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Extra high strength fibreglass pultrusions run from the curtain track down within the curtain and are attached to conventional buckles and extra high strength straps. The great benefit of this Freighter design is that it meets the Side Load Restraint Guidelines for many types of loads, removing the need for traditional load restraint devices Load Restraint is Norfolk's first-choice for vehicle load restraint solutions, load straps, and PVC products such as side curtains and covers. From our manufacturing premises in Cromer, Norfolk, we produce our own PVC covers for agricultural equipment like load hoppers, as well as semi-permanent structures such as PVC pig pens and turkey sheds Welcome to ECVA, the leading supplier of high quality side-curtain parts. With manufacturing and warehousing facilities in the UK, and associated partners in Asia, we supply superior quality curtainsider and load-restraint components to the European and Worldwide markets. Read More Interestingly, EN12642-XL rated curtains do not exist as the rating refers to the bodywork as a whole but even so, EN12642-XL does not fully comply with the C&U requirement of 50% load retention through the sides. Even if you do have EN12642-XL rated bodywork, you will need additional load restraint to be compliant

Within our load restraints systems and load straps section, you will come across products designed specifically for your trailer, including ratchet straps, van lashing rails, curtain side straps, cargo stays, shoring bars, webbing protectors and lifting slings. Our load restraints and load securing systems are available in various lengths so. Loadhog have developed an innovative rave-to-rave, DVSA compliant load restraint system for use in curtain sided trailers. This video provides an overview of.. Conflict about load restraint on curtain-sided trailers and bodies appears to have been resolved by a change in policy at the DVSA.. The agency has now accepted that loads carried inside curtainsiders built to the European Standard EN 12642-XL do not need internal load restraint because the body and curtains are strong enough to contain the load The superstructure and curtains of a standard curtain-sided trailer are not enough to provide load restraint for a vehicle. The vehicle must be secured as if it was being transported on a flatbed. Safe Load Securing on Curtain-sided Vehicles Figure 2. Load restraint methods (To control forward + rearward motion) Figure 3. Unacceptable, unsecured pallets within a curtain-sided vehicle. Note: evidence of load shift during transit TIE - DOWN FRICTION Weight of load Tie-down lashings Tankers, tipper bodies Headboards, side/tail gates Twist.

The curtains are designed as containment /blocking configuration up to 0.5g in the sideways direction, which negates the need for any further restraint requirements , including 0.2 g vertical restraint, providing the load space length i s full . If the load space is not full from front to rear other means of load restraint is required 4. The curtains and the weather-protection structure of a curtain-sided vehicle are generally not suitable for load securing. 5. Friction alone should not be relied on as a method of load securing. 6. Overstrapping the load was identified as the least-risk method for load restraint, however it would not be suitable for all types of load Polyweld's unique Tenacitex Load Restraint Curtains transform regular truck side curtains into load restraint curtains which look and behave like normal curtains. Learn more about this technology. CURTAIN GRAPHICS. Make the most of the exposure your Polyweld Truck Side Curtain provides with Polyweld Graphics. Polyweld can turn ordinary truck.

Sapphire Curtains manufactures all load restraint solutions for commercial vehicle trailers and rigid bodywork, including ratchet straps, side nets, transverse nets, rave-to-rave strapping, EN 12195-2 rated straps and load restraint suitable for EN 12642-XL bodywork Load Restraint Krueger has spent three decades designing and testing roof track / curtain roller / curtains design incl. a range of OH&S friendly side curtain and side gate options that are now industry standard throughout Australia that have been responsible for reducing injury and work care claims Australia wide The curtains conform to the load restraint guide of 1400 kg per pallet space for side loads. Maintains Stability. Tenacitex will hold the freight within the width of the vehicle, so you don't have your load losing stability. This is a requirement of the Heavy Vehicle Load Restraint Guide, to ensure stability and safety when transporting heavy.

