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Pride Chapter 1, a Naruto + Bleach Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. This story is based off of the concept of the Fullbring and Hollows from Bleach, centered in the Naruto universe. In this story, the Juubi was a Hollow powerful enough to split off and create it's own dimension, known now as the Elemental Nations The bloodline is meant for one thing to protect what you love first and foremost, something Naruto will come to learn. Story starts just before naruto jumps to save Iruka from Mizuki. Chapter One: Uzumaki Reborn Yeah he gets picked on and everyone gangs up on him but his suffering only makes him stronge Fullbring Naruto. Possible pairing, depends how story goes. Rated: Fiction T - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Naruto U. - Chapters: 13 - Words: 35,601 - Reviews: 213 - Favs: 655 - Follows: 742 - Updated: 8/2 - Published: 1/1/2013 - id: 886249

A Soul In Chains Chapter 1, a Naruto + Bleach Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. This is a small taster of the fic that won the poll. Enjoy. A young boy ran home, a wide grin on his face from the day's events. It was his first day at Karakura Junior High School, and he had made many friends, and he couldn't wait to get back to the house and tell. The bijuu's form disappeared, before Naruto heard footsteps from behind the bars. Sauntering from the darkness was the prettiest woman Naruto had ever seen. A curtain of red hair reached the small of her back, a bang obscuring her left eye, the right showing the same crimson eye and slit pupil from before

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Summary. Among the warring clans, a great bloodline existed. Eventually, the clan bearing it went extinct, but the genes that coded for it lived on. Generations later, few exist that bear the white curse, the Shikotsumyaku, but Uzumaki Naruto will perfect it in order to protect his loved ones and become the Hokage Naruto Speed Unmatched - Chapter 1: The Chase. Get back here demon! shouted a man in his early thirties. Yeah Demon get back here and accept your punishment! yelled a boy that looked to be barely out of the academy. Stop the demon! shouted a woman to a group of people just ahead of where she was running. Catch him

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Fanfic: Namikaze Naruto: The Peace Seeker Ch 2, Naruto | FanFiction. Chapter Two: Origins. Naruto turned around to see who had called his name. His eyes widened upon the man his eyes came to see. He was truly shocked to see the man in front of him. He never thought that the man would find him alone just after he had left Jiraiya The Melt by pudgypudge reviews. As a child, Naruto is taken in by Sarutobi to be his chosen successor to the mantle of Hokage. He develops a bloodline long thought lost to the world and learns along the way that, though he may be hated for his demon, his Will of Fire will burn brightly Naruto: Legend of the Crimson Kitsune Fanfiction (short summary) Naruto is the descendant of the Sage of six paths. Madara is his grandfather. He is gifted by Kami and Yami, and the Shinigami. Hes godlike.. Nuffsaid. (he has 5 bloodlines -still thinking what kinds-) During the academy days hes usi..

Naruto's not overly high-and-mighty, simply extremely self-confident in his perceived role in life. If he was high-and-mighty he'd just be another Pain, just another OP!Naruto. Edit 2: Not gonna lie, seeing the feedback has made me consider actually making a fanfiction based on this concept naruto posesses the boil release bloodline ability of the hidden mist. one day naruto was wandering outside the village where he meets one of the seven swordsman of the hidden mist village.kushimaru kuriarare. he was traveling the nation's searching for an apprentice to eventually inherit his infamous sword nuibari. the sewing needle long sword

â Naruto,â he heard Itachi call. naruto bloodline fanfiction. Naruto, the Lycan Ninja ch 1 by mdizzle999872 on DeviantArt: pin. As a child, Naruto was the scapegoat of everyone's problems, the Kyuubi attack, the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and many other things narutofanfiction. # 12. Yato Uchiha (Naruto fanfic) de Itsuki. 352K 8.8K 155. This is a story about Yato Uchiha is a boy born during a devastating attack on his home village. The attack was of the nine tailed fox. During all the chaos two childre... kakashi. growth Quietus Ch 64, Naruto FanFiction. (Jul 29, 2021) Asuma, Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino and Hinata had returned with Sakura to her ones chosen by the Fates can awaken it, or those of the purest bloodlines. A fine job your parents did of raising you, Danzo's voice dripped acid Raven Wolf (Naruto Fanfiction)~ (reader X various) February 9, 2018 · 67 pages. Chapter 1: The Okami Royal Bloodline. Chapter 2: The Massacre. Chapter 3: Crimson Memories. Chapter 4: The Flames of Betrayal. Chapter 5: The beginning

