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Divination of Eji Ogbe#Divination #Obi #Oracle #ObatalaFor business inquiries,Phone: (716)-226-0139Website: https://priestessausetraamen.com/Email: tefnuttre.. Union is fundamental and many want parents and children to join, or brothers, in short, ties that are broken and we look for a way to reconcile with spiritual works, because otherwise it has not worked.. Here I leave you a work of unification to achieve peace and tranquility at the foot of Baba Obatala How to prepare the work in the name of the wise father Obatala? You take the tracing paper and with the graphite pencil you write the name of the person you want to reassure, you put it inside the glass with the name facing up. Now you take the stick of amansaguapo and you grate it, and you put that zest inside Working With Obatala And Yemanja this Full Moon. Salt is a wonderful tool to use as a way to connect with Mama. Spend some time with it. Use it to bathe. Use it to clean the house. Cook with it

How We Teach in Ilé Obatalá T'Alabalaché. Most of us are accustomed to learning in the way we learned in the classroom with the teacher or the professor giving lectures interspersed with required reading and the dreaded homework. That mode of learning (and of teaching) is carried over into how even spiritual subjects are taught where we. Obatala I assume has determined to be the Orisha that has claimed your head. However if it was a normal reading and not a bajada, it is possible that Obatala is defending you right now. It is hard to tell you exactly what the situation is without having been there, but if you have received warriors, then you have godparents 3. Obatala. Obatala is an Orisha of the Seven African Powers known as a cool spirit of healing and peace. He's also credited with the job of creating human bodies - particularly with imperfections like blindness and other defects. Perhaps he knew variety is necessary for human evolution Obatala is the god of persons with special needs. Compassion moves Obatala's heart. God is compassionate in almost all spiritual traditions. In Islam, Allah is most compassionate, Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreed upon Himself mercy. (Qur'an 6:54). In Judaism, Yahweh says: I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I. https://spiritualsuppliesandcandles.myshopify.com/products/consultations-and-readingsor if you want to go another route and use cash app or you want an invoi..

Obatalá (also spells Obbatala or Obatala) is the eldest of the orishas in Santeria and king of the religion in orun (heaven). He is also the father of many of the orishas and as such is given great respect and deference by the other orishas in matters of great importance. He also acts as the referee or judge when the orishas have quarrels, working to restore and preserve peace at all times Work with obatala for love: This ritual of loving mooring consists of placing Babá a glass of cow's milk for four days, giving him an account of the request that is being made. Then the custard that forms in the upper part of the glass is removed, it is added with husk and cocoa butter and wrapped in a purple cloth, dried corn straw is added.

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  1. Obatala is the owner of the white metals, especially silver. Represents the creation that is not necessarily pristine, so magnanimous and above, also the pride, anger, despotism and those with defects and physical and mental difficulties. Obatala embraces all her children with patience and love
  2. Olodumare, says the legend , created everything including Obatala .But he did not conclude the work. Before going away to the celestial kingdom to live like an absent God he entrusted to Obatala the task of the creation. It is also said that Olodumare created man only leaving Obatala in charge of making the face, mouth, nose, eyes and skin
  3. The feasts of Obatala, Ellegua, and Chango are common days of celebration. The Orisha-worshiping community may request to have their ceremonial meal on one of these days. According to the legends (patakis)of Orisha worshipers, Obatala is the oldest and wisest of the Orishas. It would be good practic

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  1. ds. He is the head of the orishas and as such protects and guides all people with fairness and equality. If you want to know who to worship and who to work with, it's Obatala until it is time for you to find out who your guardian orisha really is
  2. We are exceedingly grateful and incredibly proud to partner with both Obatala Sciences and CellSpring to expose our future innovators to the advancements being made in biotechnology research, said STEM NOLA CEO Dr. Calvin Mackie. This type of engagement with professionals who do this work on a daily basis is life changing
  3. Obatala (also known as Obanla, Ochanla, or Oxala) is the eldest of the orishas in the Yoruban religion and its diaspora in the Americas.His name means King of the White Cloth, and he is the embodiment of peace, reason, logic, and diplomacy
  4. ded of the importance of cooperation, community/nation building and balance. Obatala teaches us to look beyond the veil of illusion and judgement; rather to.
  5. g, raising animals and hunting
  6. Animal Sacrifice: An uninitiated in the Santeria religion should never do any animal sacrifice offering to the Orishas. Most rituals and consecrations to the Orishas in Santeria require initiation, however, to pay homage or talk to the Orishas, just look around you, their energy is out there, it is everywhere. Ashe. Yaya Maria. Category: Santeria