HSE Guide To Load Restraint. The HSE Guidelines For Load Security On Curtainsiders states: Curtainsider trailers are essentially flatbed trailers with a weather-protection structure mounted on the bed of the trailer. Generally the weather protection structure is not rated for load restraint... Load Security On Curtain Sided Lorrie Our curtain side cargo straps are manufactured in the UK and are fully tested and labelled to ensure compliance with EN12195-2:2001, the European load restraint standard. After purchase, we can provide a full Certificate of Conformity for all of our cargo straps Load Restraint. Sapphire Curtains provides all types of load restraint solutions to suit individual requirements. Curtainsider Curtains. From the largest step-frame double decker insulated curtains to 7.5T high security curtains, Sapphire Curtains manufactures all their product range in house The curtain side Tautliner. The curtain side Tautliner though classified as a flatbed, might more closely resemble a dry van. The tautliner is a flatbed with a ceiling, front wall, and rear-doors, but has open side walls that allow side access for forklifts and such. The curtains then slide along these open sides to provide an enclosed trailer Curtains are rated to a certain level of load restraint in kilograms per metre, and this can be found on a plate attached to the curtain itself. This load rating is valid when goods are loaded within 100mm of the curtain. For more information about load security and how to load with curtains, this load security course has a specific module on.

  1. Tenacitex is recognized as the benchmark Load Rated Curtain made from Technora Aramid fibers The loose sleeve Tenacitex webbing has very low elongation properties and prevents pallets from shifting sideways and causing vehicle instability as described in the 2018 load restraint guide ( insert link here) There curtains have a signed compliance document for 1400 Kg per pallet space
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  3. DRUMCLIP Allows for Fast and Safe Securing of Drums to Curtain Side Trailers. Faster Loading & Unloading and Unrivalled Stability. Certified & Reusable
  4. Widely adopted by the drinks industry, the fixed kite system is the restraint of choice for many of the UK's largest drinks distributors. With a consistent load of palletised goods or shrink wrapped bottles and cans, the kite system consistently covers and restrains pallet sized loads that are often made up of many different products
  5. Curtain Side Systems. The FS200 is a manually operated cargo securing system that allows quick and easy implementation due to its unique overhead method of deploying the net and strap securing system. The system allows the driver to deploy and position the securing system, from one side of the vehicle making it quick to use and accurate in the.
  6. Polyweld Load Restraint curtains fitted with easy glide rollers and track, Heavy duty front ratchet tensioners (rear tensioners are optional), Bodies may be fitted with double rear barn doors, solid back or a tailgate loader closing as the rear door, A sliding centre post. The advantage of load hold curtains is they do away with the need for gates
  7. Last year, our double deckers with load bearing curtains, and internal straps would go out with no other restraints. Load would consist of plastic pipes and drains mostly. This year, they have a strapping team to put straps over both decks on each DD as soon as it is loaded. The average payload weight is 8 tons

RR662 - Load security on curtain sided lorries. This report seeks to establish good practice for securing loads on curtain sided lorries across various industry sectors and direct the reader to practical, robust guidance on load restraint to enable them to minimise the risks to health and safety of all those working on and around curtain-sided vehicles Forward and rear cargo restraint must still be provided by headboards, tailboards and other traditional load securement methods. During his presentation, Wolford highlighted the following related products: Load-Rated Curtain-Side System: The industry's first load-rated curtain-wall system with a reinforced structural profile. The system is. Extension Strap with Roller and Ring - (SC31-75-SC7) Extension Strap with Roller and RingRoller Wheel Dimensions:Diameter:- 38mmWidth:- 27mmRing Dimensions:Diameter:- 90mmStrap Length:Length:- 75mm *Please note, a nominal dimension size has been included in this product description for exact measurements please contact usWhils.. £3.24 The guidance. The release of the 2012 guidance Load Safe, Road Safe ― A Professional Driver's Guide to Safe Loading and Transport and Transport Safety ― An Operator's Guide to Safe Loading and Transport renewed the warning to operators and drivers that curtain sides on trailers afford no load security whatsoever.. Essentially, what this means is that curtain-sided vehicles should be.