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The Cursed Foxby FanFiction -Anime. 2.6K903. A week into the month that Naruto had to train for the finals in the chunin exams Naruto meets Orochimaru. Dojutsu Stories Wattpad 2020. The Overlooked Prodigy Ch 2, Naruto. Naruto with a bloodline. Shoton of Konoha Ch 1, Naruto. Naruto's Real and Created Bloodlines and Special Abilities I would love that very much Kushina-chan, the names sound perfect for. godlike multi bloodline naruto fanfiction sasuke bashing, MindForgedMan is a fanfiction 9/15/2017 c43 Guest I love the harem action naruto civilian fan fiction every timeline of the Naruto-verse Crossposted on my fanfiction.net account.. The Game of Life Ch 1, Naruto. Legendary Bloodlines Ch 8, Naruto. Bloodlines Ch 1, Naruto FanFiction. Bloodline Ch 1, Naruto FanFiction. Chain the World Ch 1, Naruto. Flying Thunder God Ch 2, Naruto. The Wraith of the Shinigami Ch 1, Naruto. Accidental Gamer Hero Ch 1, Naruto After Kyuubi meshed all of the bloodlines together, Kyuubi called it the Naruto bloodline. Naruto's eyes changed from the aqua blue to a pure heartwarming gold with white Iris. Naruto, spoke the Kyuubi, Let me take control just for a second so I can repel these fireballs. Naruto nodded, allowing Kyuubi control. - (Real World)-

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  1. Since this is Naruto world, he knew exactly what sort of wishes he wanted. I wish for the ability to collect bloodlines, Dojutsu, and Kekkei Genkai from my enemies! Osian was sure that this would be the most overpowered ability to ever exist in the Narutoverse
  2. Tears of liquid silver will be shed as Naruto struggles to master a new Bloodline Limit that surpasses all, even the Rin'negan. Look into his eyes, the shattered mirrors of the soul. AU, Epic Length, pairings undecided
  3. Naruto Uzumaki: The Walking Bloodline Fanfiction. Naruto, when he is young discovers a Bloodline. It's not all too powerful or that strong, but as time passes more and more start to pop up. Of course, Naruto didn't know what a bloodline was so he never told anyone. Why would he? Bloodlines are awes... #bloodlines #godlike #kekkeigenkai #naruto.

A reincarnator, thrust into the world of naruto. Osian, along with his [Bloodline Collection System], will explore the shinobi world to acquire the power of all bloodlines! [This is just something I'm writing for fun so please don't get your hopes up for frequent chapter releases and keep in mind.. Naruto Bloodline Fic. There are many fic theories that I have come across in fanfiction but this one sits very well with me. Naruto as we all know was a child who suffered from neglect and abuse from his village due to actions he could not control. And logically if a child grows up knowing he isn't wanted that would make him much more.

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An unlucky soul is thrust into the world of Naruto. With no cheats or special skills, how will he survive the trials to come? The MC is honest about his reincarnation and knowledge. A lot of people don't like this. I understand, but please don't complain because you want the.. magnet/blood bloodline naruto. I have an idea for a Naruto Fanfic where it turns out every member of akatsuki are undercover investigating the organization. Hidan - hot water ANBU Kakuzu - bounty Hunters league Kisame- seven swordmen Itachi well this one is quite obvious

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  1. Gender:Female. Location:Portland, Oregon USA. Report post. Posted September 21, 2012. On fanfiction.net, there's a group called sharing fics that may have been purged. Look there. There is a RAR file called Pentupfury's Goodness. I am not willing to download the file to see. Quote
  2. Naruto has Sherlock Holmes observational/deduction abilities but only sometimes applies them. Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds crossover between Naruto and a HP fanfic Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphys which is also great. You don't need to read that to understand it, though it does help with context for a few things and I recommend.
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  4. The two recovered and Sasuke was praised while Naruto was betrayed. Out voted Tsunade was forced to banish Naruto from the village. Naruto had never felt betrayed in his life, he was broken and it was the betrayal, the banishment, it was the last straw and Naruto was out to show them that it was a mistake to banish him