Canto A Obbatala Abbilona. spiritualsuppliesandcandles.myshopify products consultations and readings or if you want to go another route and use cash app or you want an i am discussing the wise and peaceful deity of the yoruba pantheon called obatala. working with obatala brings insight to the best ways to handle all issues of orishia's Obatala prides itself in making high-quality products that researchers use to discover better therapies for diseases like obesity and diabetes that significantly impact the human population. We are so proud of the work that STEM NOLA does to bring exposure, access, and opportunity to young innovators in New Orleans, said Dr. Christopher. Obatala makes high-quality products that researchers use to discover better therapies for diseases like obesity and diabetes that significantly impact the human population. CellSpring develops blood tests to screen at-risk patients for cancer with the goal of significantly shifting the timing of a diagnosis to earlier stages The fourth king of the Yoruba Oyo Empire, he is the god of thunder, drumming, dancing, fire and male virility. Known for his love of partying, Shango has a ritual dance named after him. He is a master at the drums and the rumble of the thunder reminds us of his rhythmic sounds. Referred to as the King of Santeria, he is a commanding sorcerer. Practicing witches, sorcerers, and healers who have to cope with daily spiritual work need to do some sort of daily observance. It's like being a good citizen and maintaining your privilege of voting in the joined kingdoms of the Orun and Aye. Some people, especially children of Obatala, like to do their daily observance by walking.

No work-life balance- run lean and hide bonus OT project works as growth development opportunities- it's very very normal to work 50hr+/wk at salaried levels (all), and 60+ in Dir+ roles. Company has changed a lot in top ranks- definitely not as warm and familial as it used to be Obatala as the King of the white cloth or King of the white light (ala); does his work in darkness including inner darkness either created externally or internally by the thoughts of our mind. Obatala creates uses Igba Iwa (the calabash of character) as the great potter who molds humans from clay It also imparts the wisdom of Obatala. Ero is a powerful plant or ewe for its cooling and calming properties as well as its attraction of ire (good fortune). We bring the qualities of Obatala and Orunmila into our heads when doing ibori. One of the best and most powerful omiero for this specific task is one made with: Spring water; Snail blood. Obatala is the Spirit of the Chief of the White Cloth in the West African religious tradition called Ifa. The word Obatala is the name given to describe a complex convergence of Spiritual Forces that are key elements in the Ifa concept of consciousness. Those Spiritual Forces that form the foundation of Obatala's role in the Spirit.

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Obatala, the eldest of the Orishas, is revered as the creator of all mankind. He is called upon in times of legal strife. Known to be a fair and honest judge, Obatala provides strength to the innocent and justice to the guilty. Oya, a whirlwind of fierce energy, is the Orisha of communication between the living and the dead The drunken sop Obatala was ridiculed, chastised and punished with a tedious punishment — he was put to work making men and women. If you ever wondered why humans aren't quite as perfect as they should be, here's the answer: our Holy Maker was drunk at the time As I was working on this article, I had several nights of dreamtime with OYA and some of the other Orishas. Whizzing through the air, the sound of wind rushing my ears, I tasted and joined with the power of OYA. We mirrored warrior stances and were delighted at the prospect of battle