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the tasks related to the restraint and containment of loads are done safely. This includes the safe handling of side-gates, side-curtains and application of restraint lashings and tensioning devices (tensioners). Every year there are about 100 serious injuries associated with restraining and containing loads. Injuries are mainly caused by IKV Launch Lubricant for Curtain Sided Trailers & Load Restraint Systems Our IKV MULTI-LUBE TF is a high technology special lubricating dispersion of PTFE added to a blend of synthetic base oils and a carrier fluid to aid penetration.It offers exceptional performance in specialised areas such as curtain sided truck runners, roller door guides to make side curtains slide freely, eliminates. Load Hold has been developed through the combined use of innovative features including the Freighter non-slip buckle, safe load webbing and a flexible anti-wear roller. The great benefit of this Freighter design is that it meets the Side Load Restraint Guidelines for many types of loads, removing the need for traditional load restraint devices

The EN 12642-XL curtainsider design standard allows reduced load securement in exchange for a reinforced body and curtain. Brian Wall explores the dynamics behind these increasingly-prevalent semi-trailers. A great deal of debate has taken place over what constitutes 'load restraint' and 'load safety', and the standards and regulations. Along with our load locking tracks, we also stock a wide range of fixing screws and lashing extensions that can be used with the tracks in this section. As one of the UK's leading stockists for ratchet straps and load restraint products, we also offer a wide range of lashing rings, corner protectors and curtain side load straps New patented load restraint system: Incredibly robust system to maximise Load Restraint Guidelines of up to 1800kgs per pallet space: 900gsm Polymar 8556 PVC side curtain fabric. This specialised material delivers a premium quality, durability and warranty. The curtain surface can be digitally printed and or painte

10012207 In stock. (3-5 days) Set of 2 parts 50 4.30 m Black 350 700 kg 0 960 Ratchet 1012 Hook Curtain Sider Trailers 48-960-1012-LC350. Add to basket. Corner Protector for 50mm webbing. Item No. 14003387 In stock. (3-5 days) White 90x90x130 Plastic 0.07 kg Curtain Sider Trailers 2200 Load Restraint Guide. The Load Restraint Guide 2018 provides drivers, owners, operators, freight consigners, vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers with the basic safety principles that should be followed when designing a load restraint system to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of loads Internal Load Restraint. Bars and Fittings; Fittings; Internal Straps; Load Kite; Tracking; Slide and Carry Systems; We are specialist suppliers of parts and accessories for commercial trailers. Curtain Side Parts Curtain Material & Repair; Curtain Poles and Adaptors; Pelmet Sections; Curtain Tensioners; Curtain Buckles and Straps. Load Restraint Manufacturing high-quality PVC, fabric and webbing products that take the strai The Freighter AutoHold is a quick release TautLiner trailer combined with Freighter's patented LoadHold load restraint curtains. The AutoHold has been developed to eliminate the need to manually fasten and unfasten every buckle when accessing the load space on a TautLiner. Fastening and unfastening happens automatically, with the push of a.

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Vehicle safety in high winds: curtainside trucks. Strong winds can easily blow your truck over. In fact, a 100km/h gust can put as much as 30 tonnes of pressure on the side of a semitrailer. If you're running empty or carrying a light load like cornflakes, your truck is at risk of being tipped on its side by the wind Dimensionally the curtainside body can be changed to suit requirement of the operation, side aperture height or width can be adjusted almost infinitely dependent on the load size and configuration. Load restraint is of far greater importance when considering your specification and with different loads there may be a requirement for different. LOAD RESTRAINT GUIDE 2004 Second Edition 2004, p.186 is applicable to WA at the time of writing this article. The newest version of the LOAD RESTRAINT GUIDE 2018 is applicable to other Australian states at the time of writing this article. (It remains your own responsibility to check for updates and confirm relevancy to your state) Curtain Side Straps & Buckles Our HGV Curtainsider Cargos Straps and Centre Pole Straps have a break force of 700kg and 48mm wide webbing available with Snap Hook, Steel Roller, Bobbin, Rave Hook and Combi Hook End fittings. Bottom Curtain Straps and Buckles are also available Bee Jays is the obvious and only choice in truck side curtain manufacture and repair in Western Australia. We have been around for nearly 40 years and are experts in the manufacture, supply and repair of Truck Side Curtains and Tautliners. Bee Jays Canvas are the exclusive supplier of Tenacitex load restraint curtains in Western Australia