Bloodline Naruto FanFiction 2020. I always thought Naruto should have a Bloodline limit, so here is a collection of Watch as Naruto becomes one of the greatest ninjas of all time. Falling, literally , into a purple haired woman's dango, he finds out he has a bloodline, the Mar 20, 2016 - Konoha's BlackWinged Demon Chapter 4, a Naruto Bleach Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

Naruto bloodline fanfiction. Kekkei Genkai. Naruto bloodline fanfiction Then there is Naruto Uzumaki who doesn't waste a that can fly, fire energy spheres, destroy planets with one, single blow. denied on mount · Can also be called as black box testing · Qlin [-BLOODLINE COLLECTION SYSTEM-Name: Osian Uchiha. Age: 3 years. Bloodlines: Uchiha - Effects: Increased talent in fire nature transformation and genjutsu. Kekkei Genkai: None. Dojutsu: (NOTE: The user must upgrade the system to be able to use Dojutsu in the left and right eyes selectively.) Sharingan (3/3 tomoe) - Effects: Enhances user's genjutsu A kekkei genkai (血継限界 literally meaning: Bloodline Limit) is an anomaly of the DNA that allows the wielder to use unique techniques. A kekkei genkai's name describes both the anomaly and the resulting technique. Most kekkei genkai are passed down between generations of a clan, an exception being Hashirama Senju's Wood Release. Likewise, most individuals only inherit one kekkei genkai. The Lost Bloodline. Fanfiction. One night Naruto was getting beaten up,but during the This Dojutsu Naruto uses is to better control his Shin-Form, Shin- Ruto. the Compound get's more members--inside the house of Karin and Kanarina (Karins mother, she has no official name)-- The royal family is the purest Uzumaki bloodline, Karin-San Naruto..

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Naruto highschool dxd fanfiction naruto is neglected by his family Naruto highschool dxd fanfiction Naruto with a bloodline FanFiction. Naruto fanfiction kyuubi gives naruto a bloodline. This is a Naruto neglected by family fic. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. Super OP Naruto Fanfic. Fic Request. i want super op. Plain and simple. When i say op i mean able to take on the first 4 kages and beat them in literal seconds op. Doesnt have to be to long as long as its atleast 30 chapters and 180k+ words. Please make it naruto (no op sakura/sasuke/ect). Ps A Naruto fanfiction written by Majin Hentai X. Takes the concept of a Peggy Sue and adds an interesting twist: what if the character sent back (in this case, Naruto) suddenly finds themselves at a Game Over screen, and soon realizes their entire life has become a video game?...Well, in Naruto's case, an opportunity to do things over again through leveling up, defeating boss characters, and. Over the next couple of decades, Naruto really grew in terms of popularity. RELATED: Naruto: All 7 Susanoo Users, Ranked. The Naruto-verse boasts some of the strongest characters that you will ever come across. All of the super-strong characters have some overpowered abilities. Most of these abilities are Kekkei Genkai or Bloodline Limits

Kekkei Genkai - Bloodline Limit. Kekkei genkai this means a technique limited by inheritance simply by blood or Bloodline Limit usually are abilities transferred inherited in actual clans. It's possible for any ninja to have a couple of of such abilities. Kekkei Genkai abilities of which work using the user's vision usually. A Bloodline (血継, Kekkei) is the passing on of traits from parents to offspring, usually by way of sexual or asexual reproduction. Concerning unique capabilities and attributes of any giving bloodline, it can manifest in numerous ways and in several categories. Throughout the known Shinobi World, there exist seven recognized Bloodline types: Kekkei Genkai (血継限界, Bloodline Limit) are. Elemental Hokage Ch 2, Naruto. Naruto son of the false and fang Ch 1, Naruto. Naruto with a bloodline. Naruto, Shinobi God Ch 1, Naruto. Naruto King of hellsing Ch 3, Hellsing & Naruto. FanFiction kun 2020. The God of the weather Ch 1. SUPER Godlike Naruto NarutoFanfiction. Legendary Bloodlines Ch 8, Naruto Wood Release - Naruto Fanfiction Fanclub. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started Naruto giggled as his instincts told him if any of his protectors beat someone they'd be his too. Bloodline: Akureigan (Dojutsu) Clan: Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki was not a normal boy by any means. A black haired girl travels to moltiple dimensions in order to learn as much as she can about the universe around her. Naruto Uzumaki wasn't your run-of-the-mill orphan. Fanfiction When doctors of.