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Obatala started to walk the lands that were created from the heavens. Obatala and Elegua noticed how trees started to grow, grass started to grow, flowers were springing out. Obatala was happy and told Elegua to go back and tell Olofi that the work on earth is being done. Elegua climbed up the rope to tell Olofi what was going on Prayer for Obatala: Obatalá obá layé ela iwo alara aché Oyá. Oyá is the ruler of the winds, the whirlwind and the gates of the cemetery. Her number is nine which recalls her title of Yansá or Mother of Nine in which she rules over the egun or dead. She is also known for the colors of maroon, flowery patterns and nine different colors The spark of consciousness in us is Obatalá. She/He looks after everyone, unless another Orisha takes you. Obatalá wears white because it has all the colors in it and she/he takes care of all of us. She/He accepts offerings of white foods without spices. White clothes, coconut milk, white pumpkin, silver and ivory are associated with Obatalá There are many ways to work with the goddess of the crossroads, but here are our favorites: 1. Pronounce Her Name Right. The pronunciation of Hecate's name has been muddled and changed over the years. But there is a RIGHT way to say her name. Most say heh-kah-tay or heh-kah-tee with no emphasis on the middle syllable Invocation to Obatala. Great White King Great White Queen Pure as the snow On the tops of mountains, To sit in your space On your white cloth Is to be in the high place Of objectivity And perfect justice. To work with your hands Is to create life anew Being both father and mother Being the healer of wounds That has no gender As healing has no.

Obatala Sciences' CEO, Dr. Trivia Frazier, agreed, saying, We are proud to work with STEM NOLA on this project and are excited to see Dr. Mackie's continued progress building this organization. Founded in 2017, Obatala Sciences is a biotechnology company that offers research products and services to scientists in medical industries and. OBATALA, the King of the White Cloth, is the oldest Orisha. He is considered to be the Father of all the other Orishas, and since they are kings and queens, for us, he is King of Kings. There are 16 caminos of Obatala, eight of them male and eight of them female. He is the servant of Olofi, and under the direction of Olofi, he became the. Vintage Obatala Mini Statue - Small Orisha Ọbatala, Oshala - Sky Father and the Creator of Human Bodies. SonOfThePharaohCA. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,655) $16.71

Design it. Our in house design team will work with you from your first design drafts to final design plans ready for submission to your HOA and Township for approval. Our state of the art industry leading landscape design software provides the highest quality 2D, CAD, 3D and Photo Conceptual designs Obatala began walking the lands that were created from the heaves and Obatala and Elegua noticed how trees started to grow, grass followed and flowers were springing out. Obatala was happy and told Elegua to go back and tell Olofi that the work was being done. Olofi was pleased and he sent a white pigeon down to Earth to Obatala and that became. 889-3-88845-894-4. Downloads: 72250. Price: Free* [ *Free Regsitration Required] Uploader: Nikolar. The imprisonment of Obatala: Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items

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Thu: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Fri: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Sat: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Sun: Closed. Details. In Business Since 2019. We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We strongly believe in giving our absolute best in all of our projects no matter how big or small Obatala Sciences' CEO, Dr. Trivia Frazier, agreed, saying, We are proud to work with STEM NOLA on this project and are excited to see Dr. Mackie's continued progress building this organization The Obatala Orisha is responsible for white fluids of the body which is located in the throat region of Orisha/Obatala (also known in Yaga as the 5th Chakra, see diagram 3). The condition can be corrected by prescribing the patient with Comfrey and Sage, as an herbal tea, or applied externally by a spiritual bath NEW ORLEANS, April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- STEM NOLA is proud to partner with Obatala Sciences and CellSpring to engage at least a dozen high sch.. Obatala. Obatala is the Father of the human family and Orisha. Oldumare commissioned Obatala t0 fashion us from the Earth and Olodumare breathed life into us. We invoked him to help us keep a cool head and think clearly. He is the owner of the white cloth and purity he manifests as an old man who sits a top a mountain

[The] creation of human beings was a joint effort between Oggún who molded the skeleton and Obatala who molded clay head on the skeleton bones, Olodumare supplied the vital breath force known as émi and Ajala who supplied the Ori-Inú Working closely with Eshu, Oggún has the ability and power to clear away all the obstacles that stand. Obatala. Obatala is considered to be the Creator, the one over all others who has pieces of each of the other deities inside of himself. Practitioners of Obeah do not contact this god directly. By knowing more about the deities in Obeah, you can make sure you are calling on the proper deity to help you, no matter the situation Obatala Green is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Obatala Green and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Hail Ogun, warrior of Obatala. Orisha, who blesses his sons and the sons of his sons! Fearless Father, Lord of the sword of fire that cuts all demands and leads those you love to the paths of prosperity. May I, your son, deserve your blessings in my ways: the sword that encourages me, the shield that defends me, and the flag that protects me Obatala. The King of the White Cloth, King of the Orishas, the First Among Equals. He is the King of Power, and his weapon is wisdom. He is the essence of honored maturity, wisdom through age and experience, purity of intention, virtue, humility, tolerance, judicious use of power, the knowledge of what is truly right and wrong, the moral code.

