to ensure that your screen works like new after it's repaired. Some locations offer same-day service. Make an appointment or request service

Consumers Report had looked at some popular DIY iPhone screen repair kits and found the process to be cumbersome and error-prone. PRO-TIP: If your iPhone Home button started having issues after a battery replacement, it is very likely that the home button contacts (there are two gold contacts that are shorted) were not positioned correctly Battery life, performance etc., are some of the common issues that most of the Smartphone users keep on facing constantly. But some of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus users have complained about a very uncommon issue and that is the battery percentage indicator that is stuck in the status bar, it is not updating at all or the battery percentage is jumping down dramatically after no change for. Battery replacement. If your battery has an issue that's covered by the Apple Limited Warranty, AppleCare+ or consumer law, we'll service your iPhone at no additional cost. Our warranty doesn't cover batteries that wear down from normal use. If your battery wears down, we offer out-of-warranty battery service for a fee

Possible Causes for Your iPhone Power Button Not Working. Whether you're dealing with an iPhone 8 button stuck or a iPhone 11 power button not working, it's can frustrating situation. But don't fret- it's often possible to fix a broken iPhone Power button with just a few simple steps. First, it's important to determine the cause of. iPhone 7 Touch Screen Problem: Solved! Your iPhone 7 touch screen is working again, or you know your most convenient repair option if it has come to that. Now you know exactly what to do next time your iPhone 7 touch screen is not working. Thanks for taking the time to read this article I went to the Apple Store and they could not fix it since I have an iPhone 5. They tried new software but that did not work. They told me I could buy a new iPhone but I An so glad I didn't. Tried gently pushing it first but I only saw some purple spots. After squeezing it I heard a soft click and hip hip hooray, you just saved me money! :

The standard mode of Fixppo is enough for fixing iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s touch screen not working issue. Follow the simple steps given below after you download and install Fixppo on your computer. Step 1. Now connect your iPhone 6 or 6s to the computer. Click on Standard mode on the main page and click Next This is a simple way of accessing your phone if your home button has given up on you. Here's how to active this feature: Access Settings on the home screen. Tap Accessibility. Go to AssistiveTouch. To use this, tap the AssistiveTouch button on the screen, then tap home. If this temporary fix is no use to you, it might just be time to get the. for iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Black, LCD Display & Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Assembly Set with 3D Touch and Repair Tools. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 2,843. $20.99. $20. . 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Feb 23. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Coming back to the question as to why Touch ID may not be working on your iPhone after iOS 14 update, I would say you might have to blame sweat, liquid or even improper placement of finger. Though I won't rule out software glitch as well. Part 1: What can Cause iPhone Touch ID not working; Part 2: How to Fix Touch ID not working on iPhone If your iPhone 5s is not turn on then first recharge it. When you connect your iPhone 5s to the charger, at that time charging icon is not appearing on the screen immediately because the battery is fully drained. It turns on when the battery gains some charging. When the red filter battery icon occurs on the screen three times and then mobile.

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Also read: Top 8 Tips to Save Battery Life on iPhone 6s/6. iPhone Touch Screen Not Working. Touch screen not responsive is another bug that occurs frequently on iPhone, especially for those who have installed the latest iOS. It happens when the physical part of iPhone's display that processes touch stops working AppleCare+ extends the standard warranty to two total years of coverage and repairs for two incidents of damage. Each repair has a fee attached to it ($29 for screen repairs, $99 for any other repairs), but that's still cheaper than most repairs without extra coverage. AppleCare+ for the iPhone costs $99-$129, depending on your iPhone model (it. Way 1: Fix Back Camera and Flashlight Not Working by Force Quit Camera. If iOS 14 flashlight not working on iPhone or iPad, the easiest trick is to force close the app and relaunch it later. Double press the Home button and end process for Camera. If iPhone camera and flashlight still not working on your device, try next solution as well

SNIDII Battery for iPhone SE Only, New 2010mAh High Capacity Li-ion Polymer Battery Replacement,with Repair Tool Kit and Instructions -Compatible Model A1662 A1723 A1724 Baterias (not 5C or 5S) Rechargeable. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 116. $14.98 iPhone 6 Touch Screen Not Working: There is nothing more irritating when your iPhone 6 touch screen not working. We use our smartphone every day, and when it gets an unresponsive screen issue, things get worse. Sometimes this also results in random numbers calling. Sometimes your device stops responding to your finger touches Broken display, front and back screen, dead battery (probably). Thing is, even a crummy LCD replacement is 20 € and up. Original OLED 80 € new, 50 € refurbed, plus the other parts. That's obviously not worth it, when a working 2nd hand phone is worth maybe 30 € However, a replacement screen itself isn't that expensive. And as luck would have it, an iPhone 5 screen replacement only takes a few minutes and is one of the easier repairs to perform, unlike it's predecessor, the iPhone 4s. VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more. How to replace an iPhone 5 broken screen This iPhone 5 battery replacement program is the second in recent history. Late last year, Apple offered a smaller, less-public replacement program for iPhone 5s units with battery life issues