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  1. ate the need for gates in many instances; High strength webbing is fabricated into the curtains to form the load restraint. Attards Supa Strap Curtains have been independently certified and meet the NTC load restraint guidelines' 2018
  2. Load Kite - 3500mm x 900mm. £95.00. (£114.00 inc tax) Specifically designed for loads that would be damaged with the pressure of a single strap or edge protector. Typical loads include: • Composite cladding or roofing materials • Pallets of glass jars or bottles • Sacks containing powder • Waste cardboard
  3. • Side pins are mandatory (6 pairs recommended). This Load Restraint Guideline is designed and tested to meet the forces for road and sea transport as stated in EN 12195-1:2010 and VDI 2700. 3.1 Product blocked against the headboard 3 Loaded to the headboard - maximum gap 100 mm
  4. Load Restraint Systems. Load Restraint systems is a leading Australian business that provides a wide range of high-quality load restraint equipment & lifting products for transport, material handling and the industrial sector.. Our extensive range of products is manufactured to our specifications and comply with Australian Standards / New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4380:2001 as required
  5. KLTB0099 CURTAIN SIDE INTERNAL STRAP C/W ROLLER is a small part of the Universal Components range available for truck and trailer applications - including aftermarket and OEM options. Welcome to Universal Components; Load Restraint. KLTB0099 CURTAIN SIDE INTERNAL STRAP C/W ROLLER

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  1. Most curtain-sided vehicles must use additional suitable load restraint to prevent loads from moving during transit. The curtains fitted to these vehicles are designed for weather protection only. the gap between each side of the load and the curtains must be 80 millimetres or less
  2. Trailer Curtain and Restraint System Lubricant. Our IKV TRIBOFOOD X-TREME TF is a lubricant for runners in curtain sided trailers for use on curtain runners and load restraint systems.It is a special lubricating dispersion of PTFE, added to a blend of synthetic base oils and a carrier fluid to aid penetration
  3. Curtain side buckles help keep a curtainsider's load safe and keep the curtain secured to the trailer. Curtain side buckles vary from stainless steel buckles to the plastic corrosion resistant Eurobuckle made by Stronghold International in the UK. We stock all the most commonly used buckles on curt
  4. Curtain-sided trailers are also very useful where items being transported are either over-sized or simply awkward to load and un-load. The curtains are on 'runners', top and bottom, and can be easily pulled back and forth for load access. Being able to do this can be particularly useful if you need to make multiple drops along a route
  5. 2018 Maxitrans 22 Pallet Straight Deck Curtain Sider, Air maxi tri axle air bag suspension on Maxus axles, Knorr - Bremse EBS brake system, smart board, right weight gauge analogue, Load restraint curtains Supa Strap, Paint white. Super facet front wall
  6. Side curtain ones are, almost literally, curtains. They deploy from the roof of the vehicle to cover the windows along an entire side of the vehicle in a crash. If someone is slammed against the window, the airbag protects the head by cushioning the impact and preventing the head from punching through the glass
  7. A load carried on a vehicle without restraining devices will not be secure because the frictional restraint between the load and the platform of the vehicle will be less than the dynamic forces that tend to move the load. It follows, therefore, that it is necessary to provide additional restraint to prevent the load moving

In addition to wide opening, full-height rear doors, the heavy-duty PVC curtains fitted to both sides of the body can be positioned to make it easy to load the front or rear of the load space, by forklift, from either side. When closed, the side curtains are tensioned both horizontally and vertically to provide a taut, weather-tight body side Front side air bag modules are built into the front seatback assem-blies. Vehicles with side air bags are equipped with labels as shown. Side Curtain Air Bag EHS00261 Side curtain air bag modules are located above the vehicle headlin-ing and run from the front to the rear of the vehicle. Vehicles wit They are a good load restraint on the inside of curtain siders or tautliners as most times the curtains are not classed as a load restraint. In the eyes of the law a side curtain is not classed as any help at all to hold freight unless it is certified as a load restraint curtain. If you have goods inside of a non-load-restraint curtain with no. If bulging curtain on one side, open the other side and assess the risk. Note: A badly bulging curtain may also make you liable for a fine for an over width load. It remains your responsibility to ensure the equipment load restraint methods are appropriate for the individual circumstances