For example, Ifa may ask Ebo to work with Obatala or Obaluaye. There are many different types of Ebo. There is Ebo for Esu, for Ogun, there is Ebo for blessings, money or love. There is also Ebo that will cause problems for an adversary. Ebo works with an individual spirit. There are positive and negative aspects to Ebo This is the oldest, best preserved, but newly restored Obatala shrine within the city limits of the ancient Oyo town in Isale Oyo. The shrine has been restored using organic mud and paint in the traditional style. A lot of the preservation work has been spearheaded by impressive and very knowledgeable Dr. Paula Gomes - all the Orishas were pleased with Obatala's work - All except Olokun, the mater of the sea, who was never consulted about the creation of the earth or mankind in the first place - In anger, Olokun caused a great flood, which nearly wiped out all of Obatala's creations - once the sea resided, everyone took the sea seriously from then o Custom made beautiful Obatala crown. Qamaorishas and Zuhemy are great to work with! I ordered the crown for Elegua, which arrived within one or two days, way faster than I expected Obatala, proud of his work, sat back with palm wine and began to sip slowly But Obatala did not stop sippin'. Obatala took his drank to the neck! When he resumed creating humanity, his fingers were unsteady In his carelessness, Obatala created humans with deformities, monsters, and abnormal creatures

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I am working full-time with Obatala Sciences in a hybrid role as a business development advisor and a product development researcher. On the business end I am helping to build out industry. Ileke Obatala Ayaguna,Ayaguna Ileke Obatala,Glass Gala ileke representing Òbatala in his aspect of Ajágún Nla (Ayaguna); The Great Warrior, Decapitator of Enemies, These ilekes are meant for use by initiated priests, They are not recommended for use on an Iyáwó as they are on the heavier side and the constant use required during one's,freebies are shared everyday,discount activity. Jul 20, 2021 - Explore Ajayidamilola's board Yoruba orishas on Pinterest. See more ideas about yoruba orishas, african spirituality, orisha Obatala, the Orisa funfun. In Yoruba lands, Obatala is one of the most respected and revered deities, known as the King of the city of Iranje. His wife is Yemu, another Orisa funfun. He was one of the original 17 Orisa. He is the only Orisa who has the Aba and Ase: in his left hand the Aba (ideas) and in his right hand the Ase (power to do it) Obatala, you must return to your work. The blacksmith moulds iron over and over again. Until, it is straight and perfect. The barber has not finished his work. Until backs and sides are well trimmed. You must return to your unfinished work. Generations of kings have reigned on earth. Yet have I not seen one to rival this on

With Esu Obatalayou can also feel the support of how there is a shield of protection there for youworking against anything penetrating your mind that is of dark energy. Upon your request we will begin creating your sacred tool and then bring it into both the Esu and Obatala shrines inside the Sacred Orisa Gardens at Ola Olu Obatala is the Emissary of Olodumare. He is the closest that the human mind can fathom to an all encompassing God figure. He represents the highest will of Nature, and lives deep in the will of mankind. Please do not republish them anywhere without posting a visible, working link back to this website.. The Sun manifests as Obatala (Obàtálá) or Oxala and is known as the essence of clarity, he always wears white a illuminates truth and righteousness. He is the eldest of all Òrìṣà and creator of human bodies. He is called Alabalase- He who has divine authority, Baba Arugbo- Old Master or Father, and Orisanla (Oshanla)- the arch divinity

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Obatala is a Osha and is in the group of the Head's Oshas. Obatalá is the father of all the people. He is the creator of the human beings and everything that lives in the planet. As creator he rules over all the parts of the human body, mainly of the head, the thoughts and the human life, owner of the whiteness, and all that symbolize peace and purity Because the children of Obatala must take care of their heads, and because they are often prone to feeling the excesses of stress and deadlines, they tend to run hot. What this means, in simple terms, is that they get overburdened or overloaded with work or responsibilities and begin to react badly to the mental pressure

