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Measure this distance, center-to-center, for a neutral riding position, this is your sit bone width. If your sit bones are between 70 & 100mm, you should ride a 130mm saddle, unless you ride in an upright, comfort position. Then you should ride a 143 For example, if your sit bones measured 130mm, you add 20mm and voila, a 150mm saddle width will fit perfectly! It's interesting to note that the Road Bike Bro measured 110mm, added 20mm, but choose a 145mm width saddle which in his words, provides more support and I find it more comfortable A good saddle should support your sit bones effectively. a saddle with a flat profile and wide, flat nose might be best. If you sit a bit more upright on your bike and don't move around too. The Diablo, at 150mm wide is our narrowest saddle, the new Independence at 160mm wide is in the middle and the Pearl at 170mm wide is our widest saddle. This should help provide a rough guesstimate to determine which saddle might best suit you. But sit bone measurement is not the only aspect to consider How to Choose the Right Saddle 5 Easy Steps to Prevent Saddle Discomfort. NEWS FLASH: You do not have to be uncomfortable riding your bike! Many women think that saddle pain is just an unfortunate side effect of cycling. This couldn't be farther from the truth. For sit bone pain and any women's bike seat pain, there is a solution

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  1. When you sit on your bike, your sit bones support your entire body's weight. Therefore, sit bones can withstand a very good amount of pressure & weight. For a typical cycling position, the main areas that lie on the saddle are the pubic arch for women and the perineal area for men. The sitting area is exposed all the way from the top part of.
  2. Evo is a long-nosed saddle, suited to riders who like to move around on the bike, sitting on the nose during efforts and placing their weight back on the climbs. The cut-out is long and..
  3. 2. The width of your sit bones. The width of a saddle should closely correlate to the width of your sit bones. Without proper support, you risk damaging soft tissue and causing long-term saddle soreness. You'll be able to tell if you're sitting on your sit bones immediately. First, you should measure your sit bone width

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To get the right saddle you need to first measure the width between your sit bones, but there's much more to it. Measuring your sit bones for a new saddle is never accurate, however it can point you in the right direction. The best way to get the right saddle is visiting your local bike shop and try before you buy Women's-specific road saddles are designed to support the main pressure points of the sit bones, dissipating the pressure over a wide area, but alleviating the pressure on the soft tissue of the. Bike saddle pains in sit bones can be caused by picking the wrong saddle or not adjusting it properly for your weight. Saddles are specially created for women and men. Also, wrongly adjusted saddle may be the cause of severe pain in the bum. Make sure you check it once more before zooming off. Pickin But sit bone pain can be caused by more than picking the wrong bicycle saddles. This pain can also be caused by: Long periods of exercise/activity for the legs. Direct injury to sitting bones (e.g., stress fracture of the ischial tuberosity, hamstring bruising) Overstretching of muscles surrounding the sits bones (usually accidental

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People with wide sit bones will tend to sit quite far back on narrow saddles. Conversely, a wide saddle will tend to shove you forwards. Using the criteria discussed in Saddle Fore-aft to define a suitable longitudinal position, if the saddle rails are not long enough to get the saddle far enough back, then it is likely that either the saddle. Now you know the method how to measure your sit bones at home. It will help you to narrow the saddle choice, and it will be easier to find your comfortable saddle. Leave your comments below and don't forget to share this article. Thank you. Enjoy cycling, and I will see you next time! Save Save. Save Save. Save Save. Save Sav A saddle should fit like a pair of shoes! If a saddle is too narrow, it will increase pressure exactly in spots where it shouldn't. Back in 2002, SQlab was the first saddle manufacturer to introduce a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and to calculate the optimal saddle width Another question from a subscriber answered here...does sit bone width determine your saddle selection. While this is an okay place to start it's far from a. • Low Saddle: If your saddle is low, you will try to get more leg extension by pushing further back on the saddle. This puts more weight on your sit bones. • Reach to the Handlebars Too Long: If you have to reach too far to the bars the tendency for some riders is to lock their arms and push way back on the saddle