Steering Column Singgple load level collapsible (same as Not applicable Side Curtain Airbag Modified side curtain airbagdeployed Not applicable 9 utilized on each side of the restraint's lower retractors. This is a prototype device being evaluated by supplier If you regularly drive a curtainsider truck, the new Technical Advisory Procedure (TAP) on certified load restraint curtain systems, released recently in March 2017 by the ATA, will certainly be of interest.. Developed in response to issues that were identified with the 2nd edition of the Load Restraint Guidelines (LRD), the TAP is intended as a helpful guide • Just because a load has been carried in a particular way for many years does not mean it is properly restrained. • A 'curtain-side' cannot restrain a load properly unless it is part of a certified load restraint system load restraint. cargo net chain curtain rollers curtain straps dogs led model 16 side marker lamp. led model 17. led model 8. relay. relays . relay. sealed truck and trailer . curtain rollers; curtain straps; dogs - loadbinders; pallet and chain angles; ratchet straps; replacements straps; rope Ensure you have a copy of the Load Restraint Guide (second edition 2004) and ensure that you understand and apply the obligations of the Guide as well as any other relevant State regulations. Compliance basics, Choose a suitable vehicle. Position the load correctly. Use suitable restraint equipment. Provide adequate load restraint

Basic principles of load restraint. Load restraint is more than just lashing with a strap. Here you can read about the physical principles of restraining loads and the legal responsibilities you have. Plus, we have included some practical tips. Introduction to load restraint. Physical principles. Positive locking. Force locking Curtain sided trailers can simply handle whatever cargo challenges your daily schedule throws your way. By including a curtain side trailer to your fleet you are saying yes to incorporate multiple loads in a single trailer without limitation on what the first or last load will be. 3. Most Common Cargo for Curtain Side Truc We use curtain trailers for most shipments. Curtain side trailers give easy access to your cargo. Find sizes, dimensions and capacity here Live load deflections in an edge beam of 25mm can be accommodated by curtain wall panels in two different ways. In unitized curtain wall with split, interlocking mullions where the glazing unit is bonded to the frame with structural silicone , load is transferred to the bracket on one side of a panel as the beam takes up its deflected shape load restraint. cargo net chain curtain rollers curtain straps dogs home / accessories / load restraint / curtain straps. search this category led model 16 side marker lamp. led model 17. led model 8. relay. relays . relay. sealed truck and trailer . sealed model 30. terminals and connectors . c

load and platform bed.} TransSAFE® Net - Load restraint net for individually packaged goods The new TSN TransSAFE® Net makes restraint of individual goods a breeze. When not in use, a net lift transports the net at the start positi-on under the roof. The net can be stretched quickly and easily over the load from front to back One person can slide the beams into position above the load area and then pull down the Load Restraint into place, whilst staying safely on the ground. Slide & Carry is quickly and easily fitted into old and new trailers alike. This system works well when the tracks are fitted inboard of the cant rails Easy to use load restraint systems. Low cost. Easy installation. Smooth operation. As lorry side curtain specialists, we repair and replace all kinds of side curtains for lorries, trucks and trailers in Leicester, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas. We'll come direct to you; our roadside repairs are available 24 hours a day There are Load Restraint methods currently being promoted in Australia which can result in increased risk if not managed appropriately. These include but are not limited to the use of rubber load matting; webbing straps for direct restraint; and side curtains. Loadsafe can provide advice on these or offer safer alternative systems Load rated side curtains, refer to risks for curtains and load rated curtains may be heavier, increasing risks for curtains folding or sliding side panels or rigid sides. Gates are not used because another effective load restraint such as racking, chocking or flooring purpose built to contain the load is used. High force; and awkward.

Effective Load Restraint. Graeme Agnew - BlueScope Steel. Slide 1. Angela Juhasz: Good morning or good afternoon depending on where you're joining us from today and a very warm welcome to everyone. Today we'll be covering Effective Load Restraint and we have a special guest presenter from BlueScope Steel 16.3 Unless they are purposely designed for a specific load, the curtains of curtain-sided vehicles MUST NOT be considered as part of any load restraint system. They are provided to contain rather than to restrain the load and should be considered as weather protection only Load Restraint Systems supplies a wide range of high quality load restraint equipment and lifting products for the Transport, Materials Handling and Industrial sectors. Australian owned and operated for over 30 years, we have the expertise and industry knowledge you can trust. Our difference is in our service and approach - we take the time. LOAD RESTRAINT BUCKLE-LESS LOAD RESTRAINT RATED BIG REDUCTION IN BUCKLES QUICK KURT LOAD RESTRAINT CURTAIN INSULATED FEATURES & BENEFITS Krueger has spent three decades designing and testing roof track / curtain roller / curtains design incl. a range of OH&S friendly side curtain and side gate options that are now industry standar