Pretty soon there was a decent size landscape and thus was the Earth born. OLORUN was so pleased with ODUDUWA that he promoted him to God of the Earth, while the disgraced and boozy OBATALA was put to work making mankind as punishment. In Yoruba theology, Obatala must never be worshipped with palm wine, palm oil or salt For example, Ifa may ask Ebo to work with Obatala or Obaluaye. There are many different types of ebo. There is Ebo for Esu, for Ogun, there is Ebo for blessings,money or love. There is also Ebo that will cause problems for an adversary. Ebo works with an individual spirit. There are positive and negative aspects to Ebo

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Obeah Woman Root work, ceremonies, DIY kits and free paper charms. Santeria Filipina Santeria practitioners in the Phillipines share their unique flavor of Mami Wata. Pagan Friendly Businesses. OneDolla.com Graphics for $1 Custom graphics for your website, fun, or business for $1. Russian Vodu Obatala went to earth with the materials of creation. He descended upon Ife, the wide landmass, and began to create man out of clay. As he did this work, he became very tired. He came upon a receptacle filled with palm wine, and he drank and became drunk. As he continued his work, he created the victims of his drunkenness, various afflicted people Obatala Chooses his Helpers As we close day two of Project 256, I thought I'd share a patakí from the odu Okana Ejioko (1-2). Read the story and think about its theme; it presents yet another side to the odu Okana Ejioko rarely discussed or thought of Working with the 7 African Powers. a subsite of Texas-Hoodoo.com : Home : List of the 7 African Powers. Papa Legba (also Ellegua), Yemaya, Oshun, Obatala, Ochosi, Oya, and Ogun-----Eleggua / Elegua: Messenger, Opener of the Way, Trickster Saint Simon Peter San Martin (Caballero) Saint Anthony (of Padua) El Nino de Atocha Saint Expedite Saint.

Obatala goes to the goldsmith, who agrees to build the chain, if Obatala brings him the gold. Obatala goes to every god, asking for gold. When the chain in complete, Obatala descends onto Earth, carrying a snail shell filled with sand, a white hen, a black cat, and a palm nut. When Obatala climbs down, he realizes that the chain is not long enough Olofi, another Yoruba name for God, arranged for human beings---through the fashioning work of Obatala (and Oduduwa)--to have a joint in the middle of their arms, shoulder sockets that faced outward, not forward, a rotating spinal-and-hip column for maneuverability and throwing objects, and long legs for running great distances and thumbs that.

May 2021, CellSpring organized a workshop for New Orleans high school students to learn about working in the biotech industry. The program was put on in partnership with STEM NOLA and Obatala Sciences with the goal of giving students access and exposure to an unconventional career path in biotech. Dr. Millan, CellSpring CEO commented, It's very important to us at CellSpring to be able to. The journey of Obatala is a symbolic reference to the process described by Maxwell and suggests our ancient African ancestors embraced a profound understanding of the inner workings of Nature. An understanding of the concepts developed by Maxwell would lead to the ability to manipulate gravity Obatala Repeated Skip to main content Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete Orula possesses and personifies wisdom, but he's also a powerful healer. He works with herbs and roots to cure people. His colors are yellow and green, and his eleke (beaded necklace) is made of yellow and green beads, alternating. Men and women who've received the mano de Orula or cofá de Orula wear a simple yellow and green beaded bracelet on the left wrist to protect them from premature death

Obatala Sciences Biotech Location. New Orleans, LA Global Employees: 11 View Website Overview Overview. Jobs Jobs. There are no jobs right now, but check back soon as we update jobs daily. Built In is the online community for startups and tech companies.. Obatala or Oxala, Batala, Blanc Dani. Goddess of heavens, personification of creative energy - old with white hair, kind and extremely powerful. Obatala is goddess of creation of Yoruba tribe. Her/his name is the word for god as such. Obatala is man and woman at the same time. He/She is direct descendant of the highest and onmipresent god Oludumar Obatala Sciences is an assay and research tool development tissue-chip company that specializes in fat-chips. Obatala Sciences is an assay and research tool development tissue-chip company that specializes in fat-chips. Where We Are. 2000 Lakeshore Dr New Orleans LA 70122 There are no jobs right now, but check back soon as we update jobs daily..