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Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Comfortable Bicycle Saddle for Men and Women - Universal Replacement Seats w/Wide Padded Comfort, Shock Absorbing Springs, Mounting Tools & Waterproof Rain Cover 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,67 Individuals that have wide sit bones typically sit way far back when paired with a narrow saddle. On the other hand, a person with narrow sit bones will feel pushed forwards in a wide saddle. If the saddle's rails are not equipped to allow the saddle to move far back enough, then the saddle is probably too wide for you, or you could have an. >>> Best mountain bike saddles. Statistically, most women have wider sit bones than most men - so the rear of the saddle usually needs to be wider. This saddle has a wide rear and rounded. Sit Bone Width Bontrager Inform Sit Bone Tool. Image: BikeRumor.com. Everybody has a natural variation in sit bone width. In my experience, you want to measure your sit bone width and add about 20mm to get a suitable saddle width. If your saddle is too wide for your pelvis you'll experience excessive rubbing The best way to find the right size saddle is to get a professional fit. The PL 1.0 is a noseless saddle with a wide back and independent front arms that puts all your weight on your sit bones.

sit beim führenden Marktplatz für Gebrauchtmaschinen kaufen. Nr. 1: Mehr als 7 Millionen monatliche Besucher und 8.100 Verkäufer vertrauen uns bereit All Terry saddles are designed with the following in mind: - Wide rear with enough bearing surface for both sit bones; flat rear that won't cause pressure between sit bones. - Narrowing as much as possible through the mid section to avoid chafing. - Contoured shaping of foam in areas that come in contact with soft tissues

The saddle measures 170 mm wide. My Ideale 90 is ~115 mm inside the horseshoe iron (alloy) where my. sit bone impressions are still ~ 93 mm apart. Its width is 150 mm. The Brooks Team Pro is ~145 mm inside the iron, 160 mm OA. -- Prologo Kappa Dea2 — £69.99(link is external) The Kappa Dea2 is women-specific saddle with a comfy cutout. If it suits your sit bones it's a very good all-rounder. Prologo lists the Kappa Dea2 saddle under 'Enthusiast'; it's narrower and with less padding than a 'comfort' saddle aimed at more casual cyclists A saddle should be wide enough to accommodate the spacing between your two sit bones. Women's saddles are generally wider than men's to accommodate their wider-spaced sit bones. Heavy riders may need a slightly wider saddle than average-weight cyclists to comfortably support a larger backside The chameleon being flat and wide supported my weight on my sit bones. The lack of thick padding and suspension style design of the saddle did the trick. The Kurve series suspends the saddle on the frame like a hammock. My saddle is only about 8mm thick total. It's two layers of carbon sandwiching a layer of flexible kevlar with minimal padding The sit bones should be on the saddle, not on its sides. From the Specialized website: If your sit bones measure out between 130mm and 160mm, and you ride a very Aerodynamic, racing or triathlon position, you should ride a 143mm saddle

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  1. Buying a saddle from a shop that is set up to measure your sit bones and advise on what is best for you is the only advice I'd give. Probably still going to hurt for a while even with your ideal saddle though
  2. Where those sit bones connect with your saddle makes the biggest impact in saddle comfort. Too wide or too narrow for your sit bones and the end result is pain and chafing. Sky King has a wider hip measurement than the Bike Hermit but he has a wider sit bone measurement. Each saddle has cheeks on the wide back part
  3. Sit Bone Width Bontrager Inform Sit Bone Tool. Image: BikeRumor.com. Everybody has a natural variation in sit bone width. In my experience, you want to measure your sit bone width and add about 20mm to get a suitable saddle width. If your saddle is too wide for your pelvis you'll experience excessive rubbing
  4. How wide is wide enough? Remember the idea is to support the sit bones. One rule of thumb is that the saddle's seating surface should be equal or greater than the center-to-center spacing between your sit bones, plus about 1 centimeter on each side. Saddle width >= sit bone spacing + 2cm. You can measure your sit bone spacing in several ways