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Force restart your iPhone to fix the iPhone black screen of death; Restore iPhone in iTunes; Hardware fault; Method 1: Drained battery. One of the reasons why your iPhone is stuck on black screen could be due to the drained battery. Connect your iPhone to a power adapter and then press the 'Home' button, wait for a few minutes till the icon. We offer same day in store-repair service for most Apple iPhone issues, such as screen repair, battery replacement, and charge port replacement. If you send your iPhone directly to us using our Mail-In Repair option, the turn around time is 5-7 business days. Find iPhone Screen Repair Store Near You Went back after lockdown, they said that the problem with the proximity sensor would go away after screen replacement. Apple's charge exceeded replacement cost of phone so I took it to a phone shop instead. The replacement screen has NOT fixed the proximity sensor problem (and now my phone's warranty is invalid)

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Switch off your iPhone to cool it down. Press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the Apple logo appears. 4. Low Power Mode. Switch Low Power mode off. Open Settings, click Battery and then turn off Lower Power Mode. Or you can charge up iPhone to enable flashlight on iPhone. 5. Other Reasons But Apple's decision to completely hide the useful battery health statistics when it can't validate a battery has struck some as an extreme response. The iPhone could theoretically display a. Restore your iPhone in recovery mode or DFU mode may resolve iPhone touch screen problems. This issue is one of the commons ones. We got many questions from the iPhone owners, such as how to fix iPhone 6 Plus screen not responding or how to fix iPhone screen that won't work. These two methods solved the problem for quite a few iPhone users 3. Charge your iPhone with Apple certified charger and cable. Not using original chargers of your iPhone can also cause issues. Therefore, it is always advised that you use the original certified chargers and cables to use with your iPhone. Part 2. Check Software Problems and Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Responding Broken screen. The battery is getting discharged then iPhone not turning on; You will need to replace the faulty components, and a simple reboot will not fix these problems. If everything on your iPhone hardware seems fine, a simple reboot should do the trick. Here is how to perform a force restart. Press and release the volume up button

I used the iFixit iPhone 5 battery replacement guide, which was clear and easy to follow. Mostly, I was curious about the internals—I didn't really have any hope of resuscitating the dead phone After doing that, wait for 5 minutes and restart your phone again. This may help to solve the issue. 2: Switch the Front or Rear of the Camera. This trick may help you to deal with the black screen problem without going to an iPhone repair workshop. Sometimes the users observe the front camera of the iPhone is not working well A few weeks ago I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen. I ordered the replacement screen from ebay and did the repair myself today. Everything went smoothly except now the ear speaker does not work. Everything else works fine, I just am forced to have speakerphone on when during calls Screen Replacement Program for Aluminum Models of Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 to stop using it and seek a free battery replacement. flickering or Multi-Touch issues after the iPhone. As for the battery issue, we have not encountered it, but it is not normal and would be a serious problem.) Potential solution : Your only real option here is to take your iPhone 5S into an Apple.

I'd the same problem. When my iPhone X screen frozen, I let the phone for 10-30 seconds, then I tried to using the iPhone. It was working. Initially, I always do hard reboot when my iPhone X unresponsive, but I worry that if this step is always carried out, there'll be some issues with my iPhone X's hardware or software Have you found that your iPhone keyboard not working right after updating to iOS 14/13, screen replacement, or when charging? If you have a similar problem, this article will help you out of the trouble. Generally, the iPhone keyboard not working issue includes several situations, for example, a severe lag when typing, the keyboard being frozen. So if you can't find accessories that fit or work with your iPhone, it's definitely time to move on. And if you have an iPhone with a 30-pin connector, you should have upgraded a few years ago.