Front side air bag modules are built into the front seatback assemblies. Vehicles with side air bags are equipped with labels as shown. Side Curtain Air Bag EHS0015A Side curtain air bag modules are located above the vehicle headlining. Vehicles with side curtain air bags are equipped with labels as shown. Occupant Classification System (OCS. RESTRAINT CONTROLLER AIRBAG-SIDE CURTAIN RIGHT RIGHT CURTAIN SQUIB 1 LINE 2 RIGHT CURTAIN SQUIB 1 LINE 1. 3 Theory of Operation When powered, the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) sends a test current to the squibs to verify the integrity of the Restraint System Load Tool 8443-57 Adapter, Supplemental Restraint System Load Tool 8443-57. Even if the curtain stops the load falling, load shift can still occur . Box body - side Curtain. BS EN 12642 -XL XL curtains • 40% payload Caution !! • Load restraint equipment should be appropriately rated for the load it has to restrain and in good condition Load restraints are classified as tie-down/friction restraints or direct restraints (containing, blocking and attaching) or a combination of the two. Commonly, webbing and chains are used for tie-downs and direct restraints. Side curtains and gates are used as containment restraints. The LRW

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  1. A8170 INTERNAL LOAD STRAP (CURTAINSIDE) is a small part of the Universal Components range available for truck and trailer applications - including aftermarket and OEM options
  2. DekNet is an innovative Load Restraint System which increases efficiency, ensures safety, saves money and can be retrofitted into any existing curtain sided vehicle currently on the road. This load restraint system is comprised of three key elements; wire rope catenaries spanning the length of the trailer, control straps for ease of use and.
  3. 35mm X 6mtr Ratchet Buckle Loadbinder With E Series Track Fittings At Each End 600KG LC They Comply to AS/NZ4380 Standards for Cargo Restraint Systems. $10.67. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. sku: FESTIVAL-001. 25MM Tie Down With 3 Hooks 400Kg Lc. -25mm Ratchet Tie Down with 3 J Hooks 400kg LC -WLL 400 kg -25mm x550mm. $4.32

Stronghold International, manufacturer and suppliers of tension curtains, sliding roof and bodywork systems & load restraint systems for commercial vehicles. Eurobuckle - Locking Curtain Side Buckle. £5.15 ex VAT. Stronghold Curtainside Roller - Green 220297 km; 6x4 ** 2017 isuzu fvz 260-300 - 14 pallet curtainsider ** * 300 hp turbo diesel * 9 speed zf manual synchro transmission * fitted with a 14 pallet curtainsider * 2440mm side loading height * load restraint curtains * loadbinders * rear diff lock * nosecone * cruise control * climate controol * abs brakes * dual airbag * bluetooth touchscreen stereo * s/n 76t00sa * sold serviced. Load Restraint Systems. Simark offer unique and innovative Load Restraint and Control products, designed and manufactured in our factory. They include: Retractable net and strap systems which are stored in the vehicle roof and pulled down over the load when needed. Air bag electronic controlled retaining systems that provide total load containment • The side airbags and curtain airbags are designed to supplement the driver and passenger seat belts in certain side impacts. Seat belts should always be worn properly, and the driver and passenger should sit well back and upright without leaning against the window or door. • The side airbags and curtain airbags inflate with great force As the load restraint system is built into the curtains the Freighter Load Hold trailer does away with the need for conventional gates. It has been tested to meet NTC Load Restraint Guidelines with a unitised load of 1,400kg per pallet space for common loads and up to 2.0 tonne per pallet space with load specific Freighter Engineering approval

If a load is blocked by at least 150mm at the front, the restraints must be able to withstand 150% of the weight of the load: a 10,000kg load will need at least 15,000kg of restraint. In the case of a curtainside or hard side truck or trailer, check the curtains are tight and any doors are closed and sealed properly 50MM X 9Mtr Replacement Strap X10. 50mm x 9mtr Webbing Replacement Strap with Hook, Keeper & 2 Wear Sleeves - Lashing Capacity 2500kg - Complies with AS/NZS 4380 * Please note that 11m, 13m,15m are also available please contact us on 1300 877 277 if you require any other variation. $77.94. Add to Cart Compare We can manufacture, repair & alter side curtains, retractable curtains, roll up curtains, roll over tarps, retractable load covers, bitumen asphalt covers, full canopies, flat heavy duty tarps, load restraint tarps, clear refrigeration trailer curtains & cold air fluming as well as for smaller vehicles we make tonneau covers, vinyl or shade.