Get a saddle that fits. The width between sitz bones varies from individual to individual. According to Andy Pruitt and the experts at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the most important factor is selecting a saddle of the right width for your butt. Many shops have a special device you sit on to measure this distance Pro also offer the Turnix in two different widths to broaden the saddle's appeal, although be aware that we measured the 142mm model as being closer to 138mm. Worth knowing if you have a reasonably wide sit-bone measurement. Read our full test review of PRO Turnix Offroad saddle The Brooks England B17 is the bike saddle to buy, for thigh rubbing reduction. This saddle gives you a wide enough space for your two sit bones. It allows for natural stretching and flexing for smooth motions. And it has a great vibration and shock absorber. Check Price and Reviews on Amazon. Planet Bike A.R.S. Spring Bike Sea It's possible to measure your sit bones' width to find the best fit for you. We highly recommend this for anyone who plans to spend considerable time in the saddle. Many high-end seats like the Fabric Scoop and 611 Ergowave Active are available in multiple widths or shapes to suit different body types and riding positions Try them out until you feel that your sit bones are resting against a cloud. Get the right saddle: This is the most important tip. Get the right type of saddle for the kind of cycling you do. Moreover, get a saddle that is the right size for your sit bones. Adjust the saddle position: Make sure that the saddle position on your bike is correct.

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  1. d that women have wider sit bones than men and bike companies carry women's saddles. Most bikes come with a men's saddle. A woman riding a men's saddle can have a lot of discomfort! When I worked in bike shops, a lot of ladies didn't realize they'd needed a better saddle
  2. Many women do get on just fine with men's saddles, just as many women happily ride men's bikes, but generally women have wider sit bones so there's a choice of suitable wider saddles to suit. That said, looking at some saddle ranges, there's still a much smaller choice for women than men, something which needs addressing
  3. d that saddles are sold in various widths. The width of your saddle depends on the distance between your sit bones

A saddle is no different, and as the place where the most contact is made between rider and bike, it's among the most critical parts. I got a bike fit back in 2018 and after being measured in every way imaginable, I found out that I have wide sit bones. Sit bones support the body's weight and are the main point of contact between the rider. The best way to know whether you need a wide, extra wide, or oversized saddle is to measure the distance between your sit bones. Then add between zero to four centimeters, depending on your regular biking posture or sitting position (plus 4cm for upright; plus 3cm for slightly bent forward; plus 2cm for moderate; plus 1cm for stretched; and 0. A female friendly saddle is a saddle that: 1) Has a seat which supports the female pelvis and gives a base to the points of the pelvis or seat bones (ischial tuberosities. The seat of the saddle meets/joins the seat bones and is firmly underneath them. In narrow twist saddles the female is sitting more on her crotch than her pelvis

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We must stress that TT saddles, like all saddles, are very personal. A good bike fit often includes saddle fitting and could flag up an unsuitable seat, while there are specialist bike shops that can offer sit-bone measurements to find a saddle with the correct width for your behind Picture 8 Sit bone width plus how much depending on the sitting (riding) position Source: www.sq-lab.com. Picture 8 shows a simple guide: how many cm to add to the measured sit bone width in order to get an optimal saddle width.. For example, if a road bike is used, with very leaned forward position (like in the 2nd drawing from the left in picture 8), and if measured sit bone width is 125 mm. #4 Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow Road Bike Saddle. The Tekno sits at the top end of the road bike seat spectrum and is designed for low, aerodynamic racing in the drops. A wide cut out through almost the length of the saddle. A synthetic cover complements the carbon base and carbo-keramic oval rails (make sure your seat post clamps are compatible) to make this a seriously lightweight option If you have wider sit bones, then logically a wider saddle is more likely to be comfortable. Women tend to have wider sit bones, but this does not necessarily mean that a wider, women's specific saddle will be the best choice. There are many female riders that use unisex or male saddles This saddle felt better and I was able to do a longer ride (~25 miles) with no sit bone wedge torture. However, I still was not very comfortable as my sit bones felt very uncomfortable with how hard the saddle was and I was also starting to get some discomfort, pain and occasional numbness more anteriorly into the soft tissues