Naruto Advanced Bloodlines - Byakugan & Sharingan. This name classifies a genetic trait or ability passed down through generations of members of a certain clan. Since the ability can only be inherited through blood, others cannot imitate it through any other means. Bloodline Limits are rare in some cases, even amongst clans Browse through and read hotel transylvania fanfiction stories and books. It is currently planned to be released on july 23, 2021 in theaters. Godlike naruto hates his family and leaves konoha fanfiction abandoned child ch 1, naruto; Sage level naruto, harem naruto/prototype/star. This is my last godlike/op naruto fanfic request is i do to many Bloodline Evolution Naruto Fanfiction. Primary Sidebar. technik. KB5003667 / KB5003694 Windows 7 Sicherheitsupdate Juni 2021 ESU Bypass v11 funktioniert weiterhin. Gestern war auch für Windows 7 Patchday Juni Banishment Of A Red Fox Ch 2 Naruto - Naruto Banished Fox Summoner Fanfiction | Top stories France. I see, so that was the source of dead last's power. said Sasuke as the pieces fell into place. Yes, and now he has the demon fox summon pack 'The Black Fox' a Naruto Fanfiction Riff. Banishment of A Red Fox Ch 2, Naruto Naruto Uzumaki was born in Konohagakure and the villagers despised him. Twelve years This is a story of a normal girl who gets to be in her favorite animation. Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan fiction] by Valerie_Satomi. Dojutsu Stories Wattpad 2020 The Uzumaki Heir Ch 1, Naruto; Fanfic where Naruto's bloodline is Uzumaki abilities

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Rinnegan naruto banished joins akatsuki fanfiction Naruto Path of Naruto + justice league теги: Banished from konoha with only two Naruto godlike cheat bloodline fanfiction Legendary Bloodlines Chapter 8 chunin 2, a naruto fanfic Bloodlines is a Naruto fanfic by The SOC Puppet. Written in 2003, it's one of the, if not the, oldest examples of the Fandom-Specific Plot where Naruto finds out about his parents and learns that there's an Uzumaki clan. The story predates the canonical revelations about Naruto's parentage and the Uzumaki clan by several years Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure - Naruto U., Anko M. - Chapters: 8 - Words: 56,911 - Reviews: 374 - Favs: 1,035 - Follows: 1,019 - Updated: Mar 3, 2009 - Published: Nov 3, 2008 - id: 4633723 Naruto was born a few years earlier and has the Mokuton. Only the Mokuton is just kind of there and isn't treated as anything special. Abandoned. Sag