Obatala Sciences offers contract research services and research products to laboratories in industry and in academia. Our clients include US government entities, contract research organizations, non-profit organizations, and academic research laboratories. Our areas of expertise include obesity, diabetes, energy metabolism, musculoskeletal. We , could then come to the conclusion that Obatala is a survivor of the Khumn of old Egypt. We could take other factors into account to come to this conclusion as well . Specialist's that have been working in ancient Egypt have found a large community of black residents lived in ancient Egypt who where originally from sub -sahara of ELEPHANTINE Gods & Pantheons: Yoruba. Truth is a precious resource. 2020 September 9/9:30 AM. Polynesia. Gods & Pantheons. The gods of the Yoruba (called orishas) live in Orundu-nla, the sky. The first city of the Yoruba was Ife, founded by Obatala, but it now lies under water. The Yoruba believe that animals can take off their skin and go about as. Apr 28, 2010. #1. OBATALA- Ifa and the Chief of the Spirit of the White Cloth. Obatala is the Spirit of the Chief of the White Cloth in the West African religious tradition called Ifa. The word Obatala is the name given to describe a complex convergence of Spiritual Forces that are key elements in the Ifa concept of consciousness

Obatala is by every definition of the word, an artist, says Nissi. He takes pride in his work and celebrates the permission received from his father to create the universe. Oduduwa, on the other hand, is a charismatic lover boy who has formed an attachment with a human The woman/man relationship of OBATALA depends on the odu in question - or the tradition employed by the writer. In one stanza of Ogunda Meji it is stated that Obatala is a woman and further down in the stanza it is said that Obatala is an ageless divinity that came into iwarun - together with a host of other potent divinities Obatala Body Wash. $24.00. Energy Benefits: Peace, Purification, Mental Clarity, Calming The presence of Obatala in our lives brings clarity, calmness, peace and stability. This blend is formulated to imbue and impress the essence of Obatala onto your body, and into your energy field, and is the only blend in the MasterPeace family that is not. These are available through our sister company, Obatala Sciences. Working outside the human, mouse, rat triad? Finding an antibody can be challenging enough when you work with human, mouse or rat tissues. That challenge can be magnified in other species. We have custom software to assist in antigen design for dog, horse and pig Creative Rituals links together various spiritual and philosophical doctrines through their common bond of a higher beneficial guidance and allows students to work with rituals within the context of their own spiritual beliefs and practices. Before his death in 1993, El Obatala was an initiate of both Yoruba and the Western Mystery Tradition

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Obatala is the second son of Olodumare and is authorized by Olodumare to create land over the water beneath the sky, and founded the first Yoruba city, Ife. Obatala is Olodumare's representative on earth and the shaper of human beings. [1] Obatala (known as Obatalá in Latin America and Yoruba Mythology) is an Orisha When his work on Earth was done and Obatala grew tired of being the King of Ife, Obatala climbed back the golden chain and went back to the sky. From then on, Obatala spend half his time in the sky and half in Ife. The second version of the cosmogonic story does not credit Obatala with the completion of the task Working toward one's destiny is to promote harmony. To move contrary to it creates discord, so believers look for insight as to their destiny and what they might currently be doing that runs contrary to that. Orunla is most commonly associated with St. Francis of Assisi, although the reasons are not obvious. It may have to do with Francis's. The imprisonment of Obatala, and other plays Issue 18 of African writers series. He attended Ulli Beier's extra-mural writers' workshop in Oshogbo, and followed his advice to write in English rather than in Yoruba If we look at our Spinal Cord, we will realize the Spinal Cord is a path North to South, head to feet, or Crown to Root. Therefore, when someone tells me, they do not feel or sense any activity with the spiritual table (boveda) or feel their spirits, then; Consciousness and energy move from one frequency to another in spiraling fashion