According to cycling blogger Sheldon Brown, most sit bone pain occurs due to narrow bike saddles. If your bike seat measures too wide, meanwhile, your inner thighs and legs can chafe on the outsides of the seat, especially when you pedal quickly. You also may have sit bone pain from a seat that is too wide, especially if it contains too much. This post will explain how to measure one's sit bone width (at home). Sit bone width is important when choosing an optimal saddle width (so it is neither too narrow, nor too wide). Contents: Tools needed; Measuring procedure; Bicycle saddle model recommendations; 1. Tools needed. Tools needed to measure sit bone width at home are relatively. My sit bones are just over 100mm, and the 132mm wide Syncros saddle on my Scott was too narrow. I could feel my sit bones weren't on it properly and got pain and numbness in the perineum. I changed the saddle to a 142mm Fizik Antares and the pain has gone If you've got wider sit bones, you'll get on better with a saddle that's wider at the rear, whilst those with narrower sit bones will want a narrower width. Sit bone width has nothing to do with the size of your jeans, but most bike fitting experts will have a tool that can measure your bone structure

Saddle width. The best place for your weight to be is on your 'sit bones' - two boney lumps where your hamstrings attach. a narrow pelvis and a wide seat would mean that your legs rub. Mark the centers of both spots (sit bones). Measure the distance between them in cm/mm (or inches and convert later). Add 20mm (some say 30mm) and that is your optimal seat size. The real sticking point on width is how domed the sit bone area of the saddle is The distance between your sit bones has nothing to do with how wide your ass is. I'm sure there's plenty of ladies with junk in the trunk with wide sit bones, but this is not always the case. A too-wide saddle is just as uncomfy as a too-narrow one. That's quite right. However, wider saddles to provide a better ride for a different style of rode

The Cloud-9 Comfort Gel Saddles is a bike seat for women that comes with multi-stage memory foam and distributes the weight of your body evenly for a more comfy bike riding experience. This bike seat will give you the best bike riding experience you will ever have and will help you to avoid any discomfort while cycling How to Measure Your Sit Bones Now in the comfort of your own home. VIEW OUR VIDEO TUTORIAL AND MEASURE YOURSELF NOW Step One Gather supplies. You will need one 10 by 12 piece of cardboard (softer density cardboard will provide the best impression). You will need a hard surface to sit on that is approximately 16 wide The width of a saddle is quite crucial to the rider's comfort, and should be related to the space between the rider's sit bones. If the saddle is too narrow, the sit bones will hang over the sides, and the soft tissues will bear the load. If the saddle is too wide, it is likely to cause chafing of the inner thigh, especially in hot weather First, sit bone width is a decent place to start when trying to find a new saddle (that is, for finding a comfortable rear width of the saddle). Keep in mind that not all saddles are created equal in terms of where that max width occurs, so I suggest adding a couple centimeters of width to your sit bone measurement - just to be sure you have.

