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Freediving, Spearfishing & Finswimming Fins, Blades From The World's Leading Manufacturers. Freediving | Rescue & Lifesaving | Underwater Games | Footpockets & Blades | Swimmin Wafer-level packaging with innovative thin wafer handling (TWH) technologies. TWH materials solutions for Temporary Bonding / Debonding. Contact Brewer Scienc MICROBE-LIFT/Herbtana supports the fish's immune system, driving off the excess parasites. Since they cannot return to the fish during treatment, the majority of the parasites will starve without a host. MICROBE-LIFT/Herbtana is safe for all aquatic life. It is a great aid to use when acclimating fish to a new environment Bacterial Fin Rot. When your betta is suffering from bacterial fin rot, it won't be even. Instead, it will appear uneven and cause the rotting to look more ragged. The bacteria that causes this type of fin rot often cause damage when your bettas immune system is weakened. And it may have been in the water the whole time. Fungal Fin Rot Identify-Finrot-Step-1

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Fish fin rot is a bacterial infection that eats away at the edges of the fins and leaves them prone to further damage by fungal infections. Fish fungus can be treated with methylene blue and other medicated products, including natural treatments from herbs and botanical extracts When adding new fish to a quarantine or aquarium tank, alternate adding MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss and MICROBE-LIFT/Herbtana at the standard dosage, 12 hours apart, until 2 doses of each product have been added. This will act as an immune system stimulant and destressant. MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss is safe for all aquatic life Fish diseases that may be treated in accordance with this include bacterial fish diseases, such as fin and tail rot, mouth fungus (sometimes caused by the bacterium Flavobacterium columnaris); fungal fish diseases (such as those caused by microorganisms of the genera Saprolegnia and Achyle) and the like. Microbe-Lift's Herbtana is a good. I'm still fighting fin rot with and I went to Petco to finally get some antibiotics but I didn't realize they had such a poor selection of medicines. They didn't have any antibiotics like I wanted so the employee suggested I use , an herbal remedy which she said they use on all their fish in the store for bacterial infections. But the bottle is very vague and doesn't list ingredients and I can.

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  1. >>>> BUY SEACHEM PARAGUARD ON AMAZON <<<< About Seachem Paraguard: According to Seachem, Paraguard uses a proprietary, synergistic blend of aldehydes, malachite green and fish protective polymers that effectively and efficiently eradicates many ectoparasites (ich, etc.) as well as external fungal/bacterial/viral lesions like fin rot.Seachem doesn't market Paraguard as being plant and.
  2. d you may be dealing with multiple ailments such as Ich with secondary infections such as fin rot or even Ich with fungus, AND even dangerous water parameters. Please note the tools available to the average fish keeper, all we can do is make an educated guess
  3. Artemiss Microbe Lift for betta. By Simone, 2 years ago on Tropical Fish. I transferred my betta to his own 5 gallon tank, he was really happy at first, but he's had a ball if white fuzz on the tip of his dorsal fin for a couple weeks now. I couldn't find the medicine I had ordered for ich, so I went to Petco and they recommended Artemiss.
  4. 1. Parasite stage. The Ich burrows into fish, feeding on the skin and tissue, causing irritation. As it burrows into the flesh of your fish, it causes a wound. Your fish tries to protect itself and a white, crusty wall seals the Ich in. This wall looks like a white spot
  5. To buy online for freshwater visit https://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/product/microbe-lift-artemiss-freshwater-118mlTo buy online for saltwater visit https://www.f..
  6. 4. Food and protection for fry (baby fish) Indian almond leaves are the gift that keeps giving, even once your fish have hatched. Many fish keepers add Indian almond leaves to fry tanks - an aquarium that is set aside just for baby fish. First, the leaves give fry a place to hide, allowing them to feel safe
  7. The Herbtana is more of an immune system booster than a medication to kill the ick. This worked for me. Any chemical treatment with scaleless fish like loaches usually kills them. Be patient and leave the temp up. Don't use salt with the loaches. Garlic treated food will probably help them eat to keep immune system strong

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  1. Were Covered in a milky substance,i checked water with master kit ammonia was alittle high,i did a 25% WC.and treated with Microbe-Lift Artemess,it said can swith to Microbe-Lift Herbtana every 12hrs.With in hours now im not sure if its fin rot.the bodies arent covered anymore but 2 have this issue also on eyes is a milky substance on and off.
  2. RESEARCH We feel it's our duty to constantly investigate the natural ecology of fish to make the best food for them. Our exploration to Irian Jaya, Lake Malawi in Africa, Guiana highland, the Indian Ocean, the jungle of Southeast Asia and the Holy River Ayeyawady and others, offer us many secrets to fish health, coloration, breeding requirements, water conditions and quality
  3. al fee. The clamped fins can be due to incorrect pH or high ammonia levels. Correct any..
  4. Overfeeding the fish also has a direct effect on them. It can lead to a fatty liver disease known as hepatic lipidosis and also fin rot. Fish are opportunistic eaters and only eat when food is available. They can easily adjust and for days between meals when food is scarce and eat throughout the day when food is in abundance

Water was completely changed before start of Cupramine. IchX and Cupramine were not used at the same time. Within 48 hours of the start of Cupramine treatment, all but one fish was dead. I never did add the 2nd drop / gallon since there's no point in treating a tank in which all the fish have died. Has anyone experienced the same toxic effects. Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) is a disease that anyone could encounter, regardless of how well you maintain your aquarium.The disease is characterized by white spots that appear across the body of fish. As the disease progresses the fish will experience respiratory problems, a lack of appetite, and eventually death 100% Natural Expellant for bacterial diseases. Provides a chemical-free treatment effective against these bacterial diseases: Bacterial dropsy Bulging eyes Fungus Ulcers Milky Skin Mouth rot Fin/tail rot Raised scales MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss is a unique, herbal, immune-enhancing stimulant, which reduces bacterial and fungal infections

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