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50MM x 9Mtr Replacement Strap Cut End 25. 50mm x 9mtr Webbing Replacement Strap with Hook, Keeper & 2 Wear Sleeves - Lashing Capacity 2500kg - Complies with AS/NZS 4380 * Please note that 11m, 13m,15m are also available please contact us on 1300 877 277 if you require any other variation 15915 Curtain Side Trailer Load Restraint Guide Load Straps For Trucks . US $16.10-$17.70 / Piece 1.0 Pieces (Min. Order) 6 YRS . Hangzhou Hito Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. 92.0%. Contact Supplier ··· Aluminum load cargo truck logistics. Curtain Side Straps & Buckles (9) Bulk Buy Ratchet Straps (3) Load Restraint Bars (35) Lifting Slings (15) Trucks and Trolleys UK (43) Roll Containers (62) Pallet Cages (24) Plastic Pallet Boxes (12) Bulk (3) Sale (13 Curtain Side Parts; Load Restraint Parts; Other. Made in the UK to BS EN12195-2 2001 by IS09001 Company. 4.5 metre adjustable overall length. Other sizes manufactured to order. Black high tenacity, low elongation polypropylene webbing. Carbon steel three bar slide adjuster A Curtain Van or Curtainside Trailer is generally a flatbed with an upper structure installed to the flatbed as a tarping system.. There are two kinds of curtainside trailers, the Conestoga and the Tautliner. Both trailers are of the flatbed variety and both are covered with a tarp system or curtain which can quickly be moved out of the way, thus offering ready access to the trailer for.

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New and Used Curtain Side Trucks For Sale. Request Price 145,243 miles. Premium. 2013 VOLVO VHD Curtain Side, Box Truck - Straight Truck DW Lift Sales, Inc. - 1,869 mi. away. $36,495 338,035 miles. Premium. 2014 FREIGHTLINER BUSINESS CLASS M2 106 Box Truck - Straight Truck, Curtain Side Ryder Used Trucks in Baltimore/Washington - 2,180 mi. away The SRS curtain airbag on each side of the cabin is stored in the roof side (between the front pillar and a point over the rear seat), and it provides protection by deploying rapidly (faster than the blink of an eye) in the event of a side impact. For Outback models, the SRS curtain airbags also deploy in the event of a rollover This popular curtain is constructed from using single skin panama pvc material, with pvc coated webbing welded onto the rear of the curtain. All webbing is high frequency welded, with a horizontal reinforcing band at the top of the curtain, buckle line and a reinforced bottom hem to protect against the side rave of the vehicle LOAD RESTRAINT BUCKLE. TO SUIT TAUTLINERS, CURTAINSIDERS,RIGID BODIES. THESE ARE RATED AT A BREAKING STRAIN OF 1360KG EACH. LOAD RESTRAINT BUCKLE. TO SUIT TAUTLINERS, CURTAINSIDERS,RIGID BODIES. 10pc Stainless steel Freighter Trailer Tautliner Curtain strap Side Truck Buckle. New New New. AU $139.00 + AU $72.70 shipping + AU $72.70 shipping. Left Driver Side Curtain Overhead Roof Air Restraint Bag K8b Swb 4h0880741f Oem Audi A8 S8 2011-18. Item Details . Description: Left Driver Side Curtain Overhead Roof Air Restraint Bag K8b Swb 4h0880741f Oem Audi A8 S8 2011-18. Model: 14 AUDI A8 VIN of Donor Vehicle: WAUA2AFD1EN008825 Mileage: 74791 Stock Number: 210614 ID No: 0000200824.

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View our complete range of Maxitrans ST3 22 Pallet SD Curtain Sider, Load restraint new and used construction equipment and machinery for sale throughout Australi LH side curtain air bag module RH side curtain air bag module Front LH seat belt pre-tensioner Front RH seat belt pre-tensioner Always pull up to release black locking tab prior to removing connector from SRS component. Always push down to lock black locking tab after installing connector to SRS component

SpanSet - Vehicle Fall ProtectionStraight Kurtainer – Semi Trailer, Flat Top Trailer, Semi