7. My sit bones were measured to be exactly 134.7mm wide. Do you make a seat to match my sit bones? The topic of sit bone width in cycling is rising in popularity. We do not use sit bone width to determine which saddle you should choose. Traditional bike seats are often very wide in the rear A Cloud of Comfortable: Give your sit bones some support with these memory foam bike seats as you pedal off to the finish line Universal Fit: The bike seat cushion for men, comfort assured, has a universal saddle mount that works for your mountain bike, road bike, & mor Like all Daway best hybrid bike saddles, the C99 is highly durable and is a professional quality bike seat. It is perfectly designed to protect the sit bones whether you are riding a fast road bike or a rugged-terrain mountain bike. Features. The Daway C99 is designed for enhanced comfort and a pain-free ride BEST FOR: HARDTAIL, SINGLE-SPEED AND BIKEPACKING RIDERS, WHO WANT A LOW PROFILE, TRADITIONAL SADDLE IN A LOW PROFILE, EASY TO CLEAN, AND DURABLE MODEL. PROS: Brooks Cambium line has a variety of options, widths, and colors, look for the C13, C15, C17, C19 with or without the carved cutout for perineal pressure 'Narrow' sit bone width would be 100mm or less, medium 100-130mm, wide over 130mm. A saddle's width is measured from edge to edge across the top, and Specialized recommends a 130mm saddle width for narrow, 143mm for medium and 155mm for wide

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When you sit in a saddle, you should be sitting on your seat bones, and nothing else. Your crotch or tailbone should not be pressing down on the saddle. If they are, riding will be extraordinarily painful for you. Imagine this woman sitting in a saddle. Then imagine sitting trot. Ouch! (Men tend to have the opposite problem Ischial Bone Study (sit bone width): Selle found a wide variation of sit bone widths from their 240 participants and subsequently created 3 saddle widths based on the averages in the study. The width was measured at the 90 degree spine angle and they created another device (seen above with the teal gel pad) to assign a saddle based on sit bone.

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fabricScoop Elite Radius Saddle. $59.73. Compared to. $80.00. You save 25%. (16) 16 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Add Scoop Elite Radius Saddle to If your sit bones are too wide or narrow for a certain seat, you won't benefit from any of its features because it doesn't fit you correctly. If you have a saddle you've been riding, you can usually see the slight indentations or marks formed right where your sit bones rest, and this gives you a gauge in selecting a new saddle to make sure it's. You can't change the width of a saddle after the fact so make sure you have an understanding of the width of your sit bones and choose a saddle to match. Once you've got the saddle, make sure it's. Based on the criteria you provided we believe these are the best PRO saddles for your unique anatomy and riding style. If you know your sit bone width you can click though to your nearest PRO dealer and purchase your perfect PRO saddle, secure in the knowledge that it was designed with Evolved Ergonomics and this selection process was driven by. Please enter a value between 58 and 140 cm. Calculate the sit bone width based on your body dimensions. The calculation of the virtual sit bone width is based on a scientific study. It is an approximate value, which can diverge from the actual measurable value. Accurate results can be provided by the Ergon 3D-Sitbone-Measurement which can be.

Sit bones are, or at least should be, key pressure points so a saddle that is too narrow may not offer the right support and one that is too wide can interfere with efficient leg movement Get up and measure the distance between the deepest parts of the indentations made by your sit bones. You want a saddle at least as wide as that. If you asked me what the best saddle is for. Yep. I like wider and flatter side to side. If it's narrow and/or curved side-to-side it can press up on your parts in the middle. N.G. I shift back and forth along the saddle during a ride, sometime sitting with my sit bones on top of the widest part and sometimes a bit more forward to the which puts the weight a bit toward the inside of my sit bones Trail saddles for women should have a finished seat that has wide enough support for her pelvis. Also, saddles for women should have a seat that is slightly shifted forwards as a women's seat bones usually contact the seat of a saddle slightly farther forward than a man's which also affects where we start to sculpt out the seat for the.