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  1. Shattered Eyes is a Naruto Alternate Universe Fic by Lithius Osmius It starts out with Naruto battling Haku, but with one twist: Naruto not only activates the Kyuubi, but also his kekkei genkai, and not just any kekkei genkai, but one that has to ability to copy other bloodline limits. While the battle proceeds as in canon, before Haku dies, he forces Naruto to promise to keep his kekkei.
  2. This is a story originally written by Pentupfury, an author who had once been a registered author of a popular fan-fiction site. Unfortunately he stopped writing a year ago, and his stories were deleted by the staff due to a change of rules. Thankfully, some great readers were able to save some of these stories from being completely lost, and I.
  3. Fanfic where Naruto's bloodline is Uzumaki abilities. This thread is archived. A 12-year-old Naruto Uzumaki is on a mission with Team 7 until a Jutsu is used where Naruto is changed into different ages. Little Sensei: A Naruto Fanfiction Fanfiction. Kushina was cooking breakfast. This is a story originally written by Pentupfury, an author who.
  4. The Best Naruto Fanfiction That's Actually Worth Reading. Ranker Anime. Updated January 21, 2021 6.0k votes 1.7k voters 61.9k views27 items. Pretty much everyone in the anime community has seen or is at least familiar with.
  5. A Wrinkle in Time (Naruto) A Wrinkle in Time is a Naruto Fan Fic by rightforlife. Summary (on FanFiction.net): The Fourth Shinobi War ended in disaster. They won, but at a price too great to bear. Given a second chance, what exactly can Konoha's three most powerful men do? No slash, no overt romance
  6. Bloodline Wizard . 4.7. Your Rating. Rating. Bloodline Wizard Average 4.7 / 5 out of 13. Rank 26th, it has 35.9K views Type Fanfiction Tag(s) Fanfiction, Harry Potter, System. Status OnGoing Comments. 31 Users bookmarked This. Read First Read Last. Chapter 250 Naruto World . Chapter 249 Naruto World . One Piece Infinity Gloves. Chapter 449.
  7. Elemental Bloodline Clan Terumī Clan Description: The Lava Release (熔遁; 溶遁, Yōton) jutsu are techniques that combine fire and earth-based chakra to create a torrent of lava that can melt away almost anything. This chakra nature can also manipulate other related materials such as lime, which is an alkaline powder, rather than molten rock

Aug 16, 2015 - Zodiac no Shinobi Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction The Uzumaki clan (うずまき一族) was a prominent clan in Uzushiogakure. They were the direct descendants of the Sage of Six Paths, along with their branch clan - the Senju, who used to belong to the same clan in the past. The Uzumaki Clan was at first divided into two families - The Main Family and the Branch family Kushina and Minato neglecting Naruto for his sibling so Naruto can be edgy, even though Kushina and Minato gave their lives to die for their son. They could have 100 kids and they would love all of them unconditionally. Naruto being an angsty emo teen on the inside. Trying to put a 12 year old Naruto with someone his 20 years older than him NARUTO: THE BLOODLINE AWAKENED. PART 1. hey guys this is my first FanFic. i hope you guys like it. leave your feedbacks and if you can point what needs to be changed to make the post better, i would be more than willing to make part 2 better. thnx for reading guys you guys are the best Naruto is kaguya's reincarnation fanfiction. She took half a step away from the 17 year old as she responded. No Kaguya suspected something on this scale couldnt be contributed to mere coincidence. The same night that Indras most recent reincarnation lost everything Asuras reincarnation became Kaguyas vessel

Posts about Kekkei Genkai written by Naruto Mate. Gale Style Kekkei Genkai. The actual Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Restrict Nature), Thunderstorm Relieve can be named Gale Type as well as Thunderstorm Style which is a professional character kekkei genkai that will fuses lightning in addition to water-based chakra to generate strength beams that could be carefully guided headed for that enemy Fanfic /. Dead Garden. Dead Garden is a Naruto For Want of a Nail fic written by our own Anowack, who also wrote One Hundred Days and its sequel One Hundred Weeks. It retells Naruto as it might have been if it were called Sakura instead - in this world, for as-yet-undisclosed reasons, the 4th Hokage sealed the Kyuubi into Haruno Sakura instead. Naruto has the uzumaki and namikaze bloodline fanfiction. Grishaconsulting.com DA: 20 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 95. Bloodlines is a Naruto fanfic by The SOC Puppet; Written in 2003, it's one of the, if not the, oldest examples of the Fandom-Specific Plot where Naruto finds out about his parents and learns that there's an Uzumaki clan; The past references has been brought up so many times with Kushina.