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iPhone 7 home button not working after DIY battery replacement I know the general consensus is that I've ripped the ribbon cable but hear me out because when the screen is separated from the casing, and I power the phone on it will detect my existing 4 finger print scans but the button will not physically work, but when fully assembled will not. Turn your iPhone off as soon as you get it out of the water. Press and hold the Side button with the Volume Up button, then slide to power off. And once it's turned off, do not turn it back on. 2. Take your iPhone out of the case. Take your iPhone out of its case to make sure it's totally dry The phone is stuck in infinite loop because the battery is discharged just enough to boot the phone up after a short charge time; but as soon as the phone goes into the boot loop, the white boot screen discharges the battery below booting threshold and the phone shuts down again and this loop keeps going forever 5. Restore iPhone with iTunes. It's really saddening that the problem of iPhone fingerprint not working is still chasing you. But don't worry users! Here's another solution. Go for restoring iPhone with the help of Tunes. Don't be upset about how to perform the method, just scroll down and read on

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Remove the battery of the iPhone to fix the iPhone white screen of death. Sometimes removing the battery, putting it back, and booting the phone is another possible solution. The contacts on the battery and your device may develop some issues with conduction, which in turn hampers the functioning of the phone as a whole Express Replacement Service is not available under the screen replacement service fee. Same-day service availability and options may vary by region and iPhone model. For international service, Apple may repair or replace your iPhone and iPhone parts with a comparable iPhone model or parts that comply with local standards iPhone 7 Plus Repair. The iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most impressive smartphones on the market but it's not immune to issues and damage. Whether your iPhone 7 Plus has a cracked screen, a battery that won't hold a charge or will no longer work after being exposed to water, we have a service that will solve the problem As with that replacement program, Apple won't replace your battery unless your iPhone is in good working order and has an uncracked screen—if you take a broken iPhone to Apple to get the battery.

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2.2 Switch the Front or Rear Camera Feature. Another possible reason for the front camera not working on your device could be related to switching the front/rear lens. You can just launch the camera app on your iPhone and tap on the switch icon to resolve this. The switch icon is located either at the top of the screen or the bottom The screen might smash when it slips from your hand; you might drop it in the toilet (if so, take a look at How to fix a wet iPhone); or the battery might just start draining more quickly than you. After 4 days, the notification moves to the settings menu. Apple has published a new support document that says the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max will present customers with a warning if the. Consider Your Battery Health. If your phone is still charging, just very slowly, the problem might not be charging port-related. Go to settings and look at your phone's battery health. A low percentage means your battery is not as strong as it used to be. It will not hold a charge as long, and it takes longer to reach 100 percent than it used to Tip #6. iPhone Battery Replacement Program. After checking the battery usage on your iPhone, you must have taken some measures to improve your device's battery life. However, when your iPhone battery does not improve, you need to go for a battery replacement program. Visit the Apple Support page for battery and power repair, and start a.

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iPhone Camera Flash Not Working. When taking photos in dim light, you may want to turn on flashlight when shooting. However, the camera flash is either totally not working or it is on before or after the photo is taken. For users with camera flash not working problem, the following steps may be able to help you. Step 1. Test LED flash Troubleshooting 5: Restore your iPhone 6S or 6S to solve unresponsive home screen issue. If the above-mentioned methods do not work, and the screen continues to freeze up, you can try restoring your device. If you have a saved iCloud or iTunes backup, you can restore your iPhone 6S or 6S plus from backup Repair your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet or Computer Today! Fix Your Device. Get On With. Your Life. Save time and money. Partner with the best. Industry leading repair depot. We help streamline your device repairs. Repair Your Device


iPhone, iPad, iPod Hardware Repair [Archive] - GSM-Forum. iPhone 6s Plus No Power Stuck Current 1,16A Resolved [emoji3514] Ipad A1474 - freeze during dfu. iPhone X QCom After Drop No Service & Not Touch working Resolved [emoji3514] iPhone 8 Plus Problem Wifi Resolved [emoji3514] iPhone X Intel No Camera [emoji328] Read & Front Resolved. Diykitpl for iPhone SE 2020 2nd Generation Screen Replacement Black, Full Assembly LCD Touch Digitizer with Repair Tools for A2275, A2298, A2296.with Waterproof Seal+Repair Tools+Screen Protector. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 48. $29.99. $29. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jun 9. FREE Shipping by Amazon After that, set your iPhone as a new device and charge your iPhone again. Method 6: Repair Operating System with Tenorshare ReiBoot (No Data Wipe) If restore in iTunes still can't fix your iPhone 7 won't charge, you can try repair operating system, which will solve all the software issues on your iPhone 7/7 Plus and give it a fresh start