Grab a seat and try to measure the distance between the center of each of the seat's rear pads, and find one that best matches your sit-bone width. Because different manufacturers make rear pads of different sizes, the center points might not seem obvious (which makes this method less scientific than we might like) The saddle's center-to-center should match the center to center measurement of your sit bones. It's that easy! To measure the width of your sit bones, take a gallon size Zip-lock bag and fill it with enough flour for about a two inch flour cushion when the bag is lying on a flat surface And the wide Aubisque is for an upright riding position, which has you sit mostly on your sitbones, with little pressure on your soft tissues. All Berthoud saddles - except, once again, the Galibier and the Aubisque - can be equipped with a KlickFix attachment to mount saddlebags, whether Berthoud's or those from other manufacturers

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If a saddle is right for your body, its rear will support your sit bones (the ischial tuberosities - those two protrusions that bug you when you sit on a hard bench). These bones will form dents in certain types of seats ← best-bike-saddle-for-wide-sit-bones-5dd1f50f39252. You might also like. Best buy: Magnetless sensor and sensor do strava Where to buy ? May 24, 2021 Alleviating discomfort long distance or preventing soreness saddle | Fall Sale. May 24, 2021 Port dickson triathlon 2020 | Register Online The WTB Fit Right System uses a simple method to determine personalized saddle fit. Based on your individual biometrics and riding position, we calculate your sit bone measurement and match it to our complete range of saddles. Find your fit . STEP 1: MEASURE YOUR WRIST. Wait, what? Yep, we need your wrist measurement

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The right bike saddle size should fit your sit bones and offer support when riding your bike. It should also not be too wide to cause chafing, which can be uncomfortable for any cyclist. The best way to measure the best bike saddle for you is to try it out Fizik's breakthrough saddle. Very popular among racers of all levels. Very long (300mm), flattish top, yet narrow. The idea is to offer a multitude of sitting positions along the saddle's length. Cruising, climbing, descending, aerotucking you name it, you should be able to find a suitable place on the saddle to sit. Wide of nose And just because my sit bones are 115-120mm wide, i still find saddles that are 143mm wide (specialized recommendation) actually dig into the back of my thighs, which hurts over time - the phenom is the only one theirs that this is not the case but its not perfect - it still digs in a bit

Shop Bike Saddles Consider the Type of Riding You Do. Bike seats are frequently placed into one of these five categories: Recreational cycling: If you sit upright while pedaling a cruiser, urban or commuter bike and prefer short rides, try a saddle designed for recreational cycling. The saddles are often wide with plush padding and/or springs, and sometimes sport a short nose I tried the EXT Stealth model and this is so super comfortable. Not so wide as the ISM models so much more room for the thighs. The back of the saddle is adjusted a little wider so when I sit up right there is support in the sit bones. By far the best and most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden. -Jeroe Women tend to have wider sit bones than men, which means we often (though not always) need slightly wider seats. There are now (finally!) seats on the market that are made specifically for women's anatomy. Given the wide variation in people's butts, choosing a saddle is very personal The right saddle will properly support your sit bones—by the way, a wide backside doesn't necessarily mean wide sit bones. Your local bike shop can help measure your sit bones to find the. A highly contoured saddle will help you really lock your sit bones into position. A dip in the front-to-back contour of the seat is typically best for upright riders who are planning to take long rides. Furthermore, a dip in the profile of the saddle is also best for upright riding

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  1. I dunno, but I will try Brooks again. Years ago had a sprung, B-66 but it was too wide for my narrow sit bones. Have been riding a fair amount on a narrow, padded plastic saddle and it suits me fine. I do not do well on a wide saddle. However, there is a narrow and firm saddle I am going to try out
  2. The Acacia 3D Saddle Cushion is marketed as 'thick' but a wide sample of reviewers differed with this opinion, lamenting the cover's lack of protection and comfort. Although well-made, its 1.1 inch cushioning, shallow central relief-zone and lack of padding around the sit-bone area make this a better option for gentler rides than for.
  3. For this, we recommend starting with the saddle level (parallel to the ground), or tilting it down slightly (1 or 2 degrees). A high amount of downward tilt is not necessary or desirable. When setting the saddle tilt, you must look at the top of the saddle (the surface on which you sit), not the rails or any other part of the saddle
  4. It's fairly wide for a performance saddle at 154mm (rear width), and has the highest level of padding in the SMP Professional range. Selle SMP has an interesting method of choosing the proper saddle: Your pants size. That's right - they don't use sit bone width, flexibility tests, or anything else
  5. You have to find a seat with a rear shape that fits the width of your sit bones. Sit bones are the 2 points you feel when sitting on a curb. The proper saddle should support and cushion you in the right spots. If your sit bones are too wide or narrow for a certain seat, you may feel discomfort and even pain
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The best saddle for you will put firm, supportive and absorptive foam underneath your sit bones, with an empty space in the middle to avoid putting pressure near the genital area. More cushion is not necessarily better; having too much soft foam in the saddle could fill the space between your legs, redistributing your body weight onto soft. Bone Saddles. The most commonly used saddle material is animal bone. Normally as standard with acoustics priced around the mid to high-end bracket. Bone is the most popular choice for saddles which comes down to the material being one of the hardest which is best for sound and vibration transfer