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  1. Legendary Bloodlines Chapter 8 chunin 2, a naruto fanfic . Fanfiction.net DA: 18 PA: 33 MOZ Rank: 56 (A/N: I figured I'd outline Naruto's bloodline limit; Senshin (absorption) - Naruto's bloodline limit allows him to absorb any foreign DNA introduced into his body; But only allows up to three changes before the age of ten or 1 after the age of te
  2. Ultimate ninja Chapter 1: the starting point, a naruto . Fanfiction.net DA: 18 PA: 28 MOZ Rank: 46. Naruto harem Naruto will be a godlike and will have all bloodlines and few from other fictions like d&d and final fantasy and dbz even some assassin creed and skyrim he will start with few powers and weapons; In need of a beta again and Harem list is in chapter 68 Pm me if you wanna Beta I will.
  3. Bloodline of the Thunder God Chapter 3 . Fanfiction.net DA: 18 PA: 41 MOZ Rank: 59. It even acted like a pupil contracting and expanding to the light exposed to it; But the fascinating part was that wherever he looked the was a ethereal Hiraishin seal floating over the spot his eyes laid eyes on so that's the different feeling in the chakra; It appears Naruto has inherited the Hiraishin a.
  4. Fanfiction.net DA: 18 PA: 32 MOZ Rank: 52. A bloodline that can cripple bloodlines while only granting the user increased chakra. Combined with a kenjutsu and taijutsu, Naruto is the nightmare of the Hyuugas. You know, if the Hyuugas learn of your abilities, you might have to deal with very powerful enemies in Konoha
  5. The actual Kekkei Genkai , Storm Release is also called Gale Style which is a professional character kekkei genkai that will fuses lightning in addition to water-based chakra to generate strength beams that could be carefully guided headed for that enemy. This specific kekkei genkai is actually wielded simply by lots of Cloud-Ninja, this.

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  1. Before Sasuke could lose his shit, Kiyo quickly explained the whole Bloodline purges, hiding in Konoha, meeting him at the blacksmiths and return to Kiri. Once things were spelled out for him, Naruto actually was a pretty good listener- if he wasn't jumping to conclusions
  2. When starting to read a new fic is there anything that makes you rage quit? Or get so irritated you can't go on
  3. Six years later, a new version of Naruto Uzumaki came back in the village and worked under the same man who saved him from death. Danzo saved Naruto on the verge of death and in return Naruto became his most treasured son and ninja, Naruto is no longer a powerless kid but a powerful Anbu of the Root Division under the idnetity of Kitsune

This was my first time ever writing fanfic and this story still to this day holds a special place in my heart. Before we dive into Kenta's crazy world PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT INFO! For starters, this story was, once again, my very FIRST attempt at writing a fanfiction story. Be warned The beginning chapters are BAD Unchained is a Naruto fanfic written by Umei no Mai from Compass of Thy Soul Tobirama can imagine several reasons for Izuna to hide her true gender on Umei no Mai's Unchained. A Strange Circumstance Ch 1, Naruto. Faith Emily Bowe No more hiding. Puberty Sucks Ch 1, Naruto. Archive of Our Own naruto kunoichi world lemon fanfiction where naruto. Naruto took a quick glance around his family of eights females. It's a scary place and if you're not careful, you could hurt yourself there and no touring trips with strangers. These human beings may not understand you now as they fear you, despise you and neglect your existence as a whole.

Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Universe. OC-centric [865] Any Naruto fanfic that has the major inclusion of a fan-made character. Non-Naruto Fiction [291] Self-evident . Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance [1578 A Fox's Dawn Chapter 2, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction Chapter 2- The First Step 2 years. 秘伝 祝言日和 Konoha Hiden: Shūgenbiyori) is an original story written by Shō Hinata and illustrated Naruto hates konoha after blood prison fanfiction. konoha reads naruto fanfiction ; The Black Death of Konoha Ch 29, Naruto naruto lightning bloodline fanfiction perceived her to be and the Chakra Fruit drove her mad? What if It had been one day since the battle with Zabuza and the Demon Brothers, and Naruto lightning bloodline fanfiction. Sound of a Jinchuuriki Ch 1, Naruto & One Piece; Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki Rewrite Ch 18, Naruto; The Devil's Fruit Ch 1. Regarding the neglect and child abuse some of the characters faced, she's hoping that by letting Inoichi know, he'll be able to do something to help. Because frankly, it's not her job to fix that. Also she's very aware that her family would absolutely try and attack Naruto if she seemed to befriend him