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Some shops have saddle fit cushions made out of memory foam, which allow you to measure the distance between your sit bones to find the right model, while a few manufacturers have demos you can. A lot has been written about cycling and erectile dysfunction in men. A study was conducted back in the 1990s which seemed to link cycling with erectile dysfunction, and since then the saddle manufacturers have been busy making saddles to address this 'problem'. Perineal pressure was thought to be to blame, so we began to see saddles with cut-outs to relieve that pressure The Antares shape saddle from Fizik is wide and slightly curved in profile which is ideal for riders with medium spine flexibility. The shape allows freedom for the thighs and is better for riders who like to feel full support on the sit bones Mountain Bike Saddles . You don't just sit on a mountain bike saddle, you need to able to move around on it to steer your bike, so it's imperative to get your perfect perch for comfort and control.. What are the best features of MTB saddles? For comfort, the best MTB saddles will have pressure-relieving channels for longer rides, while saddles with flexible edges also help prevent soreness.

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The centre of the saddle (seat area where your seat bones sit) should be parallel to the ground while on the horse's back. See photo 7. If the saddle is higher at the front than the back, then you will feel unstable and tipped backwards. If it is higher at the back, then you are tipped forwards and can never achieve balance If the rider sits too far forward on ANY saddle, the ischium of the pelvis will not be supported by the saddle (think sit bones hanging off the sides), and the perineum will experience. Choose a saddle that's too narrow, or too wide, and you'll be sitting on the wrong part of the saddle. This guarantees discomfort, and potential health issues in the long run. But, with beach cruiser seats, comfort is guaranteed, regardless of your sit bones. It's just the way they're made, and this applies to most beach cruiser seats The one that has the largest impact on bicycle saddle comfort is pelvic width. Women naturally have a pelvis that is slightly wider than men to allow for childbirth. Because of this extra width, and actual pelvic geometry, a woman sitting on a men's bicycle seat can place the sit bones outside of the area of support This is ok if you do it 30 minutes a week, but not if you ride seriously. You think you're just getting older, but it's probably the saddle. The Nexride saddle is a padded bench that supports cyclists under their sit bones, rather than their very sensitive perineal areas. The sit bones were engineered by nature to support your body weight

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To find your sit bones, try sitting on a table or other flat surface. The two points that contact this surface most firmly are your sit bones. Find a saddle with a width that matches these contact points. Most bike shops have an accredited bike fitter on staff that can assist you in finding the exact measurement. Less Is Mor It provides cushioning and helps prevent chafing and saddle sores. We recommend choosing a women's-specific short rather than a men's short because the chamois will be better designed for a woman's anatomy. A women's chamois is wider at the rear (because our sit bones are wider) and provides more soft tissue support

Width for Bike Saddles. The first thing to consider when fitting a bike saddle is sit bone width. This is where the majority of your weight should be placed on the saddle as this area is surrounded by muscles and tendons that can handle and adapt to the stress. The area in-between your sit bones are sensitive and if sat on for too long with too.

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